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Arborist Home Burial

Arborist — Home Burial (November 11, 2016)

                  Arborist — Home Burial (November 11, 2016)  Arborist — Home Burial (November 11, 2016)ψ≡ψ   Belfast based. Fuelled by the lyrical and musical misadventures of Mark McCambridge and a cast of well~travelled musicians.
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Genre: Indie Rock, Alt. Country, Singer~Songwriter
Album release: November 11, 2016
Record Label: Kirkinriola Records
Duration:     43:49
01. A Crow     2:13
02. Dark Stream     3:55
03. A Man Of My Age     6:40
04. I Heard Him Leaving     3:52
05. Rules Of The Burial     4:48
06. The Force Of Her Will     3:06
07. Twisted Arrow (Feat. Kim Deal)     4:04
08. Incalculable Things     3:38
09. The Broken Light     2:35
10. The Master     4:41
11. A Fisherman     4:14
℗ 2016 Arborist Music
ψ≡ψ   Mark McCambridge
ψ≡ψ   Richard Hill
ψ≡ψ   James Heaney
ψ≡ψ   Ben McAuley
ψ≡ψ   Johnny Ashe
ψ≡ψ   Luke Bannon
≡  Arborist’ are a Belfast~based band; the product of the musical and lyrical misadventures of Mark McCambridge, surrounded by a cast of accomplished and well~travelled musicians.
DAVID ROY, 04 November, 2016 01:00
★   Praise Lemmy then for Arborist, AKA Mark McCambridge, the supremely talented, darkly witty singer~songwriter from the wilds of Co Antrim last mentioned in these pages with his excellent 2015 single Twisted Arrow.
★   That tune, featuring the dulcet tones of the one and only Kim Deal, is included on Mark’s debut LP Home Burial, which comes out next week and comes highly recommended even to ‘solo troubadour’ sceptics.
★   Hopefully, they should be won over by A Man of My Age, one of the new record’s stand~out tracks on which Mark offers us amusing insight into Arborist’s apparently problematic creative process.
★   “And I can’t write when my wife’s at home / and I can’t write when I’m there on my own / You’d say I can’t write, if you read what I wrote” he laments even as the fruit of his laboured labour ~ a woozily pretty piano’driven tune, with acoustic/clean electric guitar and minimal drums augmented by deftly deployed strings, organ swells and a smidgen of sax ~ proves his self~doubt to be entirely unfounded.
★   In fact, the record features plenty of eminently inspired and memorable moments, from the soothing separation musings on Dark Stream (“It’s when the ground starts to frost that I miss you the most / each swirling breath your ghost”) to I Heard Him Leaving’s arrestingly blunt account of bearing witness to infidelity and the cautionary account of addiction/obsession that is his deceptively gentle song, The Master.
★   Home Burial comes fully loaded with a lyrical authenticity you can’t help but respond to, while its full~band~assisted musical make~up shows off Mark’s talent for composing assuredly restrained yet engagingly dynamic songs that ebb and flow without ever over~reaching for the sake of ‘epicness’.
★   Indeed, The Broken Light’s croonsome, violin and wailing electric bolstered tale of riverside romance and the crashing wave~like chords which herald the chorus of Twisted Arrow’s pretty, ambling country folk number are about as ‘big’ as Arborist goes: but it should be enough to spark ‘a big big love’, as Ms Deal once sang.
★   Mark’s right~hand man for this record was Ben McCauley at Belfast’s Start Together Studios, who first came to the attention of this column over a decade ago with his band Three Tales, a trio which actually served as Mr Shiels backing band way back when.
★   He’s helped shape a auspicious debut for Arborist, which you can buy from next Friday November 11 ~ see Arboristmusic.com for details on how/where.
★   Mr McCauley also has his fingers deep in the musical pie of the new single from Arborist comrade Robyn G Shiels, who will shortly be following up the NI Music Brick~winning debut LP A Lifetime of Midnights with a new EP of his trademark ‘doom folk’ (and possibly a Therapy? remix).  ★   http://www.irishnews.com/
Bandcamp: https://arboristmusic.bandcamp.com/album/home-burial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arboristmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/arboristmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/arboristmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arboristband/
Website: http://www.arboristmusic.com/

Arborist Home Burial


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