Angel Olsen — „Aisles“ EP (20 Aug., 2021)USA FLAG                                                                                         Angel Olsen — „Aisles“ EP (20 Aug., 2021)
♣♠  Nové EP Angel Olsen z coververzí 80. let je jednoduchý koncept, který je proveden velkolepě. ★★★★½
Born: January 22, 1987, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Origin: Asheville, North Carolina
Genres: Indie folk, indie rock, alternative country
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, keyboard
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Album release: 20 Aug., 2021
Record Label: somethingscosmic/Jagjaguwar
Duration:    23:16    
1. Gloria   4:38
2. Eyes Without A Face   4:41
3. Safety Dance   3:51
4. If You Leave   4:29
5. Forever Young   5:37
Album Review by Katie Cutforth ⌊19 Aug 2021⌋ Score: ★★★★ 
⊗    In August 2020, amid the struggles of lockdown and getting to grips with live~streamed performance, Angel Olsen decided to record covers of songs from the ’80s. Made alongside engineer and producer Adam McDaniel, the resulting EP was part of an effort for Olsen to bring joy back to making music — a need, she says, to “laugh and have fun and be a little less serious about the recording process in general.”
♣♠  The first release on Olsen’s new Jagjaguwar imprint, somethingscosmic, Aisles is a simple concept, executed spectacularly. The carefully selected tracks are a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar; songs she’s overheard at family gatherings or while wandering in a supermarket. In addition to Laura Branigan’s Gloria, Olsen takes on hits like Billy Idol’s ‘Eyes Without a Face’, OMD’s ‘If You Leave’ and Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’.
♣♠  Some are close renditions while others have been entirely reimagined, but all are imbued with Olsen’s unique brand of heartbreak. Gloria is slowed down and dressed in ambient synths, augmenting Branigan’s lyrics to take on a sombre new significance.
♣♠  Without grand purpose or intent, Olsen has taken the opportunity to create something spontaneous — if only to prove that she can.