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BABs — DIVING BELLS (Jan. 17, 2012)

                     BABs — DIVING BELLS (Jan. 17, 2012) BABs — DIVING BELLS (Jan. 17, 2012)★      Dave Manington’s Riff Raff is a dynamic ensemble of young musicians which has developed organically over the last decade and features the highly acclaimed musicians, Brigitte Beraha, Ivo Neame, Tom Challenger, Rob Updegraff and Tim Giles.
Location: London, UK
Album release: January 17, 2012
Record Label: Mini~Loop Records
Duration:     35:23
1. Fatal Nest Egg     11:31 
2. Tentacle Reaches, Tentacle Feeds     3:21 
3. Kelp Forrest Embraces     6:39 
4. A Carpet of Crabs     2:45 
5. Becalmed....Finally     11:07
★      Recorded at Earconnector studios and engineered by BABs. Artwork by Jethro Brice.
★      James Allsopp — bass clarinet
★      Olie Brice — bass
★      Alex Bonney — realtime laptop processing
★      Olie Brice is a double bassist, improviser and composer.  He leads the Olie Brice Quintet, described by Richard Williams as “one of the most interesting and satisfying bands on the current UK scene”.  The Olie Brice Quintet have released two albums, ‘Immune to Clockwork’ in 2014 and ‘Day After Day’ in 2017.  He also leads an improvising trio, the Somersaults Trio, featuring Tobias Delius and Mark Sanders.
★      Brice is also in demand as a collaborator and band~member.  He has appeared with musicians including Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, Tony Malaby, Ingrid Laubrock and Ken Vandermark, among many others, and is a member of bands led by Dee Byrne, Alex Ward and Loz Speyer.
★      to get in touch please email olie@riseup.net
★      “Brice makes the entire body of his bass sing. He has the ability to deliver a fractal line that is as purposeful as any by the great jazz bassists, but to do so within an entirely abstract setting” — Brian Morton, Point of Departure
★      “imaginative and adventurous” — London Jazz News
★      BABs are James Allsopp on bass clarinet, me on double bass and Alex Bonney on laptop processing James and I in real time. BABs is the improvising trio of Loop Collective members Olie Brice on bass, James Allsopp on bass clarinet, and Alex Bonney on electronics. Thanks to an unconventional approach to how they play their instruments, combined with the use of real~time electronic processing, BABs investigate textural spaces far beyond the remit of a regular jazz trio. Diving Bells sees them taking the sea as a cue, not through a use of simplistic sound effects, but really thinking about the sonic properties of water, and diving down to explore its depths. As well as being very clever, Diving Bells is a transportive and strangely beautiful record. You can imagine a vessel creaking and groaning as it descends, finding strange lifeforms amongst the icy blackness on the sea bed, before ascending back to a calm, rippling surface. Diving Bells is a (sunken) treasure. (SM)  ★      https://oliebrice.com/
Bandcamp: https://loopcollective.bandcamp.com/album/diving-bells
Label: http://www.loopcollective.org/
Website: http://www.jamesallsopp.co.uk/



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