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Anke Helfrich Trio
Dedication [Feat. Tim Hagans] (Oct. 30, 2015)

Anke Helfrich Trio — Dedication [Feat. Tim Hagans] (Oct. 30, 2015)

   Anke Helfrich Trio — Dedication [Feat. Tim Hagans] (Oct. 30, 2015)
)°◊   Dětství prožila v Namíbii. V jednom a doslovném bodě je tato země zvláštní: je jednou ze čtyř zemí světa, kde lidé mají možnost jít z jednoho bodu do tří jiných zemí, tzv. čtyřmezí. V tomto případě do Zambie, Botswany, Angoly. Její jméno odkazuje na německý původ. Dokonce i dnes, 90 let po skončení německé koloniální éry, je němčina v Namíbii hlavním obchodním jazykem. Obrázek na obálce vzkazuje, komu je album věnováno. A když přijde ke slovu harmonium v “Aspettami (Wait for Me)”, už si do toho promítám i své dětství... “Anke Helfrich belongs to the exclusive elite of European pianists who has been able to contribute a new kind of energy and spirit to jazz music. She is a fantastic pianist, known for captivating her audiences. Now, with Dedication, she reveals new facets of her musicianship. This release is a personal project where she successfully maintains jazz’ American roots while offering her own interpretation of jazz as it sounds today. We will always need artists who take chances, and Anke Helfrich does this masterfully.” (Christian Brorsen, Music Director — Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen) © Anke Helfrich. Palatiajazz Konzert am 05.07. in Edenkoben Villa Schloss Ludwigshoehe mit der Mannheimer Pianistin Anke Helfrich und ihrem Trio Henning Sieverts und Dejan Tercic © Rinderspacher
Location: Windhoek, Namibia ~ Hilversum/Netherland and in New York, NY
Album release: Oct. 30, 2015
Record Label: Enja (Soulfood)
Duration:     57:44
01. Invictus      5:52
02. Chan’s Song      7:31
03. Interlude — Lost & Found      1:12
04. Rise and Shine      7:12
05. Interlude — Wehklage      1:05
06. Sagrada Familia      7:04
07. Think of One      6:08
08. Aspettami (Wait for Me)      6:31
09. The Prize      11:58
10. A Simple Act of Kindness      3:18
)°   Anke Helfrich: piano, Rhodes, harmonium
)°   feat. Tim Hagans: trumpet & flugelhorn
guest: Ardie Walser: voice
)°   Martin Wind: bass
)°   Jonas Burgwinkel: drums◊   Anke Helfrich is one of the few pianists who take a firm place in the more masculine geprägen jazz world. After several great shots with uaRoy Hargrove and last Stormproof (ENJ–9528 with Nils Wogram) now DEDICATION. Given in Anke Helfrich words information on the compositions:
◊   Dedication can with commitment, dedication but are u translates well with dedication, and so each Stu dedicated ck the CD an inspiring person. Life as a jazz musician and especially the Jazz as a form of expression, calls vo MATURE devotion and is reflected in the game, but also in the compositions. In addition to musical idols and people who are close to me, I was musically dealt with models such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, as they have played a role in my life since my childhood in Namibia.
◊   “During my childhood in Namibia my parents were committed to an anti–apartheid organization. I accompanied my mother regularly to the kindergarten of the black town ships to distribute donations, clothes and toys. It was a ritual to hold each other’s hands and to sing together “We shall overcome”. Nelson Mandela was, also during the time of his incarceration, the venerated man. His determination and perseverance to believe in something and to not have his will power broken even in decades of captivity is inspiring and gives courage. The poem Invictus by William Ernest Henry gave strength to Mandela during this period. I created a dialogue between words and melody which culminates and than leaves space for the important message: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul!
◊   I have read and researched a great deal about the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. As with Nelson Mandela I am touched and inspired, by his courage and incredible commitment, his fight for equal rights, improvement of living conditions, and change in thelaw. He is an icon for many jazz musicians and his attachment to blues and jazz is documented in the preface “On the Importance of Jazz”, introducing the first Berlin Jazz Festival 1964. Here he describes how important this music was for the American Peace Movement. I harmonized his most significant speech and accompanied it on the the piano, giving it an almost gospel–like melody and sound.” Excerpts from the liner notes.
◊   Anke Helfrich Trio: Dedication [feat. Tim Hagans] (Oct. 30, 2015)
◊   Anke Helfrich: “Stormproof” feat. Nils Wogram (2009)
◊   Anke Helfrich: “Better times ahead” feat. Roy Hargrove (2006)
◊   Barbara Jungfer Quintett: “Berlin Spirits” (2004)
◊   Witchraft: “Witchcraft live, feat. S. Rowles & C. Breuer” (2004)
◊   Anke Helfrich Trio : “You’ll see” feat. Mark Turner (2000)
◊   Christian Eckert Quartett: “Up” (1998)
◊   Jens Bunge: “With all my heart” (1996)
◊   Christian Eckert Quartett: “Musing”(1995)
Website: http://www.anke-helfrich.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anke-Helfrich-119961071421780/timeline/_____________________________________________________________

Anke Helfrich Trio
Dedication [Feat. Tim Hagans] (Oct. 30, 2015)


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