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Amber Run For A Moment, I Was Lost

Amber Run — For A Moment, I Was Lost (10 Feb. 2017)

  Amber Run — For A Moment, I Was Lost (10 Feb. 2017) Amber Run — For A Moment, I Was Lost (10 Feb. 2017) Location: Nottingham, England, UK
Album release: 10 Feb. 2017
Record Label: Easylife
Duration:     62:00
01 Insomniac     3:14
02 No Answers     3:52
03 Island     3:55
04 Stranger     3:35
05 Fickle Game     4:24
06 Haze     1:57
07 White Lie     3:18
08 Perfect     3:09
09 Dark Bloom     4:22
10 Machine     4:37
11 Are You Home?     3:31
12 Wastelands     5:35
℗ 2017 Easy Life Records
°   Tomas Sperring bass guitar
°   Joshua Keogh vocals, guitar
°   Henry Wyeth keys
°   Will Jones  guitar
Product Description:
°   Amber Run are readying to release their sophomore album, For A Moment, I Was Lost, a 12~track chronicle of their interval between the last, packed with moments of expansive beauty & full~blooded raw emotion.
°   “We have always believed in evolution as a band. Not reinvention so much as taking what’’s already there and making it better. As students in Nottingham, we would sit and say “we’ll be the band we want to be by the 4th album”. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that evolution takes time. We forgot that any new experience has a learning curve.”
°   “The new album trims the fat from our previous music, and get down to the bare bones of the songs. We’re songwriters, and where 5AM was a collection of songs written in our youth, these new songs are, for us, a timely response to more recent experiences.”                                            Review
Will Strickson,  January 21, 2017
°   Amber Run’s first album 5AM was so full of hope and a promise of what was to come from the 5~piece from Nottingham; however, after being dropped from their label, and the departure of their drummer, for a moment, they were lost. Yet, here they are, fresh and exciting as ever. Before the dissection, it’s worth noting that the sound Amber Run showcase on this album is perfectly described by the album cover, as confusing as that may sound.
°   For A Moment, I Was Lost begins with the pulsating ‘Insomniac’, setting the tone for the record with its heavier style and pure, emotional lyrics such as “does it feel like it was better yesterday?” The pace continues into the aggressive ‘No Answers’, a new territory for the, once delicate, band, featuring a musical build~up consistently aced throughout the album. From here we see an opening up, raw emotional output, lyrically and musically, with the fragile pleas on ‘Island’: “when I die don’t waste flowers on me”, the Jeff Buckley~esque vocal cries on ‘Stranger’ and the desperate duet between singer Joe Keogh’s incredible falsetto and the illuminating guitar line on ‘Fickle Game’. Middle track ‘Haze’ is a stunning a cappella vocoder piece that channels the fragility and aggression heard all over the album perfectly. “I’m a failure, I’m a disaster, and I don’t want to be anything else” is the tagline on the self~deprecating ‘White Lie’, which is juxtaposed excellently with ‘Perfect’ with its appeals to karma for more. ‘Dark Bloom’ is the final example of aggressiveness and building on the album, a last letting go of raw emotion, confessing “I worshipped you”. The final three tracks are the calming and settling of the storm that rages throughout, ‘Machine’ is another demonstration of the fantastic falsetto, asking “Do you love me?”, ‘Are You Home’ maintains this and feels like a conclusion is coming — which it does on the beautiful ‘Wastelands’. The conclusion is acceptance, “I know you’ll fall in love again”, the fade~out of the record comes at exactly the right moment.
°   The album appears to track the emotional stages that come with a break~up: denial, anger, depression and acceptance. A stunning encapsulation. The ‘shuffle’ function of modern music players is often useful, but in this case, it’s better left alone, to listen to this album at its best you have to ride out the emotions in the order they come. For A Moment, I Was Lost is a whirlwind, a journey of a maturing sound from a band at its most pure.   :::   http://www.circulation-mag.com/
Q&A with Amber Run
Roisin O’Connor, 4 months ago
Q:   What made you pick ‘Stranger’ as the album opener?
A:   We feel like it’s a good representation of where we are as a band now, and that it’s a step forward for us lyrically and musically.
°   This album is so much darker than the last and as soon as we wrote the song we knew it had to be the first track people heard. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, if not the first, and subconsciously I think the song inspired the sound and character of the rest of the album.
Q:   What was the process of writing/recording this album compared to the first?
A:   We wrote the first album over several years, so there’s some disparity between the songs themselves. Some we wrote when we were 16 or 17 and some we wrote when we were 21.
°   The songs on this record were all written in the last year, so they capture a moment for us as individuals and as a band. For 5AM, most of the songs were ‘road tested’ on tour, and so were fully refined by the time we went into the studio. This time round, the majority of the songs were sort of pieced together in the studio when we were writing them, and half the time we didn’t really know how we wanted the end product to sound.
°   We would come up with the parts while actually recording them, rather than writing them in a room. The thing is, we then had to learn to play them as a band because we planned to record the whole album live. In doing that I think some songs became far stronger and other songs which we had loved before, we soon realised weren’t right for the album. We essentially did the whole thing backwards but it seemed to work!
Q:   What targets did you set yourself with this album?
A:   We want to tour overseas. Inexplicably we haven’t been able to yet but that’s the number one priority. We would love to get to the US but we also know we have to tackle it at the right time.
°   Beyond that for us we just want to keep building steadily as a band. The bands that really inspire us are the bands who get better and better with every album and build their fanbase over time, not just on the first record. It’s important for us to not get ahead of ourselves.
Q:   Was it an ordeal to make the video? Any non~swimmers?
A:    A little bit but it was a completely new experience. There were shots where we had to be held face up underwater while very aware that our noses and throats were filling up with water.
°   There are also the shots where we fall straight back into water — you might do it as a laugh at some point but I can tell you, back flopping into water over and over is both unnatural and really painful. Joe was waterboarded for half an hour only for the shots not to make the final cut. Lucky boy. Fortunately we are all swimmers...
:::°      http://www.independent.co.uk/
Website: http://www.amber-run.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amberrunuk
Press: frazer@murraychalmers.com
Agent: jake.leightonpope@caa.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amberrun   

Amber Run For A Moment, I Was Lost


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