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↑ Anile — Perspective (2015) ↓

Anile — Perspective (2015)                            Anile — Perspective (2015)
♠   DRS jsem si časem oblíbil, zde je pouze feat., má však pochopitelně své vlastní věci. Nezaměňovat, protože název DRS. používá(lo) 6 hudebních subjektů a navíc téhož označení používá Swiss radio network. Pak jsou na albu další 4 feats. Nejdůležitější je však Anile, resp. Matthew Tapp, v branži už velmi vážená persona.
♠   Anile's exclusive signing to Med School remains a very big deal. Allowing his sound to continue growing under the nurturing alt–drum and bass wings of Hospital Records' nerdy, slightly emotional sister label, you could argue there's never been a better place for him. With his intellectual beats come deep rhythms and thundering bass, taking inspiration not just from his ambient–influenced peers but from the heavier, dubbier junglists of the past. A momentous release from an artist who's only just stepping into his prime.
Location: Kent ~~ London, UK
Album release: 2015
Record Label: Medschool
Duration:     90:07
01. False Tense      4:13
02. Jack of Clubs      4:08
03. Inside My Head (Feat. Hannah Eve)      4:14
04. Don't Tell Me      4:11
05. City of Injustice (Feat. DRS)      4:52
06. Losing My Mind      4:57
07. Seventh Sound      5:11
08. Stay with Me      4:11
09. Fortune Tells      4:32
10. Not the Way (To Run) (Feat. Taelimb & Tiffani Juno)      4:42
11. Exchange      4:28
12. Between the Sides (Feat. Inja)      3:44
13. Running from Time      4:51
14. Perspective (Continuous Mix)      31:53
℗ 2015 Medschool
♠   Matthew Tapp
♠   Delve into the deepest layers of drum & bass with Anile’s impressive debut LP, “Perspective”. Combining a thoughtful synergy of sounds that pulsates sophistication; infusing warehouse echoes with crisp percussion for a refined yet raw, underground authenticity.
♠   Opening with a resonance of childhood reminders in “False Tense” that combines a shimmering synth with all–absorbing waves of bass. Then turning to the sinister twists of “Jack of Clubs”, rotating a chilling hook with stabs of vocal punches, before gliding through the subtle sounds of “Stay With Me” uniting gentle glimmers of piano with soft whispers of baritone vocals.
♠   Throughout, “Perspective” is the perfect balance of vocal talent with quality instrumentation from the “City of Injustice”, which cleverly combines urban callings with DRS’ deep lyrical intellect, to the soaring vocals of Tiffani Juno in the emotive and mesmeric “Not the Way (To Run)”. Also featured on the album are talented artists Inja in “Between the Sides” and Hannah Eve in “Inside”.
♠   With the utmost quality and class, this high caliber collection excites and entices on every listen, building upon Anile’s last Med School release, the well–received “Losing My Mind” EP. “Perspective” surpasses any expectations, setting a promising stance for this proficient producer. ¬ http://www.drumandbasslines.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ANILE.MUSIC
Agent: Bookings via: bookings.anile@gmail.com
Website: http://www.anilemusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_anile_
Label: http://www.medschoolmusic.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anile
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW4Ks6OLjxo

↑ Anile — Perspective (2015) ↓


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