Anna Calvi — „ANNA CALVI“ (10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) (14th May, 2021)

UK FLAG                                             Anna Calvi — „ANNA CALVI“ (10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) (14th May, 2021)
Eponymní debutové album od Anny Calvi je neuvěřitelně sebevědomou nahrávkou; jedinečné silné stránky jejího psaní, zpěvu a hry na kytaru, které z reproduktoru vyskočily společně. Čerpá z espritu Niny Simone a Marie Callas, aby vytvořila úžasně moderní zvuk.
Location: Twickenham, London, UK
Album release: 14th May, 2021
Record Label: Domino
Duration:     31:09
1. Rider To The Sea
2. No More Words
3. Desire
4. Suzanne And I
5. First We Kiss
1. The Devil
2. Blackout
3. I’ll Be Your Man
4. Morning Light
5. Love Won’t Be LeavingAnna Calvi takes a breather after another bout of being taken over by internal forces ©Photograph Linda Nylind
10 year Anniversary edition
The debut LP reissued for the first time on red vinyl
Featuring brand new cover artwork
8 page booklet featuring previously unseen photographs
Not the signed version
The eponymous debut album from Anna Calvi is an astonishingly confident record; the unique strengths of her songwriting, singing and guitar~playing all jumping out of the speaker together. She draws on the ghosts of Nina Simone and Maria Callas for influence to create a stunningly modern sound.
Including songs such as “Desire”, “Blackout”, “Rider To The Sea” and “Suzanne And I”, the album perfectly showcases the unique strengths of Anna’s songwriting, singing and virtuoso guitar~playing. This confident and visceral debut echoes the ghosts of Nina Simone and Maria Callas for influence to create a stunningly modern sound.
‘Thrilling and chilling in equal measure, this self~titled collection of 10 songs is perhaps the first great record of 2011.’ — NME — 9/10
‘This isn’t just a great debut. It’s a fearless rejection of current pop trends, fashioning a benchmark of intensity and originality that the rest of this year’s albums will struggle to match.’ — Uncut — 4★
‘Each song feels like a one~night stand; some you slink away from heart untouched — but with others you fall torridly in love.’ — The Guardian, 4★
‘Her debut takes a swirl of familiar tropes and reframes them; it’s a gusty and sonorous start.’ — Observer — CD of the week