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Amos Lee
Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony

Amos Lee — Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony (June 16, 2015)

 Amos Lee — Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony              •≈   Philadelphia singer/songwriter who took inspiration from soul music, contemporary jazz, and ‘70s folk.
•≈   “Starting out in small clubs, and corner bars, it was both humbling and exhilarating to take the stage for a sold out show at Red Rocks,” Lee says by email. “The performance, which I’m very proud of, is a testament to how much my band has grown and how fluid and versatile the CSO and their conductor, Scott O’Neil, are. I was floating the entire night, and still find it a little hard to fathom it’s happening. I’m grateful to have taken part in such a special night with people who are immensely talented and generous of spirit.” •≈•  AMOS LEE                                                                                                          Born: June 22, 1977 in Philadelphia, PA
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia
Album release: June 16, 2015
Recording date: August 1, 2014
Record Label: ATO Records / Soma Eel Songs
Duration:     56:21
01 Windows Are Rolled Down     6:27  
02 Jesus     2:54  
03 Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight     4:21  
04 El Camino     4:41  
05 Violin     5:12  
06 Colors     3:02  
07 Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps     3:37  
08 Flower     3:40  
09 Won’t Let Me Go     4:01 
10 Sweet Pea     2:22  
11 Street Corner Preacher     4:04  
12 Game of Thrones Theme     2:32 
13 Black River [Encore]     4:24  
14 Arms of a Woman [Encore]     5:04
℗ 2015 Soma Eel Songs, LLC
© AmosLee.com
Editorial Reviews
•≈   When Amos Lee rolled into Red Rocks in August 2014 he had been on tour for almost a year in support of his fifth studio album Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song, but this concert in particular was something special. His first headlining date at the legendary venue, and backed by the Colorado Symphony with arrangements composed just for that evening. Lucky for us, the experience was captured. Live at Red Rocks will be available on June 16th and is a 14 track career spanning set.
•≈   When Amos Lee was playing open–mic nights in the early 2000s, a headlining gig at Red Rocks seemed like a remote possibility. Then last year it happened: Lee performed in front of a capacity crowd at the Morrison, Colo., amphitheater, backed by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The resulting live album, “Live at Red Rocks With the Colorado Symphony Orchestra,” premieres today on Speakeasy.
•≈   The 16–song set spans Lee’s career, including the singles “Windows Are Rolled Down” and “Flower.” The soulful singer started writing songs while attending the University of South Carolina, and began performing a few years later around Philadelphia, where he was working during the day as a second grade teacher. Perseverance and the right connections led to a record deal that has yielded five studio LPs. “Live at Red Rocks” is Lee’s first full–length live album. •≈  http://blogs.wsj.com/
•   Silver Ainomae Cello
•   Ann Marie Hoffman Violin
•   John Arnesen Bass
•   Justyn Bartels Trumpet
•   Eric Boulanger Mastering
•   Susan Bowles Cello
•   Courtney Hershey Bress Harp
•   David Brussel Horn
•   Susan Cahill Bass
•   Charlyn Campbell Viola
•   James Carroll Bass
•   Jerry Chiu Violin
•   Aric Christensen Audio Engineer
•   Annie Clements Bass, Vocals
•   Kevin Clock Engineer
•   Chad Cognata Bassoon
•   Colorado Symphony Orchestra Guest Artist
•   Peter Cooper Oboe
•   Mary Cowell Viola
•   Zach Djanikian Guitar, Mandolin, Saxophone, Vocals
•   Ramin Djawadi Composer
•   Stephen Dombrowski Tuba
•   Karl Fenner Bass
•   Brook Ferguson Flute
•   Larisa Fesmire Violin
•   Jeff Frank Assistant Engineer
•   Steven Funaro Art Direction, Design
•   Judith Galecki Cello
•   Perry Greenfield Photography
•   Danielle Guideri Cello
•   Tom Hagerman Orchestral Arrangements
•   Monica Hanulik Oboe
•   Thomas Hanulik Violin
•   Gregory Harper Trombone (Bass)
•   Robert Harris Stage Technician
•   Wyn Hart Violin
•   Steve Hearn Percussion, Timpani
•   Thomas Heinrich Cello
•   Justin Hergett Editing
•   William Hill Timpani
•   John Hilton Violin
•   Marsha Holmes Viola
•   Yumi Hwang–Williams Violin
•   Myroslava Ivanchenko Violin
•   Boram Kangm Violin
•   Andy Keenan Pedal Steel Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
•   Dorian Kincaid Violin
•   Jeremy Kincaid Bass
•   John Kinzie Percussion
•   Karen Kinzie Violin
•   Cara Kizer Horn
•   Jeff Kravitz Cover Photo
•   Daniel Kuehn Trumpet
•   Carolyn Kunicki Horn
•   Mark Lamprey Violin
•   Amos Lee Composer, Guitar, Vocals
•   Jasob Lichtenwalter Horn (English), Oboe
•   Andrew Lipke Orchestral Arrangements
•   Andrew Litton Music Direction
•   Helen McDermott Viola
•   Margaret Mulliken Cello
•   Paul Naslund Trombone (Bass)
•   Scotty O’Neill Conductor
•   Jesse O’Brien Engineer
•   Ben Odhner Violin
•   Jaron Olevsky Accordion, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements, Vocals
•   Miroslaw Pastusiak Violin
•   Stefan Peters Creative Director
•   Catherine Peterson Flute
•   Erik Peterson Violin
•   Felix Petit Violin
•   Kolio Plachkov Horn
•   Paul Primus Violin
•   Abby Raymond Clarinet, E Flat Clarinet
•   Nicholas Recuber Bass
•   Mary Reed Bass
•   Tristan Rennie Bassoon
•   Andrew Scheps Mixing
•   Bryan Senti Orchestral Arrangements
•   Jason Shafer Clarinet
•   Kelly Shanafelt Viola
•   Claude Sim Violin
•   Terry Smith Percussion
•   Roger Soren Bassoon, Contrabassoon
•   Andrew Stevens Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
•   Philip Stevens Viola
•   Robert Stoyanov Violin
•   Matthew Switzer Cello
•   Julie Duncan Thornton Flute, Piccolo
•   Michael Thornton Horn
•   Patrick Tillery Trumpet
•   Stirling Trent Violin
•   Amy Tyson Violin
•   Basil Vendryes Viola
•   Lee Vinson Percussion
•   Tobin Voggesser Photography
•   Bradley Watson Violin
•   Allegra Wermuth Violin
•   Tena White Violin
•   Susan Yun Cello                                                                                                                   AllMusic Review by Matt Collar;  Score: ****
•≈•  Recorded at the iconic Colorado amphitheater in August 2014, Live at Red Rocks showcases singer/songwriter Amos Lee in concert backed by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. An intimate songwriter with a poignant country–, folk– and soul–inflected sound, Lee has built an impressive career over the 15–plus years since the release of his self–titled 2005 debut. Having started out as a guitar–and–vocals–based artist, the Philadelphia–born Lee has become a chance–taking journeyman and bandleader, able to pull all of his eclectic influences into a warm, rootsy style all his own. Although not Lee’s first live effort, Live at Red Rocks is his first proper, fully produced concert album, meant to fit into his main discography next to his studio recordings. In that sense, it works as both a showcase for Lee’s talents and a celebration of all he’s achieved. Consciously gathering songs from all of his albums, Lee has crafted a seamless live experience that flows from the languid folk of “Windows Rolled Down” to the rambling twang of “Tricksters, Hucksters, and Scamps” to the R&B slow–jam balladry of “Won’t Let Me Go.” The inclusion of the Colorado Symphony works as much more than window dressing. The gorgeously penned arrangements add extra depth and nuance to Lee’s songs, further illuminating heretofore hinted at influences such as the Led Zeppelin–sounding orchestral bombast of “Street Corner Preacher” and the rambling, Van Morrison–esque troubadour soul sound of “Flower.” For longtime Lee fans, Live at Red Rocks will certainly play as a vibrant platform to revisit his work. And for those who have never heard Lee before this album, Live at Red Rocks is a superb place to start.
Website: http://www.amoslee.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amoslee
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AmosLeeVEVO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amoslee_____________________________________________________________

Amos Lee
Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony



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