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Awna Teixeira — Wild One

Awna Teixeira — Wild One (March 16th, 2015)

 Awna Teixeira — Wild One (March 16th, 2015)Awna Teixeira — Wild One (March 16th, 2015)♥   Americana nerozdává body zadarmo a když jich dává 9 teď, je to jako finále Wimbledonu. Tisková zpráva vysvětluje, že na Wild One jsou písně o horské poušti, osobních vztazích a duševní nemoci, která běží v rodině Awny (zejména silná a uštěpačná Blue Heart On Your Sleeve byla napsána pro boj s babiččinou duševní nemocí). Nicméně, i přes smutek za černým souknem většiny písní, Wild One není těžké poslouchat. Awna není profesionální plačka. Úžasný Stejně tak to sedativum obsažené v písních je příjemné. Vřelá aranžmá v kombinaci s expresivním vokálem vytváří něco skutečně magického. Je to album odvážné, křehké a krásně řemeslně ušité ... a ten, který v něm určitě nachází sebe, později ho najde snad i na na několika finálních ročních seznamech best alb 2015...
♥   Nádherné dobrodružství života na silnici.
♥   Portuguese–Canadian, Singer, Writer, Artist, Author, Photographer, Accordion, Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Tuba, Lover, Fighter, Crazy Song Maker.
♥   All her songs are equally honest and heartfelt which comes across in the music and has a gentle and effective strength. From old time banjo to European sounding folk, this album opens a door that takes you in and disperses the darkness.Location: Lisboa, Portugal ~~ Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~~ Silver City, New Mexico
Album release: March 16th, 2015
Record Label: Independent / AshcAt Records
Duration:     48:31
01 The Light in You     2:35
02 Blue Heart On Your Sleeve     5:43
03 Wild One     4:10
04 Little Ghost of a Whale     4:29
05 In the Wintertime     5:14
06 Yellow Moon     4:36
07 Thunderbird     5:21
08 Bees and Things     4:09
09 Freedom Hunter     4:34
10 A Sailor's Dream     4:31
11 Away We Go     3:09
© Copyright — Awna Teixeira / Awna Teixeira (888295204262)
♥   Cover Art by Claire TaylorREVIEW
James McCurry
Heavy love ...
♥   Chances are that Awna Teixeira is best known to most as a member of Canada’s Po' Girl. Understandable really, given the strength of the five records she and Allison Russell released (not to mention their live performances). However, her first solo effort, Where The Darkness Goes, was a wondrous piece of work and her second is equally so. There’s an ethereal quality to the songs and their arrangements. Often Awna's affecting vocals are accompanied by quiet guitar and sparse piano, but even when the tracks are furnished with an array of instrumentation they remain gentle and refrained (Little Ghost of a Whale and the moving In The Winter Time). In fact, Awna’s reluctance to challenge the instruments for centre stage encourages closer and more attentive listens — which is fitting given the often personal nature of the material. The press release explains that Wild One's songs are reflections on the mountain desert, personal relationships, and the mental illness that runs in Awna's family (the particularly powerful and poignant Blue Heart On Your Sleeve being written for her grandmother's struggle with mental illness). However, despite the sadness behind much of the songs, Wild One isn't a difficult listen. Nor is it a downer. The warmth of the arrangements and Awna’s expressive vocals create something truly magical. It’s brave, fragile and beautifully crafted ... and one that's certain to find itself on a few year end lists. http://www.americana-uk.com/REVIEW
Dave Simpson, Staff Writer at Pure M magazine
♥   Portuguese–Canadian artist Awna Teixeira first embarked on a career in music in 2001, subsequently playing live all over North America. In 2005, she joined fellow musician Allison Russell in becoming a part of the band Po’Girl. In the seven years that followed, the duo recorded five records together and toured around the world, performing hundreds of shows across four continents.
♥   By the time 2012 rolled around, Teixeira was ready to release her first solo effort, Where The Darkness Goes. After it was met with critical acclaim, the singer/songwriter dropped her Thunderbird EP in 2013 and is now preparing to share her second full length album, Wild One, with the world.
♥   Lying somewhere between the territories of acoustic folk and pop, the compilation features eleven tracks, beginning with “The Light in You”. This quiet opener is made up of subtle instrumentation and light vocals. The tone remains reserved for the introspective “Blue Heart on Your Sleeve”, which sees a hushed riff joined by a gentle harmony and placid piano keys.  “Wild One” saunters along next through further instances of soft instrumentation, but with a more buoyant melody.
♥   There are a greater number of musical elements at play during “Little Ghost of a Whale”. It builds affectively as it progresses while maintaining a distant sound and dream–like ambience. The soft, emotional vocals of “In The Winter Time” are met with warm instrumentation that features a lot more percussion than the previous entries. This is followed by the stirring acoustic riff, pleasant piano keys and resonating harmony of “Yellow Moon”.
♥   A solemn and serious rhythm unfolds against passionate and determined vocals during “Thunderbird”. It’s grander in scale than its predecessors, brightening up as its restless momentum develops. Things get busier when “Bees and Things” sets in. Hectic instrumentation and an optimistic beat keep it a lot more animated than what came before.
♥   “Freedom Fighter” makes a return to the reticent acoustic nature of earlier tracks, while exhibiting a rousing melody amid piano work that adds a sense of hopefulness. ♥   Its successor, “A Sailor’s Dream”, starts with an electric hum that lingers over a steady drumbeat and lively accordion set. Afterwards, “Away We Go” brings things to a poignant close with a peaceful riff and sharp, penetrating vocals.
♥   The material showcased on this second solo album is very serene and ethereal. Its restrained, stripped down sound makes for a tranquil listen. Wild One is set for release on March 16th, following which Awna Teixeira can be found touring the UK between the 18th and 29th of the same month. http://www.puremzine.com/REVIEW
Reviewer: Greg Johnson
♥   We all like our heroes to have a colourful past but we know that all to often that some talentless twonk, who has committed some minor misdemeanour, is just desperate to earn a few more column inches in some rag that focuses more on tat than talent (I’m looking at you Justin Bieber — put the eggs down). On the other hand there are artists who have amazing scary lives that remain largely unknown. The late great Warren Zevon had stacks of talent and lived a wild reckless life that seems now to only be known by a small circle of obsessives. Which brings us, neatly, to Awna Teixeira who not only has a most unpronounceable name but also really did lead a colourful life to boot. Her on–line biography paints a picture of a troubled child, touched by music at an early age, wandering the streets of Toronto with a toy piano writing songs. This, naturally, lead to a life of crime culminating in a stint as a gateway driver for a local criminal gang! The difference here is the talent. In the end the talent will out.
♥   Awna Teixeira has that talent and eventually she found her way back into music and hooked up with Alison Russell and travelled the world with semi–legendary folk–Americana band Po’ Girl before they exploded with too much talent and Russell went off to form the excellent Birds of Chicago whilst Awna began her solo recording career. ♥   This is her second album and it’s a work of swirling mystery steeped in sweet misery with uplifting haunting music and an eclectic palette of songs and instruments. ♥   The songs touch on joy, sadness, depression and mental illness. Not your usual fare then.
♥   These songs clearly mean a great deal to Awna as she comments in her press release: “You pile together a collection of songs you have written along the way and do whatever you can to find a way to record and release them, and pray to the stars that it will all fall into place. When I first started writing these songs almost two years ago, I decided that I would like to somehow use this release to help raise mental health awareness. There are songs on this album that make reference to and are for some beautiful people in my life that struggle with mental illness and for some beautiful people we have lost along the way. All of these songs are very personal to me. About people I have loved and lost, about learning to trust my true voice, about learning to find my wild again and about my own struggle coming to terms with depression and trying to find my peace with it”.                                                         22 July 2012
♥   You can hear all these themes running through this wonderful album as it kicks with a drone like lead into “The Light in You” a plea for happiness from a seemingly dark place that bleeds into the self–explanatory “Blue Heart on Your Sleeve”. Awna’s dreamy vocals serve to place the songs and melodies somewhere just out of reach in the ether. “Yellow Moon” is a wonderful example of this dreamscape with an airy piano creating an atmosphere of mystery. “Bees and Things” introduces a touch of percussion that gives it more of an edge and talks of getting away from difficulties and the need to let things follow there own path “it don’t matter what you’re looking for” she tells us. “Thunderbird” has a wonderful sharp echoing guitar hook and a nice line in whistling with a haunting vocal that recalls Stevie a Nicks at her most vulnerable supported by a church organ and ghostly massed choir.
♥   “Freedom Hunter” asks us to “fly, fly, fly” and look to the future with hope in our hearts as Awna’s voice soars and is lifted by a gentle guitar and a warm wash of organ. The album is full of this type of warmth and delivers a sense of joyful longing from start to finish. For me, the last two song’s on the album are the peak with a romp through “A Sailor’s Dream” with thumping tribal drums and a swelling accordion giving the song a feel like The Band at their very best. That’s followed by the stunning “Away We Go” that begins with a lightly picked acoustic guitar and Awna tells us sadly that every song’s been sung but she still has love and beauty. She’s still confident that she she can “still do anything, babe” as her voices soars and is filled with spirit and a deep sense of melancholy.
♥   This is an album for those who still yearn to hear music by someone who you may not have heard of but will have you remembering why it’s worthwhile investing time into 40 minutes of new music — an excellent record. ♠ http://nemmblog.com/
Website: http://www.hazytales.me/
Website: http://pogirl.greystars.co.uk/
Bandcamp: http://awnateixeira.bandcamp.com/
Tumblr: http://awnateixeira.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/awnateixeira
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwnaTeixeira
Agent: hazytales@gmail.com
CD BABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/awnateixeira

Awna Teixeira — Wild One



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