Allie X — „Cape God“ [Deluxe Edition] (Feb. 21, 2020, Nov. 19, 2021)

CANADA emoji                                                                                          Allie X — „Cape God“ [Deluxe Edition] (Feb. 21, 2020, Nov. 19, 2021) 
• Alexandra Ashley Hughes. Avantgardní popová hudba má v Allie X nového zachránce. Pop music je těžké zdokonalit, možná víc než jakýkoli jiný žánr. Žijeme v době, kdy „efekt Billie Eilish“ pomáhá experimentální a jedinečné hudbě posouvat hranice a chápání popu, jak ho známe. 
• Debut Allie X, CollXtion II z roku 2017 byl zábavný, i když v podobě poněkud zjednodušujícího tripu, ale Cape God je album nepopiratelně vytvořené ženou, která si skutečně razí vlastní cestu, jak sama uzná za vhodné. Nemluvě o tom, že bojujeme za odvrácení zlé budoucnosti avantgardní, vzestupné hudby.
Born: July 31, 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Location: Canada
Album release: Feb. 21, 2020
Record Label: Twin Music / AWAL
Duration:     43:15++17:58 => 61:18
01. Fresh Laundry   3:56    
02. Devil I Know   2:52    
03. Regulars   3:41        
04. Sarah Come Home   3:33    
05. Rings a Bell   4:16    
06. June Gloom   3:09    
07. Love Me Wrong   3:12    
08. Super Duper Party People   3:49    
09. Susie Save Your Love   3:58        
10. Life of the Party   3:31    
11. Madame X   3:30    
12. Learning in Public   3:48
13. Cape God Theme   2:10
14. Milk   3:30
15. Limited Love   3:41
16. Anchor   3:08
17. Rising Tide   5:29 

Producer: OzGo; Jens Duvsjo; Valley Girl
Written by:
James Alan Ghaleb / Oscar Görres / Allie X   1, 3, 5, 6, 12  
Duvchi / Oscar Görres / Cara Salimando / Jonathan Percy Starker Saxe / Allie X   2
Oscar Görres / Jesse Saint John / Big Taste / Allie X   4
Bram Inscore / Brett McLaughlin / Troye Sivan / Allie X   7
George Bezerra / Oliver Goldstein / Oscar Görres / Allie X   8
Nate Company / Oscar Görres / Mitski / Kyle Shearer / Allie X   9
Oscar Görres / Jack Latham / Allie X   10
Big Taste / Simon Wilcox / Allie X   11
Chart 2020:
US Heatseekers Albums (Billboard)   #23
US Top Current Albums (Billboard)   #73

Cape God Review by Neil Z. Yeung ⇒ Score: ★★★★
featuring six new songs and new artwork.
Although it’s technically a sophomore album, Cape God sounds more like a breakthrough debut from an exciting new artist. Reinventing her sound and stripping back the colorfully provocative imagery that has defined her career thus far, Canadian pop chameleon Allie X presents a fresh vision of herself, which finally hits the sweet spot between her heretofore catchy songwriting ability and genuine, emotional depth. Without discounting her past work — which landed closer to Lady Gaga’s early~career alien~pop side of the spectrum — the material on Cape God veers toward the boundary~pushing and substantive alternative pop of artists like Charli XCX and Marina. To that end, Allie X deftly joins the pack, adopting recognizable styles and making them her own. Here, the “X” in her name is the variable in Cape God’s voracious pop equation, where “X” might equal Billie Eilish (“Devil I Know”), Carly Rae Jepsen (“Sarah Come Home”), St. Vincent (the standout “Susie Save Your Love” with Mitski), Confidence Man (“Super Duper Party People”), or Lana Del Rey (“Madame X” and “Love Me Wrong” with frequent collaborator Troye Sivan). The familiarity makes each track on Cape God immediately accessible, while the lyrics pull listeners into this fictional setting, which was inspired by a documentary about the all~too~real opioid epidemic in Cape Cod. The resulting vulnerability and darker lyrical perspective adds a maturity not yet heard in her catalog.
Additional highlights include the pulsing “Fresh Laundry,” a dramatic opener torn between longing and resignation; the bouncy “Sarah Come Home”; and the funky “June Gloom,” which captures the essence of Cape God with the lyric “what a beautiful sadness/what a beautiful day.” These songs may sound fun, upbeat, and lovelorn, but there’s a dour and utterly realistic undercurrent that makes Cape God Allie X’s most relatable and human effort to date.
By Sarah Shodipe / 25 FEBRUARY 2020, 13:10 GMT. Score: 9