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Ann Scott — Venus to the Sky (2013)  

 Ann Scott — Venus to the Sky (October 18, 2013)

Flag of Dublin    Ann Scott — Venus to the Sky    
Π   Recorded over several installments in Electrical Audio, Chicago and Sun Studios in Dublin, Venus to the Sky comprises ten brand new songs. Co-produced with Karl Odlum and featuring a cast of favourites from Scott’s regular musical squad (Dave Hingerty, Kim Porcelli, Katherine Atkinson, Gemma Hayes and Katell Keineg).
Heavy, Dense Grumble Rock
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Album release: October 18, 2013
Record Label: Raghouse Records
Duration:     36:10
01 Hoola     3:54
02 You to Me     3:24
03 Unite     4:25
04 Stripes     3:06
05 Joy     3:08
06 Coming Up     3:56
07 For the First Time     4:02
08 Solemn     3:20
09 All About Love     3:34
10 Stars     3:21
Rudie Humphrey; Saturday, 23 November 2013;  Score: 9
Heavy, Dense Grumble Rock
Π   It would be easy to be lazy; in fact this music has a feel of the dreary drudge to a soulless office job on the Monday morning, puddles leaking through your ASDA ‘office shoes’, and say PJ Harvey.  In fact that would be high praise, and this collection of grumbly bass heavy mumble rock certainly deserves it.  It manages to mash heavy, slacker, dense rock and some of the most ethereal aural treats you’re likely to hear.  Π  Julie Cruise plays Dinosaur Jnr, it’s truly wonderful.
Π  ‘Hoola’ has a great nearly refrain from Radioheads ‘Creep’ in it, the faraway vocal is always brooding, a woman on the edge, swinging from desperate to defiant in equal measure.  Anguish rock of Nirvana’s ‘Come as You Are’ leaks through one second then it’s the Cocteau Twins.  Tanya Donnelly, Heather Nova, Tracey Bonham, Carina Round, sure they offer up similar fare, but this has the otherworldly edge of Kate Bush or Tori Amos that makes it special.
Π  Throughout the bass is deep, muscular, driving the thing onwards, it is its heartbeat, like Simon Gallup to Robert Smith.  I am sure Scott will draw many Florence comparisons, that would be far too blunt a comparison, Scott is so much better.  It is like comparing Torquay United and Manchester City, yes they play the same game, and yes they win, but they are leagues apart.  ‘Stripes’ echoes this marimba drums and a Latin shuffle with the floatiest gossamer vocal you’ll hear, like water from an icicle direct on to your forehead.
Π  ‘Joy’ couldn’t sound less joyful; it is cold, as is most of the record, but that is not engaging, it’s a record for padding round the house whilst your partner still sleeps.  A record for the winter, for the early riser waiting for the heating to come on, all bundled up.  Throughout it intimates at a bad deed done, but never spoken about, giving it a tautness, even unsettling creepiness at times — really really enjoyable.
Π  From all its teenage boastfulness on ‘For the first time’ to the jarring cymbals of ‘Solemn’ this is a record that urges you to listen, forces itself upon you, and you’ll yield willingly. Give yourself to it and it will reward you, share yourself and you won’t be disappointed, “your only in love for the first time”, and there is no feeling like it.
Fortaken: http://www.americana-uk.com/
Π  Wrapped in the warm and mesmeric tones of Irish singer songwriter Ann Scott from within songs which equally transfix with seductive elegance and smouldering beauty upon her latest release, it is very easy to see why the artist has been richly acclaimed in her homeland and beyond.
Π  Her new album Venus to the Sky is a magnetic persuasion, one which toys with and evokes the imagination into exploring self-reflective climes as well as those offered from inside the ten track evocation. It is a masterful release which has attention and emotions lit from start to finish, and appetite for the darkly sirenesque charms of Scott dipped in hunger. (http://nnm.me/blogs/)
Lauren Murphy; Oct 18, 2013; Score: ***
:: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/ann-scott-venus-to-the-sky-1.1560298
Meteor Ireland Music Awards
•  (2005) — Best Irish Female Artist [Nominated]
•  (2007) — Best Irish Female Artist [Nominated]
•  Poor Horse (2004)
•  We're Smiling (2006)
•  Flo (2010)
•  Venus to the Sky (2013)
•  Pauper Tiger (2002)
•  Knife (2004)
•  Universe Remix EP (2011)
•  The Killerman Remix EP (2011)
•  Pauper (2004)
•  Madness (2005)
•  Knife (2005)
•  Poor Horse (2005)
•  Mountain (2006)
•  Hot Day/Jealousy (2007)
•  Always (2009)
•  Candy (2010)
•  From a Distance (2011), Magdalene Survivors Together charity single
Website: http://annscott.net/wordpress1/
Bandcamp: http://annscott.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnScottMusic

Ann Scott — Venus to the Sky (2013)