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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Adrian Belew
Young Lions

Adrian Belew — Young Lions (May 1st, 1990/Dec. 22, 2009)      Adrian Belew — Young Lions (May 1st, 1990/Dec. 22, 2009)
→→     Pěkné překvapení slyšet Davida Bowieho ve druhé skladbě tohoto fantastického alba. Celé je takové čerstvé, osvěžující, plné dobrých písní. Zapomenutá deska se svými kořeny v roce 1990. →→     Avízo, zpráva?: Poslouchej to!! Belew has also worked in instrument design and multimedia, collaborating with Parker Guitars to help design his own Parker Fly signature guitar, and designing his own iOS mobile apps, “FLUX by belew” and “FLUX:FX, the multi~effect audio processor app.”
→→     Adrian Belew is a multi~instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and guitar guru. Belew has released 20 critically acclaimed solo records and was the frontman, singer, co~writer and guitarist for progressive rock powerhouse King Crimson for 30 years. He also played alongside musicians such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads.
→→     Known for his inventive guitar sounds, Belew has begun mixing his unique sound, complex time signatures, witty lyrics, wild sound and technical mastery into his new creation, FLUX by belew.
Birth name: Robert Steven Belew
Born: December 23, 1949 in Covington, KY
Location: UK
•   Guitar, guitar synthesizer, vocals, drums, keyboards, cello, upright bass, percussion, laptop
Album release: December 22, 2009
Styles: Album Rock, Art Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Experimental, Guitar Virtuoso, Jazz~Rock
Recording Location:
•   Right Track
•   Royal Recorders
Record Label: Rhino Atlantic
Duration:     38:15
01 Young Lions   3:51  
02 Pretty Pink Rose   4:44  
03 Heartbeat   4:00  
04 Looking For A U.F.O.   3:37  
05 I Am What I Am   4:12  
06 Not Alone Anymore   3:16  
07 Men In Helicopters   3:18  
08 Small World   3:46  
09 Phone Call From The Moon   3:38  
10 Gunman   3:53
℗ 1990 Atlantic Recording Corp. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.
Written by:
•   Adrian Belew     1, 4, 7, 8, 9
•   David Bowie     2
•   Belew, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin     3
•   Belew, Prophet Omega     5
•   Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison     6
•   Belew, Bowie     10
•   Mike Barnett   Bass, String Bass
•   Adrian Belew   Composer, Multi Instruments, Producer, Vocals
•   Carol Bobolts   Design
•   David Bowie   Composer, Guest Artist, Vocals
•   Bill Bruford   Composer
•   Bob Defrin   Art Direction
•   Rich Denhart   Engineer
•   Bob Dylan   Composer
•   Ron Fajerstein   Executive Producer
•   Robert Fripp   Composer
•   Ellen Gieles   Percussion
•   Dan Harjung   Assistant Engineer
•   George Harrison   Composer
•   Stan Hertzman   Executive Producer
•   Ted Jensen   Digital Mastering, Mastering
•   Tony Levin   Composer
•   Jeff Lynne   Composer
•   Roy Orbison   Composer
•   Tom Petty   Composer
•   Prophet Omega   Voices
•   Sotto Vocé   Cover Art Concept
•   John M. Stevens   Lettering
•   Curtice Taylor   Photo Tinting
•   Dree Van Beeck   Percussion
•   Van Kampen   Percussion
•   Willem Van Kruysdijk   Percussion
•   Michael White   Engineer
•   Mies Wilbrink   Percussion
AllMusic Review by Dave Connolly; Score:  ***½
✹    Young Lions is as solid an album as Adrian Belew had put out in some time, including his work with the Bears. Apparently, the relative chart success he had with his last effort fueled the desire for another single, and no less a luminary than former employer David Bowie was brought in to write and duet with Belew on “Pretty Pink Rose” (they even did a video to support it). While that song and “Gunman” (the pair’s second collaboration on the album) are little more than a reprise of Bowie’s work with Tin Machine, they clearly relieve Belew from having to scrap together all the material himself. Leaning on a not~too~distant King Crimson standard, “Heartbeat,” and the Traveling Wilburys’ “Not Alone Anymore” leaves Belew holding the bag for an even half~dozen originals, which reduces the filler ratio that plagued some of his earlier efforts. From the energetic opener, “Young Lions,” to the Motown~inspired “Looking for a U.F.O.,” Belew comes up with some off~center pop/rock songs that hold up under inspection. His work with the Bears had smoothed out the guitarist’s rough edges, but on his own, Belew is more nimble and quirky, as “Men in Helicopters” and “Small World” demonstrate. Like Mr. Music Head before it, Young Lions presents Belew’s assets in a very palatable package. Despite the lack of a real standout single, Belew’s one~man performance on Young Lions is worth hearing. ✹    https://www.allmusic.com/
Adrian Belew’s Spectrum 5
He wrote:
✹    “In the fifties Hawaiian guitar music was all the rage in Japan. The earliest Japanese guitars were based on the Hawaiian guitar. But soon this transferred easily into the surf music craze and Japanese guitar makers followed with a huge assortment of twangy guitars perfect suited for surf music. Many Japanese guitarists were keen to emulate my friends The Ventures, who to this day are a huge draw in japan.“Eventually I narrowed my search to three models: the Guyatone LG350T, the Teisco Spectrum 5, and Guyatone Sharp 5 (named after a popular japanese surf band). Unfortunately all 3 models are pretty rare and expensive.
✹    Then I found out my friend Mike Robinson, founder of Eastwood Guitars, was in fact making a reissue of the Spectrum 5. I asked Eastwood to send one for me to try.
✹    The one pictured here was made in Korea and I must say the workmanship is stunning… beautiful metallic blue sparkle finish, a springy trem which holds tune well, and an array of plastic buttons allowing for all types of twang. The guitar also features a split pickup arrangement which can be used in stereo. There is a dedicated stereo output. Stereo or not, there are multiple pickup configurations in and out of phase which are drenched in surf. The neck is a bit wide but easy to adjust to. Oh, and one more plus: it has a rhino horn!!”
Website: http://adrianbelew.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdrianBelew/
Flux: https://www.fluxbybelew.com/
Interview: https://guitarconnoisseurmagazine.com/wordpress1/2016/06/13/adrian-belew-everythihng-in-flux/

Adrian Belew
Young Lions