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Abbe May — Fruit (Jan 29th 2018)

Abbe May — Fruit (Jan 29th 2018)

                      Abbe May — Fruit (Jan 29th 2018) Abbe May — Fruit (Jan 29th 2018)  • )↑Ξ→      Pro některé plochodrážníky pop může mít pověst příliš mělkého bahna typu roztomile přecpaného obludária Forum Karlín, nadýchaného jako ta cukrová vata. Ale pro Abbe May je to milé médium, se kterým dokázala artikulovat způsobem, kterým předtím v rámci rocku nikdy nemohla. Byl to postupně gradující, organický proces, jak Abbe pomaaaalu a jako hádě svlékala kůži své staré blues~rockové inkarnace, až si lízla trochu i R&B, přičemž spolupracovala s místními umělci v Perthu (Odette Mercy, Joni In The Moon), aby společně a kolektivně vytvořili zcela nový sound. It’s been a tumultuous few years for Abbe May. From the outside, it seemed that May was riding high after the success of Kiss My Apocalypse. But just after the ARIA Awards where she was nominated for Best Female Artist, May suffered a seizure, brought on by stress. But now May is back with a candid new album, Fruit, and in the Drawing Room she talks of anxiety, love and sexuality. “She sings of betrayal over and over, but never does she resemble a helpless victim”.
•      What does the end of the world sound like?
•      Robotic, vicious, spiralling seduction : “KARMAGEDDON” is Kylie on Ketamine and Beyonce in the microwave. Whatever it is, the end of the world according to Abbe May sounds pretty fucking sexy...                                                                                                       Location: Perth, West Australia
Album release: Jan 29th 2018
Record Label: Independent
Duration:     47:26
01. Love Decline     3:47
02. Bitchcraft     4:19
03. Doomsday Clock     3:50
04. Fruit, Pt. 1     0:24
05. Seventeen     3:59
06. Fruit, Pt. 2     0:07    
07. Make Love Not Sense     3:50
08. I’m over You     3:14
09. Are We Flirting     3:03
10. Shake Your Thing     2:32
11. Tinderella     3:15
12. Like Me Like I Like You     3:39
13. No. 1 Killa     3:07
14. Fruit, Pt. 3     0:26
15. Freedom     7:54                  
Christopher H James. Score: ****
•      “Boasts the kind of sophisticated writing an artist like Prince might have once been responsible for.” — Christopher H James
•      For some, pop might have a reputation for being shallow, cute and fluffy. But for Abbe May it’s a beloved medium with which she has managed to articulate in ways she never could with rock. It’s been a gradual, organic process as May has slowly shed the skin of her old blues~rock incarnation, collaborating with local Perth artists such as Odette Mercy and Joni In The Moon to create an altogether new sound.
•      May’s unabashed fondness for R&B, both vintage and new, shines through here, not least on the dazzlingly smooth opener Love Decline, which boasts the kind of sophisticated writing an artist like Prince might have once been responsible for. Elsewhere May explores issues of sexual identity, detailing the effects of stigmatisation felt by some at an early age. Now a year and a half old, the single Doomsday Clock remains a spellbinding achievement, mixing as it does an earworm chorus with a cautionary tale that chimes with the current global mood of apocalyptic gloom.
•      Despite the occasionally confronting material, Fruit remains a seductively smooth product that all but drips with pheromones on the likes of Make Love Not Sense and No 1 Killa.   •      http://themusic.com.au/
Website: http://abbemay.com/
MySpace: www.myspace.com/abbefuzz
Faster Louder: www.fasterlouder.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abbemay
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/abbemay
Press contact:  For Interviews and media enquiries — Australia — SGC Media (07) 3160 8173 or media@sgcmedia.com// UK — Playground - James@theplayground.co.uk // Liv@theplayground.co.uk 
Agent: Paul Sloan — paul@billions.com.au
Interview, Sosefina Fuamoli: http://www.theaureview.com/interviews/abbe-may-perth-2013                                                          

Abbe May — Fruit (Jan 29th 2018)


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