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Agnes Buen Vargas / Jan Garbarek
Rosenfole: Medieval Songs from Norway

Agnes Buen Vargas / Jan Garbarek — Rosenfole: Medieval Songs from Norway (1989) {ECM 1402}

  Agnes Buen Vargas / Jan Garbarek — Rosenfole: Medieval Songs from Norway
♦♠  Album vyšlo ve dvanácti vydáních v pěti zemích: Norsku, Německu, USA, Kanadě a Rusku. Effectively stateless until the age of seven (there was no automatic grant of citizenship in Norway at that time) Garbarek grew up in Oslo. At 21, he married Vigdis. He is the father of musician (vocals), and composer Anja Garbarek.
Agnes born: 23 November 1946
Origin: Telemark, Norway
Jan born: March 4, 1947, Mysen, Norway
Origin: Oslo, Norway
Genre: Norwegian Folk, Medieval, Ethnic Fusion
Album release:     1989
Record Label: ECM
Duration:     53:31
01. Innferd      0:56
02. Rosensfole      2:48
03. Margjit Og Targjei Risvollo      16:15
04. Maalfri Mi Fruve      5:22
05. Venelite      7:39
06. Stolt Oli      4:59
07. Signe Lita      4:17
08. Lillebroer Og Storebroer      2:41
09. Grisilla      7:20
10. Utferd      1:14
♠♦   Agnes Buen Garnas — vocal
♠♦   Jan Garbareksoprano and tenor saxophones, synthesizers, percussion instruments
♠♦   Produced by Jan Garbarek and Manfred Eicher
♠♦   Recorded Autumn 1988, Bel Studio, Oslo
♠♦   Engineer: Ingar Helgesen, Ulf Holland
♦♠   Manfred Eicher Cover Photo, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
♦♠   Agnes Buen Garå Critic
♦♠   Jan Garbarek Arr., Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Soprano & Tenor, Synthesizer
♦♠   Agnes Buen Garnas Performer, Vocals
♦♠   Ingar Helgesen Engineer
♦♠   Ulf Holand Engineer
♦♠   Juozas Kazlauskas Cover Photo, Photography
♦♠   Dieter Rehm Cover Design
♦♠   Traditional Composer
♦♠   Jazz musicians in the main rarely take music from ancient times and advance it with improvisation, as modernity generally speaks for itself. Jan Garbarek has always been the type of performer interested in taking natural and spiritual elements from his native Norway, incorporating them into his personalized saxophone sound, but here with Rosensfole he's outdone himself, adapting historic period medieval folk songs toward a futuristic mood. The singing of Agnes Buen Garnas and Garbarek's various percussion or synthesizer sounds surround a minimal complement of tenor or soprano saxophone, reminiscent of aural imagery perhaps from the Moors, the upper atmosphere, or the cold waters of his homeland.
AllMusic Review
♦♠   Jan Garbarek is best known as a saxophonist, originator of a distinctive instrumental sound associated with the German ECM label, for whom he has played on dozens of solo and group projects. Ms. Gamas is a Norwegian singer who specializes in folk material. These popular songs, myths and legends have been given a completely contemporary treatment by Garbarek with synthesizers, hand drums, and a great variety of wind instruments. The result is an unforgettable record that is neither folk, ethnic, jazz, new age, or space music, but is simply an original and highly effective work of art.
♦♠   In 1999, Garbarek was appointed a Knight 1st Class of the Order of St. Olav and in 2004 he was awarded the Norwegian Arts Council award.
♦♠   Due to his influence on European jazz and his Norwegian–German relationship he received the Willy–Brandt–Award in Oslo on October 28, 2014.
♦♠   Det spelar og syng i familien Buen, 1975
♦♠   Når klokkune gjeve dur, 1976, 2002
♦♠   Folk Music of Norway, 1977
♦♠   Nordafjølls, 1983
♦♠   På gamle tufter, with Sondre Bratland, Kåre Nordstoga, Guttorm *Guttormsen, Knut Buen, Halvor Håkanes, Warren Carlstrøm and Finn *Kvalem, 1985
♦♠   Jul med Rupesekken, 1985
♦♠   Stem våre understrenger, with Knut Buens, 1988
♦♠   Draumkvedet, with Inger Lise Ulsrud and Knut Buen, 1989
♦♠   Tusseliten og Trippeliti, with Finn Kvalem, Guttorm Guttormsen, Knut Buen and Olav Snortheim, 1989
♦♠   Rosensfole, with Jan Garbarek, 1989
♦♠   Høgdepunkt frå Landskappleiken, 1994
♦♠   Med blanke ark, 1994
♦♠   Attersyn, with Knut Buen, 1995
♦♠   Stev og slått, with Knut Buen, 1996
♦♠   Det syng, with Anne Marit Jacobsen, Halvor Håkanes, Eli Storbekken and *Sinikka Langeland, 1997
♦♠   Langt inn i hugheimen, with Knut Buen, 1997
♦♠   Ljos og skugge, with Knut Buen, 1998
♦♠   Soltreet, 2002
♦♠   Han rider den mørke natt, 2002
With Jan Garbarek
♠♦   Rosensfole (ECM, 1989)
♠♦   Twelve Moons (ECM, 1992)
♦♠   https://nbl.snl.no/Agnes_Buen_Garn%C3%A5s
Website: http://garbarek.com/

Agnes Buen Vargas / Jan Garbarek
Rosenfole: Medieval Songs from Norway



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