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All We Are
All We Are

All We Are — All We Are (February 2, 2015)

BrazilNorwayIreland        All We Are — All We Are 
•   Jemně to obklopuje basa, lehká ozvěna kytary a nádherně proplétané vokály od všech tří členů. Je to teplo, pomalé objetí alba, které doporučuje, aby se váš spravedlivý podíl na hřejivosti pomaaaalu dokončil v objetí.
•   "All We Are have managed to carve out a sound for themselves that works remarkable well and is distinctive".
•   The Liverpool trio sound too sleepy to dance on their inconsistent disco debut. Multi–national, chilled–out indie dance–pop from this Liverpool–based trio.
Location: Liverpool, England
Genre: Psychedelic boogie, disco.
Album release: February 2, 2015
Record Label: Double Six / Domino
Duration:     43:47
01 Intro     0:41
02 Ebb/Flow     4:47
03 Stone     5:28
04 Feel Safe     4:27
05 Honey     3:06
06 I Wear You     3:20
07 Keep Me Alive     5:18
08 Go     4:27
09 Utmost Good     3:02
10 Something About You     5:34
11 Life Of Seven     3:36
2015 Domino Recording Co Ltd
Producer: Dan Carey, Joe Wills
•   Richard 'O Flynn (drums, vocals)
•   Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass, vocals)
•   Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar, vocals)
•   All We Are Composer, Primary Artist
•   Dan Carey Engineer, Mixing, Producer
•   Rebecca Hawley Photography
•   Leif Podhajsky Creative Director, Design
•   Cenzo Townshend Mixing
•   Joe Wills Engineer, Producer
•   Christian Wright Mastering
•   Double Six / Domino exclusive vinyl edition sold here: 180gm heavyweight LP plus bonus 7" featuring two exclusive tracks 'Just Give It To Me' & 'Reach'.
•   We are proud to announce the debut album release from All We Are.
•   All We Are are a global gathering made up of Ireland’s Richard 'O Flynn (drums, vocals), Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass, vocals) and Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar, vocals), who met at university in Liverpool.
•   Written initially in a cabin in the isolated Norwegian mountains, with follow–up sessions in a secluded cottage in North Wales, the album was finished and perfected in their studio in a disused school in Liverpool. The record was then recorded in London with producer Dan Carey (Bat For Lashes, M.I.A, Hot Chip).
•   A total democracy, the band write all music and lyrics together. Inspired by a shared love of hip-hop and soul music, Guro calls their sound “psychedelic boogie”.
•   Born of long, late nights, dreamy melodies, supple psychedelics and gorgeous midnight disco grooves — this is the sublime, swirling sound of All We Are.
Review by Tim Sendra;  Score: ***½
•   The Liverpool–based trio All We Are have their fingers in quite a few pies on their self–titled debut album. Taking cues from chillwave, modern R&B, soft rock, and left–field pop, they sound like three different bands at once, but in the end, they sound like they are well on their way to crafting a sound that's theirs alone. They might not be there quite yet, as many songs on the album feel lifted from other band's catalogs, but thanks to the strength of the vocals and the sticky hooks of the songs, it's not a roadblock to enjoying the album. In fact, if someone really liked the HAIM record and was wondering where to turn next for their pop thrills, All We Are would be a pretty nice place to turn. They share a similar sleekly styled approach to their sound, as well as a fondness for the warm harmonies of Fleetwood Mac and that spot where the robotic nature of '80s pop met the beating heart soul of '80s R&B. All We Are is a far more relaxed experience, though, and it's much easier to sink into the plush sound and just float along — tracks like the swirling "I Wear You" and "Feel Safe" are like fluffy sonic pillows. Even when they boost the tempo or energy level, like on "Honey," everything still sounds firmly ensconced in bubble wrap. The songs that cut the power dramatically, like the heartbroken "Something About You," almost pierce the protective layer, but still have a smoothness that repels real emotional attachment. To that end, the album works best as moody sonic wallpaper that's very pretty and soothing. •   Maybe next time out, the trio will work more on getting deeper and delivering more emotion, but for now this well–crafted, easy to swallow debut works well enough. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
By Ben Homewood, January 21, 2015; Score: 7/10
•   In May 2013, All We Are described their single ‘Utmost Good’, accurately, as “The Bee Gees on diazepam”. Nearly two years later, bassist Guro Gikling is touting the Liverpool trio’s debut album as “psychedelic boogie”. The 11 tracks here fit both descriptions. Opener ‘Ebb/Flow’ thrums with delicate melody, blending The xx’s midnight edge with Wild Beasts’ theatricality, a careful mix of electronics and isolated notes from guitarist Luis Santos mesh prettily on ‘Feel Safe’; and ‘I Wear You’ is an urgent disco love song with a breathy ”Ooh, ooh, ooh” refrain. However, All We Are — who crafted most of this album in their hometown studio before recording in London with Bat For Lashes producer Dan Carey — can become too tranquilising. Initially impressive, the complex melodies of ‘Stone’ are indulged for too long and end up soporific, and the whooshing ‘Go’ and the latent ‘Something About You’ act as sleeping pills. It’s not a bad record, but, ultimately, ‘All We Are’ lacks energy. Fortaken: http://www.nme.com/
By Ian Cohen; February 2, 2015; Score: 5.7
•   All We Are makes a stylish first impression, showing up so impeccably tailored that you wonder if it secretly fears all of that fumbling human contact that could mess things up. The most compelling moments on the record occur when the trio drop that pose and function like an actual rock band. The best hooks are mostly sibilation, a couple of hooted "oohs" on "I Wear You", rapturous sighs on "Stone". Meanwhile, the back half of All We Are is filled with slow jams that barely stir from a post–coital heap. •   The album peaks twice, the exact same way — on "Stone" and "Keep Me Alive", All We Are slowly build on glistening guitars for five minutes before Guro Gikling just lets it rip, similar to Carey’s previous charges Caroline Polachek or Natasha Khan. These moments add welcome contrast, but also expose a smooth record that all too rarely recognizes its need for friction. :: http://pitchfork.com/
By Andrew Unterberger, February 2 2015, 8:04 AM ET;  Score: 7
:: http://www.spin.com/reviews/all-we-are-self-titled-spin-album-of-the-week/
BY LAURENCE DAY, 27 JANUARY 2015, 11:30 GMT;  SCORE. 7/10
:: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/all-we-are-all-we-are
James Pearson, http://slatethedisco.com/2015/02/album-review-all-we-are-all-we-are/
Website: http://www.thisisallweare.co.uk/
Label: http://www.doublesixrecords.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisallweare
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thisisallweare
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisallweare
Press: jodie@dominorecordco.com
Agent: Stephanie Clive — stephanie@codaagency.com

All We Are
All We Are



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