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Alex Bosworth
Here For You

Alex Bosworth — Here For You [October 7, 2014]

USA Flag          Alex Bosworth — Here For You 
♠   Beautiful songwriting combined with a captivating voice make this debut album by New Orleans based musician Alex Bosworth, one you have to hear.
♠   “Each song on this album is a world onto itself tied together by Ms. Bosworth's captivating voice.  It is an exploration in vulnerability and from the very first note to the very last chord it is wonderfully heartfelt and moving.” Renee Thomas, CDbaby.com
♠   “The brand new release by Alex Bosworth is at the top of my list for great albums of the year.” — J. Woodstock, WWOZ Radio
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Album release: October 7, 2014
Record Label: Pearl River Records
Duration:     45:56
01. Here For You      3:48
02. Not About You      3:41
03. Leaving You My Heart      3:45
04. Home Again      4:16
05. Let It Go      4:20
06. Smile For Me      4:12
07. Out Loud      4:13
08. Prayer      5:05
09. Prospect      4:16
10. Undone      3:55
11. Sweet Friend      4:33
2014 Alex Bosworth
© Copyright — Alex Bosworth / Pearl River Records (694751140223)
♠   Alex Bosworth — Vocals, Piano, Phodes, Guitar, Marimba, Percussion
♠   Brian Seeger — Guiter, Pedal Steel, Percussion, Doodads
♠   Chris Adkins — Guitar, Mandolin
♠   Dan Loomis — Bass
♠   Alan Hampton — Background Vocals
♠   Jack Craft — Cello
♠   Neal Cappellino — Organ
♠   Alexei Marti — Percussion
♠   Simon Lott — Drums
♠   Doug Garrison — Drums
Reviewed In OffBeat
Robert Fontenot (November 2014 Issue)
♠   There’s no reason Alex Bosworth couldn’t go as far as she wants in the music industry.
♠   Her persona is warm and accessible, and her voice follows suit — it combines the sultry languor of Norah Jones with Sarah MacLachlan’s angelic reassurance, a touch of Paula Cole’s lonesome high end coupled with Alison Krauss’ well–water clarity.
♠   That Bosworth’s debut isn’t on the par of her forbears has less to do with her approach than her depth; as much as you might enjoy slipping into the Sunday–morning regret and gentle irony of  “Not About You,” it’s not going to invite comparisons to similarly themed classics like, say, Frank Sinatra’s version of “I Get Along Without You Very Well.”
♠   Likewise, when she claims “I love you, what can I say? / I want you, though it sounds cliche” at the opening of “Smile for Me,” she’s smart enough to add the disclaimer “It’s new to me” before setting the scene with a porch, a guitar, and some wine.
♠   That voice, wisely mixed up front and practically into your brain stem, makes such invitations irresistible, but settings — gorgeously appointed as they are with acoustic bass, mandolin, and Bosworth’s own Fender Rhodes and marimba — are often all you get on “Here for You.”
♠   It all makes for perfectly good third–date background music, but Bosworth’s voice is too precious an instrument to get even this close to twee, and she proves it on deeper tracks like “Prayer”: her delivery of a phrase like “Oh no, I can’t handle this,” for once, says more than mere words.
♠   It’s the kind of soul searching she’s going to have to do to find her own songwriter’s voice, one fresher than “Time is fleeting / And tomorrow is a gift.”
♠   But if she does eventually live up to her own throat, she might become new to all of us, as well. :: http://www.louisianamusicfactory.com/
♠   Grammy award winning engineer Neal Cappellino (Alison Krauss) and Grammy winning mastering engineer Richard Dodd (Civil Wars) signed on to be a part of the project and their contribution to the depth and fullness of the sound of the recording is apparent throughout.
♠   The title track "Here For You" is one that encapsulates the undercurrent of love, loss and longing that permeates every song. The beautiful acoustic guitar solo on this track is played by famous New Orleans based Jazz guitarist Brian Seeger, showing off his sensitivity to the song's sentiment. Supported by New York–based bass player Dan Loomis, guitarist Chris Adkins and percussionist Alexey Marti, Alex Bosworth's voice is at its most sweet when joined on the choruses by fellow songwriter Alan Hampton."
In french:
♠   Une très jolie voix et de belles ballades folks et parfois jazzy, à dominante acoustique. Transmis et recommandé par mon ami El Céher, merci à lui!
The Artist
♣   Alex has led her group at many of New Orleans’ finest music venues, including the grand opening of the State of Louisiana Jazz Museum and the New Orleans French Quarter Festival. Alex performs regularly in New York City and abroad. She was a featured artist at the Prague PROMS Jazz Festival, has been part of the Cannon Club Music Series in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has recently played shows in Barcelona, Munich and Rotterdam. She is currently being booked for shows in Europe for summer of 2015.
WWOZ Approved
♣    As a native New Orleanian, Alex has been surrounded and influenced by the city's vibrant musical culture all of her life. With her natural warmth, ease and grace on stage, it is no surprise that WWOZ radio said of her: "You're going to be hearing a lot more about Alex Bosworth. If her upcoming album is as good as her live performances are, you're going to be blown away."
Website: http://www.alexbosworth.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexbosworthmusic
CD Baby: https://www.facebook.com/alexbosworthmusic

Alex Bosworth
Here For You