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Ambrosia Parsley — Weeping Cherry [2013]

 Ambrosia Parsley — Weeping Cherry [2013]

Ambrosia Parsley — Weeping Cherry
±±  Ambrosia Parsley is an American alternative pop/rock singer-songwriter. She began her career in 1999 as the lead singer of Shivaree (band) accompanied by Danny McGough (keyboard), and Duke McVinnie (guitar). This was.
Associated acts: lead singer of the band Shivaree
Location: San Fernando Valley ~ Los Angeles ~ New York 
Album release: November 11, 2013
Record Label: Fargo Records
Duration:     36:46
01. Empire      (2:58)
02. Rubble      (4:17)
03. The Other Side      (3:34)
04. My Hindenburg      (4:32)
05. Weeping Cherry      (3:05)
06. Skin And Bone      (3:51)
07. Only Just Fine      (3:14)
08. My Knees      (4:15)
09. Catalina      (4:00)
10. Make Me Laugh      (3:00) © Photo credit: Melanie Nissen
±±  There’s a ghostly quality to Ambrosia Parsley, always has been. Over the course of four studio albums with Shivaree, the New York singer/songwriter’s voice came through the dreamy, dark pop in whispers, smoke signals amidst the prevailing caterwauls of the day. Visual images of her have likewise been somehow opaque, out of step with the look-at-me era.
±±  To be sure, despite the fact that Shivaree’s 1999 debut I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump sold 400,000 copies worldwide (the single “Goodnight Moon” topped the Italian pop charts for seven weeks, played under the closing credits of “Kill Bill 2”) and supporting roles appeared(with Air America Radio, Hal Wilner, Laurie Anderson), Parsley’s past dozen years have been largely hidden from view, more Garbo than Gaga.
±±  “I don’t like having my picture taken, I don’t like making videos, it makes my stomach hurt,” she says. “It’s just how I am; it’s animal. I honestly wish I had been born in another time.”
±±  The time she’s living through is one of tumult and loss, evidenced here on the 41-year-old mother’s solo debut, Weeping Cherry. Its songs speak to a chaotic, fragile world, and Parsley calls its years long writing and recording process “an exorcism more than an exercise, which is actually nice.” That bittersweet die was likely cast at the project’s outset, when, in a span of six months, Parsley lost a series of band mates, friends, and family to untimely deaths.
±±  Produced by Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez (aka The Elegant Too), with contributions from Danny McGough, Joan Wasser, AA Bondy, Benjamin Biolay, and those dearly departed, the result is strangely beautiful. “I think I was just having words with my angels and devils,” she says. “There are lots of both and they fill many rooms now. I throw flowers and glitter on them, try to make them pretty.”
In french:
±±  C'est le premier album solo de celle qui fut la voix du groupe Shivaree. Il y a de belles choses à y découvrir. Elle était de passage à Paris la semaine dernière.
Label: http://fargorecords.com/artist/ambrosia-parsley/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/parsley23
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmbrosiaParsley
Gen. director: Suzanne Despres — suzannedespres@gmail.com
Press: suzannedespres@gmail.com
Agent: Frank Riley — Frank@highroadtouring.com
Artist Biography by Tom Demalon
±±  Taking their name from a word meaning a drunken serenade, the trio Shivaree is led fronted by Ambrosia Parsley. Born in the San Fernando Valley and inspired by her grandmother, who would play ukulele around town, Parsley's first gig was singing with a 99-piece senior citizen banjo band at a local pizza place. At the age of 13, she left home, traveling the country and pursuing her love of music. She met guitarist Duke McVinnie, who had worked with Exene Cervenka, Johnny Otis, and J.J. Cale at a recording studio where Parsley was tracking, and he began to work with her after making some suggestions. When keyboardist Danny McGough, who had toured with Tom Waits, heard Parsley's music at a party, he introduced himself, completing the trio, which was initially known as Junebug. With their name changed to Shivaree (Parsley came across the word in a Jesse James bio), they recorded a debut which was promptly discarded. Enlisting singer/songwriter Joe Henry as a producer, they recorded I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump in Henry's backyard. Released in 1999, the album was well received, with Parsley's striking looks and their quirky take on Americana and alt-country drawing comparisons ranging from Tom Waits to Cowboy Junkies to Billie Holiday. The band spent a lengthy stint on the road where Parsley, overcoming stage fright, captivated crowds, particularly in Europe, where they were drawing enthusiastic praise. Shivaree returned with Rough Dreams, which bowed on Capitol in September 2002. 2004 saw the release of an EP, Breach, featuring two originals as well as covers of songs by Brian Eno, the Waterboys, and John Cale. Later that same year, the group put out the full-length Who's Got Trouble? 2007 saw the release of Tainted Love: Mating Calls & Fight Songs, an all-covers album featuring Shivaree's take on R. Kelly, Mötley Crüe, and even Michael Jackson.

Ambrosia Parsley — Weeping Cherry [2013]



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