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Aaron Roche — HaHa HuHu (Sept. 8th, 2017)

Aaron Roche — HaHa HuHu (Sept. 8th, 2017)

             Aaron Roche — HaHa HuHu (Sept. 8th, 2017)Aaron Roche — HaHa HuHu (Sept. 8th, 2017)••›¦¤    Aaron Roche, originally from Nashville, Tennessee is a biblical artist known for both his vocally/instrumentally soft sound. Studying theology at South A University, he simultaneously wrote music inspired by his studies and experiences. Although Aaron Roche remains a solo artist, he now often performs duets with his wife Whitni. Both he and his wife currently reside in California. With three albums out of his own : “My Love is Grown,” “Already, Not Yet” and “Travel” he has recently released a collaboration album with Nathan Philips “The Choir at Your Door” featuring original Christmas songs. A mesh of indie, folk~rock, and acoustic, Aaron Roche captures his spiritual experience in a small warm cup of hot chocolate on a Friday night.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Location: Brooklyn, New York
Album release: Sept. 8th, 2017
Record Label:
01. Bang     3:29
02. The Telephone     1:31
03. One Thing at a Time     3:55
04. Like Why I     6:55
05. Haha Huhu     3:54
06. Wooden Knife     5:20
07. Florida     4:14
08. The Terror     4:43
09. Supreme Monument     4:25
10. K Is Manic     1:31
11. Sig Beeg Sig Moor     1:58
••›¦¤    HaHa HuHu is the beautiful new album by Brooklyn~based songwriter and multi~instrumentalist Aaron Roche. Released through figureight records, the album acts as an anchor for Roche’s contrasting narratives: a singer~songwriter with an ear for the avant~garde; a contemporary composer who sings American folk music; an instrumentalist who works as a recording engineer.
••›¦¤    Roche’s musical CV offers some insight into his craft. He performs (guitar) in the touring bands of musicians as diverse as R. Stevie Moore, Lower Dens, Sufjan Stevens and Anohni, he has composed music for the American Ballet Theatre, he has played trumpet with his father’s brass ensemble. Though filtered through his strange and singular lens, all these elements of sound help illuminate the musician and his vision. The album’s wistful sensitivity and heartening playfulness reveal a songwriter both mature and confident, drawn to lo~fi and droning textures, to nonstandard song~crafting, to acutely personal observation.
••›¦¤    “A spellbinding hymn…incantatory vocal phrases repeating atop rising and falling tide of noise and subtly glitchy percussion…Magical.”  ~ Stereogum
HaHa HuHu
••›¦¤    Co~produced by Shahzad Ismaily and Aaron Roche
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily
••›¦¤    All songs written by Aaron Roche
••›¦¤    All the things by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Double Bass by Logan Coale.
••›¦¤    Voice by Alexandra Sopp.
••›¦¤    More electronics by Michael Hammond.
The Telephone
••›¦¤    Aaron Roche records his mumblings and shaking hands and forgets about it.
••›¦¤    Ryan Mace finds them and helps Aaron Roche figure out what he said and played.
••›¦¤    Ryan Mace records Aaron Roche’s vocals.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
One Thing At A Time
••›¦¤    Guitars, Beats, Voices, Synths, Basses made up by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Nadia Sirota plays viola parts in her apartment before a show at Spectrum NYC which were transcribed by Brian Petuch.
••›¦¤    Grey McMurray sits with Aaron Roche in his old apartment as they did. Grey McMurray invents electric guitar parts.
••›¦¤    Paul Wiancko records cello parts which were transcribed by Brian Petuch.
••›¦¤    Qasim Naqvi gets recorded into Aaron Roche’s laptop speakers because Aaron Roche couldn’t remember his name much less his apogee duet.
••›¦¤    Lorna Dune and Keith Milgaten send Aaron Roche synth parts to try and calm him down and help him remember who he is.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
Like Why I
••›¦¤    Original Song, Voice, Guitar, and Beat by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Voice by Alexandra Sopp.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
HaHa HuHu
••›¦¤    Voice, Guitars, Beats, Electronics by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Violin parts improvised by Caleb Burhans.
••›¦¤    Cello parts improvised by Paul Wiancko.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
Wooden Knife
••›¦¤    Recorded originally by Pete Wells at Saltlands.
••›¦¤    Cello improvised by Clarice Jensen.
••›¦¤    Strings arranged and premixed with vocals and guitar by Michi Wianko.
••›¦¤    Vocal Overdubs by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
••›¦¤    Recorded live in a stairwell by Aaron Roche and Helga Davis.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
The Terror
••›¦¤    Arranged by ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble): Clarice Jensen, Grey McMurray, Timo Andres, Chris Thompson, and Yuki Matthews.
••›¦¤    Recorded live and mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
Supreme Monument
••›¦¤    Sung and played by Aaron Roche and Mirande Rajeev.
••›¦¤    Recorded live and mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
K Is Manic
••›¦¤    Original Choir Work for the Andrews University Singers commissioned by the Florida Hospital 7th Day Adventist Church written by Aaron Roche with transcription assistance from Nicholas Zork.
••›¦¤    Premixed and edited in Iceland for intended use at Greenhouse Studios by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Panic Attack recorded into iPhone and eventually sung by Aaron Roche.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
Sig Beeg Sig Moor
••›¦¤    Aaron Roche played guitar.
••›¦¤    Shahzad Ismaily recorded Aaron Roche live.
••›¦¤    Phil Keaggy recorded electric guitar.
••›¦¤    Mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.
Website: https://www.aaronroche.com/
Bandcamp: https://aaronrochemusic.bandcamp.com/album/haha-huhu-2

Aaron Roche — HaHa HuHu (Sept. 8th, 2017)


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