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10,000 Maniacs — Music From The Motion Picture [2013]

 10,000 Maniacs — Music From The Motion Picture [2013]

10,000 Maniacs — Music From The Motion Picture

The official logo by B.T. Amundssen´s HARVEST PRIZE/TAIS AWARDS for NOMINATED ARTISTS
Location: Jamestown, NY
Album release: February 26, 2013
Record Label: ORG Music
Duration:     47:22
01. I Don't Love You Too      (3:56)
02. When We Walked On Clouds      (5:26)
03. Gold      (3:31)
04. Triangles      (5:26)
05. Live For The Time Of Your Life      (3:31)
06. Whippoorwill      (3:57)
07. It's A Beautiful Life      (4:32)
08. Fine Line      (3:54)
09. Tiny Arrows      (6:22)
10. Downhill      (3:48)
11. Chautauqua Moon      (2:59)
2012 Org Music
≡ Jerome Augustyniak — Drums and percussion
≡ Dennis Drew — Keyboards, Vocals, Piano, Organ
≡ Jeffrey Erickson — Guitars el. + ac., Vocals
≡ Steven Gustafson — Bass Guitar, Witty Banter, Vocals
≡ Mary Ramsey — Vocals, Viola, Violin
≡ Special guest John Merino, finger style guitar
≡ Additional programming and keyboards by David Hone
≡ Nathan Arnone  Artwork, Design, Photo Illustration
≡ Jerome Augustyniak  Drums, Percussion
≡ Scott Barton  Crew
≡ Myra Vignovic Blasius  Producer
≡ Colin Braeger  Crew
≡ Charissa Campbell  Producer
≡ James Campbell  Producer
≡ Betty Cheung  Producer
≡ Alan Cohen  Producer
≡ Dennis Drew  Composer, Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Vocals
≡ Jon Elder  Photography
≡ Jeffrey Erickson  Composer, Guitar (Ac.+El.), Vocals
≡ Murry Galloway  Producer
≡ Julie Gochenour  Producer
≡ Flavio Louzada Graciano  Producer
≡ Steve Gustafson  Bass (Electric), Direction, Vocals
≡ Don Hill  Photography
≡ David Hone  Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing, Programming
≡ Henry Houh  Producer
≡ Ben Jackson  Photography
≡ Harvey Kivel  Producer
≡ Andreas Laemmermann  Producer
≡ James Lawrence  Producer
≡ Gavin Lurssen  Mastering
≡ Maggie Marlowe  Producer
≡ John Merino  Guest Artist
≡ Stephen Monroe  Producer
≡ Mary Ramsey  Composer, Viola, Violin, Vocals
≡ Lori Savaree  Photography
≡ Donald Semmens  Producer
≡ Pedro Javier Serra Serrano  Producer
≡ Traditional  Composer
≡ Adam Zeitz  Producer
≡ Distributed by ORG Music
≡ Produced by 10,000 Maniacs
≡ Directed by Steven Gustafson
≡ Recorded & Mixed by David Hone
≡ Recorded at the Robert Lee Scharmann Theatre & FM Studios in Jamestown, NY
≡ Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA
≡ All Songs /© 10KM, LLC for /RubyWristWatch Records & © We´re Real Well Publishing
≡ 10,000 Maniacs Crew: Scott Baron, Colin Braeger
≡ Touring guitarist & vocalist, Melanie Luciano
≡ Art/Design & Photo Illustrations by Nathan Arnone for design8
≡ Photography by Lori Savaree, John Elder, Don Hill, Ben Jackson
θ≡    10,000 Maniacs are currently on tour in support of Music From The Motion Picture their first new release in 14 years. The Album is a beautiful affirmation of the band’s classic poetic lyrics and dreamy Americana blend.
θ≡    Fresh off a milestone 30th anniversary year the iconic alt-rock band has recorded some of the finest music of its career. Dave Astor from the Huffington Post wrote —  "Triangles ... a beautiful song that is one of the groups best ever".
θ≡    The 11 new songs on the album represent the broad spectrum of styles the Maniacs have mastered over the years. From country-folk to wistful widescreen pop, MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE proves 10,000 Maniacs are at the top of their game.
θ≡    2013 finds songwriter and vocalist Mary Ramsey celebrating her 20th anniversary with the group. Her haunting voice and viola add an evocative twist to vivid songs of love and loss.
θ≡    The 30-year collaboration between Jerome Augustyniak, Steven Gustafson and Dennis Drew, forms a nuanced and compelling rhythm section. Guitarist Jeffrey Erickson makes his recording debut with the band writing and singing two songs including GOLD a moving tribute to his predecessor, the late Robert Buck.
In french:
θ≡    Après le départ de Natalie Merchant en 1993, 10.000 Maniacs a eu beaucoup de mal à subsister. Mary Ramsey, violoniste talentueuse et chanteuse la remplace: Deux albums, une compil, quelques tournées confidentielles et puis plus rien depuis 10 ans...
θ≡    Retour cette année, nouveau départ avec un nouvel album plutôt sympa. A découvrir.
Website: http://www.maniacs.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/10KMTV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/10000Maniacs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10KManiacs
Agent: gman1659@aol.com  © 1999 China Cabal camp, 15 km from Iraq.
Review by Stephen Thomas ErlewineScore: ***
θ≡    Music from the Motion Picture is the first album of new music from 10,000 Maniacs in 14 years and, as perhaps could be expected, a lot has happened over that decade-and-a-half. First of all, founding member Robert Buck died of liver failure in 2000; secondly John Lombardo — another founding member who also often functioned as the musical partner of Mary Ramsey, who has been the Maniacs' lead singer ever since the 1993 departure of Natalie Merchant — left in 2002 and didn't rejoin when the group re-formed in 2008. The current lineup comprises Ramsey, keyboardist Dennis Drew, bassist Steve Gustafson, and drummer Jerry Augustyniak, a trio that has been in place since 1983, and guitarist Jeff Erickson, who came on board after Buck's passing, so this is a band with a long history and a comfortable chemistry that's readily apparent on Music from the Motion Picture. Indeed, many casual listeners could spin this 2013 album and be none the wiser of all the lineup shifts (indeed, Ramsey can sometimes sound like Merchant). Much of the album sounds even closer to prime Bush-era Maniacs than 1999's The Earth Pressed Flat: it's clean, gentle, and melodic, mellowed jangle pop that's always sweet, never melancholy. If the album is never exactly compelling, it never tries to be, either: it's comfort music for Gen-X'ers, usually sure-footed (it stumbles only toward the end, when the reggae lilt of "It's a Beautiful Life" is paired with the fussily moody "Fine Line"), and sure to satisfy those who are looking for something that sounds like Blind Man's Zoo with a fresh coat of paint. (www.allmusic.com) Old 10,000 Maniacs with Natalie Merchant

10,000 Maniacs — Music From The Motion Picture [2013]