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Amanda Rogers — Heavy Blue (Oct 1, 2017)

Amanda Rogers — Heavy Blue (Oct 1, 2017)

            Amanda Rogers — Heavy Blue (Oct 1, 2017)  Amanda Rogers — Heavy Blue (Oct 1, 2017)★    A soulful introspective album. Songs that make you sink to the beat, leave you weightlessly drifting safely in the warmth of shallow waters, or agitates and stirs a forgotten feeling in your heart. With 10 albums in tow, upstate NY native, Amanda Rogers is often compared to the likes of Tori Amos for her fairy esthetic and classical roots, Tom Waits for her dark and literary lyrics, and Carole King for her Tin Pan Alley Pop sensibility. She has continued her 15+ year musical journey on her self paved career path as an original, indie touring and recording artist.  
Album Notes
★    Often compared to the likes of Tori Amos for her fairy esthetic and classical roots, Tom Waits for her dark and literary lyrics, and Carole King for her Tin Pan Alley Pop sensibility ~ Upstate NY native, Amanda Rogers, has continued her nearly 20 year musical journey on her self~paved career path as an original and independent touring and recording artist. With her latest 10th album release, Heavy Blue, Multiple international tours solo or with full band, notable press, recognition for a song reaching the International Top 100 billboard charts, numerous co~writes and guest appearances, song placements on networks such as the Discovery channel and MTV, and a list of musical celebrity fans that are all name~dropper worthy, she still maintains her desire to evolve as a Singer~Songwriter without boundaries while remaining “uncompromisingly d.i.y”.
★    “An accomplished and versatile songwriter and pianist, timid when she takes the stage, her first fragile notes transform into clear soul~resonating melodies”.
★    “Regardless of whether you encounter her live in concert or listen to her recorded songs, [she] just may restore your faith in Singer~Songwriters.”Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Location: Syracuse, NY
Album release: October 1st, 2017
Record Label: Amanda Rogers
Duration:     65:41
01. Salt Of The Sea     3:51
02. Wild Throat Wind (Live)     5:12
03. Arrow Arcs     1:23
04. Stranger Days     4:26
05. Blue     4:25
06. Sink And Stay     5:11
07. Little Girl At The End Of The World     6:00
08. Road Kill Prayers     7:43
09. Struck Me Down     4:18
10. Tornado     5:33
11. Give It Up     5:32
12. They Will Call It Love     3:54
13. Try Try Try     3:57
14. Lies & Lore     4:16
℗ 2017 Amanda Rogers
★    All Songs & Lyrics by Amanda Rogers ©2015~2017 © and ℗ Amanda Lynn Rogers / Amandas Piano Music
Recorded at:
★    Subcat Music Studios, Syracuse, NY | subcat.net
Heavy Blue Performed by: Amanda Rogers and Goodkids
Goodkids are:
★    Nick “Mazz” Mazzeo — Organ/Wurlitzer/Synth /Mellotron
★    Giovanni “Gio” Giardina — Drums /Auxiliary Percussion
★    Amanda Rogers — Vocals & Harmonies / Piano / Rhodes / Optigan
★    “Downtown” Steve “Sweater” Brown — Addition Auxiliary Percussion/ Addition Backing Vocals/ E~bow Guitar
★    John Hanus — Lead Guitar (Little Girl At The End Of The World)
★    Produced by: Amanda Rogers, Nick Mazzeo, Steve Brown
★    Engineered by: Steve Brown
★    Assistant Engineer: Joe Kelleher
★    Additional Assistance: Subcat team interns
★    Mixed by: Steve Brown, Amanda Rogers
★    Mastered by: Jeremy Johnston
•★•    Even when settling into stillness, there is still a billowing breeze whispering wise words through each and every singing strand of thirsty, messy hair and straight to eager ears — open to the secret ancient conversations between ocean and stone — a blue so deep you fall awake. After 2014’s double~album release, WILD, Upstate NY native, Amanda Rogers took some time to settle into this very stillness and allow for an untapped underground spring of inspiration to surface and open up in her. The result is a soulful introspective album called Heavy Blue. Songs that make you sink to the beat (“Wild Throat Wind”, “Sink & Stay”), leave you weightlessly drifting safely in the warmth of shallow waters (“Blue”, “Try Try Try”), or agitate and stir a forgotten feeling (“Struck Me Down”, “Tornado”).
•★•    Amanda took time to rehearse these blue songs with her musical soulmates, Goodkids, in the Summer of 2015. This musical outfit played shows together, collaborated on each other’s music, and started the recording process for Amanda’s songs in the Fall of 2015. Her latest songs for Heavy Blue revolve around all that “blue” evokes and the elements of which those hues and feelings often gets embodied. After getting the bones down, they took a little breather to sit with what they had and allow the creative spirit to be as it desired. From there, Mazz ( Nick Mazzeo of the Goodkids) was an indispensable player/co~producer on the album. Amanda enlisted the skilled folks at SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse, NY and they took an organic approach to the recording process, tracking live to be sure every nuance be heard and felt.
•★•    The waves and depths of the B3 Organ’s leslie speakers — swelling, undulating, whirring. The dank grooves and perfect pockets by Gio (Giovanni Giardina of Goodkids) on the drums. The Low support of the almost mo~town Bass guitar like a hammock cradling the keys. The subtle soundscapes of the Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds submerging the listener into the deep dark sea and then hooking them back into the atmosphere for that deep breath before diving back down for further exploration. The sparse Electric Guitar... like catching the glimmer of light hitting the surface of the water in that golden moment on a cloudy day. The Grand piano — that Yamaha C7 heard on more classic albums than any other piano — a sound so integral in revealing the soft finesse to the raucous zenith that every pianist~songwriters needs for their dynamic performances. The lyrics and melodies that bring purpose to the music — that burrow deep into you soul — that bring your focus inward and outward — that make you sing. And lastly, Amanda’s bold and stormy, yet sweet and vulnerable voice as mesmerizing as the endless tides of the sea.
•★•    Amanda Rogers’ 10th solo album, Heavy Blue, is a cohesive and thoughtful work that drips with truth and mystery. With 14 catchy tracks, your heart will be towed along for a blue sound journey to a new island in your mind.
Amanda Rogers
•★•    Her first recording endeavor was Here and Nowhere in 1999.  A string of pop songs tinged with a touch of garage rock, showcasing songs of teen angst, love, life, and the many confusing emotions of a teenager. Her second recording was a guerilla~style secret recording worked on one day of the week for of couple months along with her friend Grant Capes. A much darker recording than before, Amanda was now honing her skills at incorporating her classical background into her song writing. Many shows later… Amanda was introduced to friends at Immigrant Sun Records out of Brooklyn, NY. She showed them The Grant Sessions EP, and soon she was off to record her first  Indie~label recording. She flew to California to record with her friend Grant Capes again. The 2003 release, The Places You Dwell, was the outcome of this organic, analog, lo~fi, ambient experience, “I wanted it to be haunting. I wanted the listener to feel like it was for their ears alone. I call it bedroom ambience.” With this record, Amanda soon started touring more rampantly. With her aleotoric music,  she even caught the attention of major labels.
•★•    She went on to record Daily News in 2004. This record gained her a lot of deserved attention from t.v., radio, and press. Her songs were maturing and her sound was becoming hers alone with her strong lyrics,arrangements, melodies, and harmonies. You can even hear her hinting at her new found love of the Tin Pan Alley sound with it’s jazz and blues influence. Amanda was then touring the U.S., Canada, and Europe supporting many emo, hardcore, pop~rock, and punk bands all of which are name~dropper worthy. In Germany she met her friends at 2nd Records who later released Daily News in Europe which helped to further burgeon her fanbase. This overwhelming response to her music was a bit much for a young solo artist who was also wearing the hat of manager, booking agent, PR, and accountant. So when she did a tour with her long time touring friends “Jupiter Sunrise” on a 3 month long stint across the U.S., and then was asked to join their band, of course she said yes.  A change was just what she thought she was looking for.  For over 2 years she lived and toured with them in a vegetable oil~powered R.V., during which time they did all of Vans Warped Tour 2005 as well as nearly 500 other shows. Also in 2005, Amanda again recorded with her friend Grant Capes and released Something Borrowed, Something Blue which was a 5 song e.p.  of 3 originals and 2 covers showcasing Rogers’ indie roots and love of art~rock. This record also fulfilled Amanda’s deal with Immigrant Sun Records. (excerpt)
Bandcamp: https://amandaspiano.bandcamp.com/album/heavy-blue
Website: http://www.amandaspiano.com/
CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/amandarogers7

Amanda Rogers — Heavy Blue (Oct 1, 2017)


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