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Amelia White Rhythm of the Rain At The Helm 27 Oct. 2017

Amelia White — Rhythm of the Rain (27 Oct. 2017)

       Amelia White — Rhythm of the Rain (27 Oct. 2017)  Amelia White — Rhythm of the Rain (27 Oct. 2017)”“★λ★”“     Mmmmmm, Smokey and Sultry Songs of Love, Life and Grief. Effortless cool and a song writing master class. Struggles to find its own voice.
Location: Nashville, TN
Album release: 27 Oct. 2017
Record Label: White Wolf Records / At The Helm
Duration:     32:12
01 Little Cloud over Little Rock     3:26  
02 Rhythm of the Rain     4:19  
03 Sinking Sun     3:41  
04 Sugar Baby     3:47  
05 Supernova     3:28  
06 Yuma     3:12  
07 Said It Like a King     3:22  
08 True or Not     2:59  
09 Let the Wind Blow     3:58Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Product Description
ο→      “Don’t think too much, people” is the spoken word snippet that begins the title track of Amelia White’s newest album, Rhythm of the Rain. It’s a flippant warning, a half~joke, a sideways call~to~arms that announces a casual subversion threading through these rollicking 9 songs from the opening explosion of Summer sunshine, through the heat of lust and addiction, landing with a glance at politics and fate while the window is still wide open, warm breeze blowing in the late afternoon. Amelia White asks us to not take it all so seriously and, at the same time, shows us how critical it all is: love, fate, death, grief, politics, which isn’t surprising considering White made this record in the four days between her Mother’s funeral and her own wedding. Rhythm of the Rain digs deep. Her well worn smokey pipes deliver a rawness you’d expect from mining that liminal space between grief and joy.
Rudie Hayes, Posted on August 8, 2017;  Score: 9/10
ο→      White’s patternation of voice might not be to everyone’s taste — but those that don’t ‘get it’ are just wrong or maybe ill informed — or both.  This is the real deal, full of juicy tunes; all in her lazy broken style, the woman just oozes cool. Her last record, Home Sweet Hotel was a real tour de force and this is no exception — White is in a real rich vein of form, the production is snappy, the band taught and on the money.  Her art is prospering, and making the world richer.
ο→      A connected woman, there ain’t no one she don’t know, and nobody has anything but good to say about her, with the result that this album has some great co~writes; Ben Glover, Ann McCue, the UK’s Worry Dolls, and one of Nashville’s super~hot writers right now — Lori Mckenna.  It’s all killer no filler for sure.
ο→      It is one of those records that’s great to start your day to, ease you into the grind, slip you from the sheets, pour your OJ, burn your toast and begin — with Amelia’s positive head on, workday blues are banished.  Try it, the hamster wheel of life will be faced with a more positive gait.
ο→      Album favourite, ‘True or Not’ has a lovely Spanglish guitar and a great line about frittering away your time watching Elvis movies — it’s like she’s sat in my front room and watched me squandering my life to Roust~a~bout.
ο→      White has a UK tour shortly and with an album as good as this it’s truly an appointment not to be missed, this is a chance to see East Nashville’s finest at the top of her game — take it.
ο→      Effortless cool and a song writing master class.
ο→      http://americana-uk.com/
ο→      Nashville singer~songwriter Amelia White operates in social~realist mode throughout her new full~length Rhythm of the Rain, and you may find its themes relevant in this hour of our national distress. A soulful vocalist who sings like a less self~indulgent Lucinda Williams, White makes music that could serve as the great mean of, well, Nashville East Americana. She pours her lyrics into a pot of condensed soup that could use a little spicing up for the table, but her light touch saves the day. Released this fall in Europe and set to drop domestically next year, Rhythm of the Rain peaks with “Said It Like a King,” a critique of misguided American self~confidence: “Preacher’s face is red / His fists both swing / He says you will fear temptation / And he said it like a king.” Rarely have the standard usages of Americana~ized songwriting been put to more pungent use — pass the soup.
ο→      Full article: http://local.nashvillescene.com/event/radio-cafe/amelia-white-wben-de-la-cour-and-mark-currey
Website: http://www.ameliawhite.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ameliatunes
ο→      Amelia White / amelia@ameliawhite.com
ο→      Management — Andy Rubin / Andy@31tigers.com / (917) 841~0299
ο→      Booking — Green Room Music Source / rodney@greenroommusicsource.com
ο→      UK Publicity — Geraint Jones /  gpromo@btinternet.com
ο→      U.S. Radio — David Newmark, Factor Marketing
ο→      BEAUTIFUL and WILD — Sweden & Norway / Rootsy Records, sweden~hakan@rootsy.nu

Amelia White Rhythm of the Rain At The Helm 27 Oct. 2017


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