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Alison Moyet Other

Alison Moyet — Other (June 16th, 2017)              Alison Moyet — Other (June 16th, 2017)   Alison Moyet — Other (June 16th, 2017)•   Influential new wave singer with an enchantingly husky voice, who scored hits both as a member of Yaz and solo. ‘Other’, released by Cooking Vinyl, finds Alison at the top of her game — making exactly the music she wants to at this moment in time. This is intelligent, adventurous electronic pop that’s defined by Guy Sigsworth’s signature soundscapes.
•   ‘Other’ finds Alison at the top of her game — making exactly the music she wants to at this moment in time. This is intelligent, adventurous electronic pop that’s defined by Sigsworth’s signature soundscapes. Alison’s voice and songwriting are both intense, poetic, and thought provoking.
Born: June 18, 1961 in Basildon, Essex, England
Location: Billericay ~~ Basildon, Essex, England
Album release: June 16th, 2017
Record Label: Cooking Vinyl
Duration:     41:24
01 I Germinate     3:39
02 Lover Go     4:05
03 The English U     5:04
04 The Rarest Birds     4:39
05 Beautiful Gun     3:12
06 Reassuring Pinches     4:02
07 April 10th     4:44
08 Other     3:33
09 Happy Giddy     3:18
10 Alive     5:08
•   “For me, making a record at this age, lyrically, is a different proposition. Observation in most cases replaces emotion. The invisibility of middle/aged woman rather thrills me and instead I watch”, explains Moyet.
•   “Subject matter covers what you might expect from a pop album.  Dyslexia, locked~out syndrome, diversity, Persephone, doggedness and the Internet. Always asked what a song is about, I attempted to cooperate, but in truth though the lyrics incorporated my best attempt to describe what I see and of the meaning that is mine. I want, who chooses to, to find their own landscape or indeed none. Some of us have always felt ‘Other’. I no longer wish it were otherwise.”
•   Despite Alison’s professing of age, the music bursts with clarity, vitality and freshness, whether in the zingy ‘Lover Go’, chic laid~back soundtrack~style ‘The English U’, ‘Beautiful Gun’s nod to her rock and roll roots, the icy Germanic arpeggios of ‘Reassuring Pinches’ or ambient, spoken~word poem ‘April 10th’.
•   The hauntingly fragile and sparsely presented title track ‘Other’, accompanied by a hypnotic video directed by Steve Gullick, is available as an instant track download when pre~ordering the album.
•   ‘Other’ finds Alison at the top of her game — making exactly the adventurous electronic pop music she wants to at this moment in time, with her voice and songwriting both intense, poetic and thought provoking. ‘Other’ was catalysed by Alison’s fruitful dalliance with producer and song writing collaborator Guy Sigsworth, who (as well as having worked with Björk, Goldie and Madonna), co~created her last album ‘the minutes’, which debuted at # 5 in the national charts and won critical acclaim.
•   The new longplayer features backing vocals from Alison’s daughter on ‘The English U’, which was preceded by her guest appearance on stage at Alison’s Royal Albert Hall show, and an appearance in the video for ‘When I Was Your Girl’ (from ‘the minutes’).
AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson;  Score: ****
•♦•   Having referred in press surrounding its release to the “invisibility" that comes with being a middle~aged woman, Alison Moyet’s ninth studio album, Other, finds the vocal powerhouse taking on the role of astute observer. It was produced by Guy Sigsworth, who also produced 2013’s The Minutes, a recording that returned Moyet to an electronic palette and resulted in her highest~charting record in the U.K. since the ‘80s. Other shares that album’s dramatic, orchestral~electronic flare, but with actual acoustic instrumentation and a sometimes frostier, more intense tone. She sounds confident here, though, not detached, and seems to embrace the act of transformation when declaring “I’m here/I germinate” in the chorus of the opening track. Later, “The English U” incorporates rousing strings, harp, and wordplay, with Moyet delivering lines like “You kept beautiful words in self~carbon pages/As beautiful worlds went missing in stages.” Her vocals are as solid as ever throughout, but her most attention~grabbing performance may be ‘April 10.’ It’s a dramatic poem reading over intermittent whirring electronics, snare, and throbbing bass. (“I wonder if you have ever touched me in some other sea/Against my yesterday skin…”) Speaking of bass, the album also offers the club~friendly “Happy Giddy” and the more rock~minded “Beautiful Gun.” Still, even the more tender title track, a piano ballad with particularly artful phrasing, is self~assured, asserting “I don’t want another rock to hang about my neck.” Taken all together, it’s a formidable, empowering set, one that’s taking charge of the present and not interested in rehashing the past.   •   http://www.allmusic.com/
•   1984: Alf
•   1987: Raindancing
•   1991: Hoodoo
•   1994: Essex
•   2002: Hometime
•   2004: Voice
•   2007: The Turn
•   2013: The Minutes
•   2017: Other
Website: http://alisonmoyet.com/
Label: http://cookingvinyl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlisonMoyet/

Alison Moyet Other


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