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Barbara Morgenstern

Barbara Morgenstern — Doppelstern (September 25, 2015)

   Barbara Morgenstern — Doppelstern (September 25, 2015)  Barbara Morgenstern — Doppelstern (September 25, 2015)•−•  Creator of pretty, intimate, downbeat electronic music — one of the key artists on Gudrun Gut's Monika Enterprise label.
•−•  Doppelstern
•−•  Double stars really exist. It´s a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass.
•−•  Some binaries have short, but many binaries have long orbital periods of several centuries or millennia.Born: on the 19th of March, 1971, in Hagen/Westfalen, Germany
Location: Berlin, Germany
Album release: September 25, 2015
Record Label: Monika Enterprise / Morr Music / Forced Exposure
Duration:     46:21
01. Was Du nicht siehst      4:02
02. Meins sollte Meins sein      5:41
03. Too Much      3:57
04. Übermorgen (album edit)      3:35
05. No One Nowhere Cares      4:29
06. Gleich ist Gleicher als Gleich (album edit)      4:06
07. Facades      3:55
08. Aglow      3:35
09. Schieß den Bock      3:21
10. Lost in a Fiction      4:29
11. Den kommenden Morgen      5:11
01 "Was Du nicht siehst" — T.Raumschmiere + Barbara Morgenstern
02 "Meins sollte meins sein" — Hauschka + Barbara Morgenstern
03 "Too much" — Gudrun Gut + Barbara Morgenstern
04 "Übermorgen" — Justus Köhncke, Robert Lippok + Barbara Morgenstern
05 "No One Nowhere Cares" — Corey Dargel + Barbara Morgenstern
06 "Gleich ist gleicher als gleich" — Lucrecia Dalt + Barbara Morgenstern
07 "Facades" — Julia Kent + Barbara Morgenstern
08 "Aglow" — Coppé + Barbara Morgenstern
09 "Schieß den Bock" — Tonia Reeh + Barbara Morgenstern
10 "Lost in a fiction" — Richard Davis + Barbara Morgenstern
11 "Den kommenden Morgen" — Jacaszek + Barbara MorgensternDESCRIPTION
WORDS: Hans Nieswandt
•−•  Yes, double stars do exist. They are a reality.
•−•  They appear in the firmament — sometimes as an optical and sometimes as a physical phenomenon. Two celestial bodies, working in relation to each other, circling around each other, responding to each other. Both in a delicate balance. In the German language this rare astronomical occurrence is called a "Doppelstern".
•−•  Yet the double stars at issue here have not fallen from the sky, even if it sometimes sounds like it. Barbara Morgenstern — the great Berlin composer, lyricist, musician and choir director — has conceived them, formed them and let them rain down upon us like a meteor shower.
•−•  Three years after her previous English–language album "Sweet Silence", Barbara Morgenstern is in possession of a marvellous new metaphor for a shining new creative principle. The idea was actually a hint from Justus Köhncke, with whom she also forms a double star. The concept has resulted in a great new album.
•−•  In various studios and different constellations, across continents and neighborhoods, a veritable solar system has come into existence. Let's listen into it!
•−•  It shimmers. Unbelievable. So many facets.
•−•  Each piece is unique due to its double star constellation. Let's call them by name: T. Raumschmiere, Hauschka, Gudrun Gut, Justus Köhncke, Corey Dargel, Lucrecia Dalt, Julia Kent, Coppé, Tonia Reeh, Richard Davis, Jacaszek.
•−•  And each piece is connected to the other through Barbara Morgenstern and her songs. Let's also call them by name: Was du nicht siehst. Meins sollte meins sein. Too much. Übermorgen. No One Nowhere Cares. Gleich ist gleicher als gleich. Facades. Aglow. Schieß den Bock. Lost in a fiction. Den kommenden Morgen.
•−•  Barbara Morgenstern's song titles by are already poetry when simply lined–up alongside each other. And as complete lyrics in collaboration with the aforementioned partner stars they shine sometimes brighter than a supernova, and other times as delicately as a firefly. Between song–craft and krautrock, electronic listening and dance pop, an entire glittering galaxy of sounds and songs unfolds in front of us. That’s Barbara Morgenstern's "Doppelstern".
•−•  Do not miss this celestial phenomenon under any circumstances.
•−•  Vermona ET 6–1 (1998)
•−•  Fjorden (2000)
•−•  Nichts Muss (2003)
•−•  Tesri (with Robert Lippok, 2005)
•−•  The Grass Is Always Greener (2006)
•−•  BM (2008)
•−•  Fan No.2 (2010)
•−•  Sweet Silence (2012)
•−•  Doppelstern (2015)
•−•  Enter The Partyzone (cassette release, 1997)
•−•  Plastikreport (1997)
•−•  Fan No.1 (1999)
•−•  Eine Verabredung (10" vinyl, 2001)
•−•  Seasons (with Robert Lippok, 2002)
•−•  Himmelmixe (2003)
•−•  Come To Berlin Mixes (2008)
•−•  Silence Sweater EP (Remix EP of the track 'Sweet Silence', 2012)
•−•  Spring’s Sprung EP (Remix EP of the track 'Spring Time'. Released on the Bit–Phalanx label, 2014)
Website: http://www.barbaramorgenstern.de/
Bandcamp: http://barbaramorgenstern.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barbarella.morgenstern_____________________________________________________________

Barbara Morgenstern