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Alexander Tucker
Alexander Tucker

Alexander Tucker — Alexander Tucker (April 19, 2014) Alexander Tucker — Alexander Tucker  ζ•   British experimental musician Alexander Tucker has been recording solo excursions in improvised guitar and tape loops since the early 2000s.
ζ•   Previously only released as a very limited CDr, this selftitled debut from Alexander Tucker finally sees a wide release on vinyl and has been remastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide and released for Record Store Day 2014 this LP only release is pressed on virgin vinyl and includes a download code. The download card includes 20 minutes of bonus material not on the LP. Location: Southborough, Kent
Album release: April 19, 2014
Record Label: U~Sound Archive — U~Sound Vol. 18 / Thrill Jockey (365)
01. Multistoryhaiku     4:57
02. Shirts Give Pleasure to Those Who Wear Them     4:21
03. The Black Bear     5:03
04. A Warm Fan     4:18
05. Shandor     4:43
06. Ludite Blues     5:56
07. The Hungarians Give Up Everything for Their Guests     2:13
08. Yugo Russian Guitar     5:46
09. Paste!! Century!!     7:42
10. Kolbaz.     10:31
11. Gathering 1 (Yew bonus)     9:44
12. Gathering 2 (Yew bonus)     7:46
13. Gathering 3 (Yew bonus)     6:00
ζ•   Alexander Tucker’s self~titled debut was released in a micro~edition on CD~R in 2005, a quiet beginning to a solo career that would establish him as one of Britain’s most forward~thinking songwriters and sound sculptors. In addition to establishing frameworks that Tucker would explore and toy with for the next decade and a half, it also lays the groundwork for his work with Imbogodom and Grumbling Fur, showing his innovation as a songwriter and expert sonic collage~maker. It proves that while his methods have evolved, his bold conceptual schema were set into place from the beginning. This incubative work is being pressed on vinyl for the first time ever for Record Store Day 2014, following the acclaim of his duo Grumbling Fur’s breakout LP Glynnaestra. The download code that accompanies the release features over 20 minutes of additional material.
ζ•   The album was recorded just after Tucker graduated from a 4 year stint at the Slade School of Fine Art, setting out into the wider world in mildly disappointed and unsure of what was to come next. When he set about recording the album, Tucker imagined a collection of sounds that were purposefully out of time, using new technologies and techniques to make sounds that would sound at home on a lost wax cylinder. Tucker populates his soundworld with rudimentary electronics, traditional acoustic instrumentation, field recordings, and free improvisation, presenting himself as a fearless explorer blending styles in ways that would only become popular years after this album’s release.
ζ•   Alexander Tucker will be celebrating Record Store Day by playing record stores in his home town of London. He is currently in the studio with Daniel O’Sullivan working on a new Grumbling Fur release.
Tucker further explains the process of writing and recording his self~titled debut:
∋•∈      “The first solo recordings i made onto dictaphone soon moved onto the newly introduced mini~disc recorder into which I recorded guitar noise improvisations and field recordings. It wasn’t until 2001 that I got hold of my own 8 track machine. Initially I wanted to make a Faust tapes inspired collage of the mini disc improvisations spliced together with the field recordings, this was until i started processing the material through FX and loop pedals to create cut up assemblages.
ζ•   Around this time I had been on a steady diet of 60's psychedelia, Krautrock, Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Bardo Pond, Dead C, Oval, John Fahey, Alexander Spence, Charalambides and Jandek. These influences began to merged to form the basis for my 1st self titled collection of songs and sound worlds. I liked the idea of primitive guitar work next to rudimentary electronics and combining these elements within the same place.” :: http://thrilljockey.com/Artist Biography by Fred Thomas
ζ•   British experimental musician Alexander Tucker has been recording solo excursions in improvised guitar and tape loops since the early 2000s. His sound has grown exponentially in the years that followed, which found the artist branching out in directions as far reaching as Fahey~esque detuned guitar dirges or doom metal~informed ambient tones. Tucker got his start in the early '90s singing with various area hardcore bands including Unhome, who released one album and a split single with Papa M. When Unhome disbanded in 1999, Tucker briefly hopped on Detroit space rockers Füxa’s U.K. tour, playing guitar synthesizers. In 2000, Tucker’s self~titled solo album was released by Tom Greenwood of Jackie~O~Motherfucker on his U–Sound Archives label. Further years of performance and writing saw the raw experimental sound of this debut album refined some, and Tucker eventually signed a record deal with ATP Recordings. The label would release three albums of Tucker’s eerie, fragile sounds over the next few years; 2005’s Old Fog, the ghostly Furrowed Brow in 2006, and the much more traditionally structured Portal in 2008, which featured Tucker’s first entwining of vocal harmonies with his doomy drones. Tucker toured and collaborated a great deal in this time, working with members of Sunn O))), Jackie~O Motherfucker, Duke Garwood, and Guapo. The start of 2008 found Tucker out on tour with labelmates Fuck Buttons, as well as playing a slot on New York’s ATP Festival. In April 2011, he released an even more song~based fifth album, Dorwytch, on new label Thrill Jockey, followed in 2012 by Third Mouth.BIO:
ζ•   I started by singing in a hardcore band called Suction in the early 1990s, we played noisy adolescent punk with leanings towards swans and Fugazi . After that I joined unhome (featuring members of long running Tunbridge wells post~hardcore band Joeyfat) we released one album on Unlabel titled “A short History of Houses” a collection of Metronomic post rock songs, and a split single with Papa M. Unhome split in late 1999.
ζ•   I went on to play synths with Detroit space~rockers ‘Fuxa’ for a UK tour with Spectrum. Concurrently, I had been developing my interest in improvisation using detuned guitars, tape loops, mini disc players and FX pedals. In early 2000 I recorded a solo self~titled album (not Bakelite Blues as it has become know as!) of acoustic finger~picking, experimental electronics and spooked vocals, which was released on the U~Sound Archives label.
ζ•   I combined compositional song structures, drones, layered vocals and improvisations on my 2005 album “Old Fog” (ATP/R), a collection of spectral moods, eerie landscapes and fragile emotions. These first two albums were recorded on a digital 8~track whilst I lived in a flat above Warren St tube station — at the beginning of some tracks you can hear the rumble of the hellish intersection I looked over everyday. In late 2006 I released my third album “Furrowed Brow” (ATP/R).
ζ•   I have collaborated with Stephen O’Malley (SunnO))), Khanate) on his Ginnungagap side project (Southern Records limited Latitudes series) we spent two days recording at the southern studios getting pysche with the doom folk and more recently we preformed as a Duo For the Maximum Black Festival. I also provided the soundtrack to Spartacus Chetwynd’s performance piece at Tate Britain, it was a dream~like experience to be able to play in the main hall. I’ve played as a part of JOMF, Duke Garwood and the ladywoodsman, and Little Wet Horse. More recently I played with Dan and Dave from Guapo under Dave’ side project The Star Gazers Assistant .
ζ•   I have just finished a new album a project thats taken me over a year to complete it's called “Portal” (ATP/R) and is out now. Also out now is an edition of the ATP/R double 7” single project entitled “Custom Made” which I have penned some tracks for.
ζ•   I’m also an artist, creating artwork for all of my album covers and side projects, including ongoing drawings and comic artwork for ‘Sturgeon White Moss’ (White Moss Press) and the cover for Nordic doom~master Wolfmangler (Aurora Borealis).
♣  2005 Old Fog (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
♣  2006 Furrowed Brow (ATP)
♣  2008 Portal (All Tomorrow’s Parties)
♣  2011 Grey Onion (Latitutes)
♣  2012 Third Mouth (Thrill Jockey)
♣  2014 Dorwytch (Thrill Jockey)
MySpace: https://myspace.com/alexanderdtucker
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexander.tucker.144
Quietus: http://thequietus.com/articles/09014-alexander-tucker-third-mouth-review

Alexander Tucker
Alexander Tucker


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