Alan Vega — „After Dark“ (July 30, 2021)USA FLAG                                                                                        Alan Vega — „After Dark“ (July 30, 2021)
•⊆⊇•  Letopočet 2021 se připravil na rok Alana Vegy. Každý rok by měl být, ale letošní rok to rozhodně je. Oznámení o otevření archivů Alana Vegy, které uvolní nespočet nevydaného materiálu z roku 1971 prostřednictvím Sacred Bones, vydání Mutator (ztracené album z poloviny 90. let), které získalo nadšené recenze, masivní ohlasy v NY Times ... Alana slavili všude i později. In The Red is over the moon to účasti na této oslavě s vydáním Alana Vegy „After Dark“ — alba, které zachycuje pozdní noční rock n’ rollovou relaci s Alanem, za kterou stojí Ben Vaughn, Barb Dwyer a Palmyra Delran (všichni členové neuvěřitelného bandu Pink Slip Daddy a také bezpočet dalších skvělých projektů). Toto album připomíná, že Alan Vega byl neuvěřitelným zpěvákem v oblasti rock n’ roll/blues/rockabilly. Byl jedním z nejlepších. A těm zkušenějším hledačům možná připomene Armanda Schaubroecka přelomu 70’/80’, ovšem performersky vzato v mnohem experimentálnější roli.. Více na tagu 

Location: New York, New York
Recorded: Renegade Studio 
Album release: July 30, 2021
Record Label: In The Red Records
Duration:     31:23
1. Nothing Left   4:46
2. Hi Speed Roller   6:08
3. Out of Town   4:39
4. River of No Shame   6:40
5. Wings of Glory   4:22
6. The Record Speed   4:48
•  Bass, Synthesizer, Written: Barb Dwyer
•  Drums, Written: Palmyra Delran
•  Engineer: Geoff Sanoff
•  Guitar, Written, Producer: Ben Vaughn
•  Liner Notes: Jason P. Woodbury
•  Vocals, Written: Alan Vega

TRISTAN KINNETT ⌊JUNE 29TH, 2021 — 2:26 PM⌋ Score: ★★★★ 
•⊆⊇•  2021 is shaping up to be the year of Alan Vega. Every year should be but, this year is definitely it. The announcement of the opening of the Alan Vega archives, which will be unleashing an untold amount of unreleased material dating back to 1971 via Sacred Bones, the release of Mutator (a lost album from the mid 90’s) which has gained rave reviews, a massive feature in the New York Times… Alan has been celebrated everywhere of late. In The Red is over the moon to participate in this celebration with the release of Alan Vega After Dark — an album that captures a late night rock n’ roll session with Alan backed by Ben Vaughn, Barb Dwyer and Palmyra Delran (all members of the incredible Pink Slip Daddy as well as countless other cool projects).
•⊆⊇•  The album was recorded in 2015 at Renegade Studios in New York City’s West Village, with engineering by Geoff Sanoff. In The Red Records points out the sunglasses, knit cap and long rider coat that the then~78~year~old Vega wore to the recording session. He was recovering from a stroke he suffered a few years prior, and wanted to get back in a live studio environment after only sending in vocal contributions to pre~recorded instrumentals the previous couple of years.
•⊆⊇•  Vaughn described the recording process as being very spur~of~the~moment. “It’s the only way I’ve ever worked with him,” he says. “We would start playing, and Alan would wait a little bit.” Vaughn talked about the doodles and portraits Vega would draw in a sketchpad or the way he’d be reading the New York Post in his chair before standing up to the microphone and singing whatever came to him. “Some of the stuff he comes up with, it’s really unbelievable,” Vaughn commented. “Alan was writing from the future.”
•⊆⊇•  Vega told Jason P. Woodbury in a 2015 interview, “I don’t know where it comes from. People ask, ‘Why?’…There is no why. Who gives a shit? It’s not supposed to be why. It’s supposed to be the world. The mystery.”
•⊆⊇•  Alan Vega After Dark is being compared to Vega’s previous collaboration with Ben Vaughn, Cubist Blues, which was another live jam album, recorded alongside Alex Chilton of Big Star.