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Bardo Pond | Yo La Tengo — Parallelogram (December 11, 2015 )

Bardo Pond | Yo La Tengo — Parallelogram (December 11, 2015 )  Bardo Pond | Yo La Tengo — Parallelogram (December 11, 2015 )
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Album release: December 11, 2015
Record Label: Three Lobed Recordings
Duration:     43:08
1.) Screens For A Catch (Fur Bearing Eyes)     20:01
2.) Electric Eye     23:07Credits:
♦  Recorded in 2014 by MG at The Lemur House in Philadelphia, PA
♦  Produced by MG and Bardo Pond
♦  John Gibbons
♦  Michael Gibbons
♦  Isobel Sollenberger
♦  Clint Takeda
♦  Jason Kourkonis♦↑♦  YO LA TENGO
♦  Recorded by James in Hoboken.
♦  Georgia Hubley
♦  Ira Kaplan
♦  James McNew
♦  Dave SchrammNotes:
♦  Dave Schramm, born and raised on Long Island, New York, is an American musician best known for his stint as the lead guitarist for Yo La Tengo during the band's early years. Schramm lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, is married, and has a child.
♦  Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo have long travelled in similar circles as underground lifers, but have never shared space on a non–compilation release. Three Lobed Recordings is ecstatic to dedicate one of the albums of the Parallelogram collection to righting this cosmic wrong. Bardo’s “Screens For A Catch (Fur Bearing Eyes)” contains top shelf representations of all of the signature sonic elements that have long–since endeared this band to so many. In addition to the careful interplay of Gibbons brothers’ guitars, Isobel Sollenberger’s other–worldly vocal delivery, the unlike–anyone–else wall of sound, and the multi–phase, suite–like arrangement, this track sees new twists — such as Clint Takeda’s vocal harmonies — come into play. The eternally chameleonic Yo La Tengo exerts a certain mastery with respect to long–form songs. “Electric Eye,” the band’s immersive and heavy contribution to this LP, is a worthy addition to this portion of their canon. Georgia Hubley lays down a feral and commanding groove that glues together equal parts raw guitar phrasing with low end swirls. So hypnotic, and such a treat. ♦  The Parallelogram collection originated in the particular magic that comes from finding the *right* musical pairing. We’ve all experienced the perfect song at the perfect time and know how electrifying it can be. The set and setting that combine to make those jukebox choices, mix tapes, or playlists really work can be so hard to define, but easy to identify once they are out there in the wild. Part of the fun for Three Lobed Recordings has always been trying to divine the alchemy of pairings that work to our ears. These efforts have time and time again taken the form of collections and collaborations, both as multi–volume releases (ranging from the trio of multi–disc series to the Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them box set) and single albums (such as the collaborative albums from Golden Gunn or the Hagerty–Toth Band to the Eight Trails, One Path compilation). With this thought in mind, Three Lobed proudly presents Parallelogram, a collection of five carefully assembled split albums celebrating complementary musical pairings.
♦  Three Lobed Recordings is a boutique record label that specializes in small print–run releases that cover all flavors of psychedelia. The label was started in 2000 and is largely operated by cats.
Bandcamp: https://threelobed.bandcamp.com/album/parallelogram-4
Label: http://threelobed.com/tlr/
Website: http://yolatengo.com/
Website: http://www.bardopond.org/ © ♦  Isobel Sollenberger Bardo Pond Hare Hounds Aug 12 12

Bardo Pond | Yo La Tengo — Parallelogram (December 11, 2015 )


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