Axel Flóvent — „You Stay by the Sea“ (15 Jan., 2021)

Iceland flag (Grunge)                                                                                     Axel Flóvent — „You Stay by the Sea“ (15 Jan., 2021)
•⇔• Debutový výlet Axele Flóventa je plný uklidňující hudby, která vyživuje ducha. Hlasově má chválitebné vybavení. „Flóvent má přirozeně bezchybný hlasový rozsah, dramaticky stoupá a klesá spolu s těžkými akordy klavíru a jedinečnými elektrickými nástroji“ — EARMILK. Axel Flóvent procestoval nemalou část Evropy, nakonec se ale vrátil do svého rodného Reykjavíku. Právě zde vznikla většina skladeb jeho debutu. Písničkářství s islandskou tradicí, melancholie o koncích věci krásných, o nových začátcích: témata, k zakousnutí. Vše se na albu protíná/prolíná. Objev těchto časů.
Location: Húsavík, Iceland ~ Amsterdam, NL ~ Reykjavík
Album release: January 15th, 2021
Record Label: Nettwerk Records
Duration:     45:08
01. Tonight   3:54
02. Driving Hours   3:47
03. Tourist   3:45
04. December Traffic   3:33
05. Blood   3:29
06. Fall Asleep   4:07
07. Still Awake   3:57
08. Indefinite   3:53
09. How Can I   4:17
10. Haunted   3:53
11. Fireworks   4:01
12. You Stay by the Sea   2:32
Rakel Sigurðardóttir — backing vocals
Hafsteinn Þráinsson — electric guitar
Recorded by Róbert Steingrímsson 
Mixed by Hafsteinn ÞráinssonAxel Flóvent — You Stay by the Sea (15 Jan., 2021)Review
By Dan Cromb ⌊13 JANUARY 2021, 07:40 GMT⌋ Score: 8 
•⇔• Considering this is his debut album, Axel Flóvent has been somewhat of a prolific songwriter to date. Since 2016’s Forest Fires, there has been an EP every year, along with a steady stream of singles, all of which have confirmed the Icelandic singer as a master of emotive and thoughtful song writing.
•⇔• Drawing upon experience from his travels over the last few years, before settling down in Reykjavik to write his first full~length release, You Stay By The Sea hears Axel Flóvent in a pensive mood. Opening track “Tonight”, from which the album title is derived, sets the tone for what follows: Thoughtful and tender folk viewed through a soft focus. There are moments of understated calm, as evidenced on “Tourist”, but there are also times when Flóvent bursts into life with a flourish.
•⇔• “Driving Hours” and “Haunted”, with its own superb trumpet solo, attest to this. Overall, You Stay By The Sea is a wholesome offering. A feeling of warm contentedness arises from its familiarity, which in turn comes about from Flóvent’s state of mind while penning the album.
•⇔• The peaceful Icelandic surroundings it was written in have a part to play too. “It’s just quiet,” Flóvent explains. “There are so many times where the silence is so still. In Reykjavík, we have a lot of emotional and mind space. My path to the studio and running trail are just by the ocean, so I’m always by the sea, hence the title. When I moved back in late 2018, I felt settled. I wasn’t looking for anything anymore. I finally appreciate home and see the beauty in it.”
•⇔• And so it is with this album as a whole. There’s nothing overstated or embellished about it. Like a hearty home~cooked meal, or a long~overdue hug from a friend you’ve not seen in a while, You Stay By The Sea is comforting music that’ll nourish your soul.
Dan Hájek. Score: 8
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