Basement Revolver — „Embody“ (Feb. 18, 2022)CANADA emoji                                                        Basement Revolver — „Embody“ (Feb. 18, 2022)
„Vznešený poklad a jednoduchý příklad toho nejskvělejšího indie~rocku, jaký můžete doufat, že uslyšíte.“ — Punktastic
∩  Hamilton shoegazers Basement Revolver release sophomore album ‘Embody.’
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Album release: Feb. 18, 2022
Record Label: Sonic Unyon Records
Duration:     38:11
01. Skin   3:43
02. Be Okay  2:17
03. Circle  3:50
04. Slow   3:18
05. Blackhole   3:54
06. Storm   3:30
07. Transatlantic   3:43
08. Dissolve   3:16
09. Tired   3:22
10. Tunnel Vision   2:38
11. Long Way   4:40
Vocals/Guitar — Chrisy Hurn (She/They)
Guitar — Jonathan Malström (He/Him)
Bass/Synth — Nim Agalawatte (They/Them)
Drums — Levi Kertesz (He/Him)
All songs written by Christina Hurn~Morrison, Nimal Agalawatte, Jonathan Malström except “Circles” & “Storm,” written by Christina Hurn~Morrison, Nimal Agalawatte, Jonathan Malström, Wade Morrison
Recorded & Mixed by Ian Gomes at Union Sound in Toronto
Vocals recorded by Adam Bentley & Jordan Mitchell at Tape in Hamilton
Mastered by João Carvalho Mastering

♣  “A sublime treasure and a simple example of the most splendid indie~rock you could hope to hear.” — Punktastic
♣  “The delicacy of the band’s approach is matched to the intensity of their execution.” — Clash
 “Alvvays goes shoegaze. Dreamily drifts between featherlight fizz and gutting, rueful riffing.” — Total Guitar
♣  “Emotional and powerful rock and roll, packed with charm.” — Beehive Candy
♣  “One of the great feel~good stories of the Canadian music scene.” — The Revue
♣  “The Canadian indie rock band radiates a melancholic glory.” — The Big Takeover
♣  “Heavy~lidded fuzz pop.” — Punk Online
♣  “Shoegaze at its finest.” — I’m Good I’m Gone. Basement Revolver: Chrisy Hurn, Jonathan Malström, Nim Agalawatte, Levi KerteszReview by Chelsea Brimstin. Feb. 18, 2022:
∩  Hamilton, Ontario indie~shoegaze outfit Basement Revolver are back with their sophomore album, Embody.
∩  The new album sees Basement Revolver grappling with themes of identity, sexuality, faith, and mental illness. Using a deeper sound and crisper production than their debut, the band explores new sonic and thematic territory on Embody. The record follows their debut album, Heavy Eyes, which merged their hardcore~inspired indie sound with dream pop. Now, Basement Revolver are cementing a new sound.
Embody “is an album of friendship, of working out identity together, and making deeply personal art.” In addition to the album, Basement Revolver have shared a lyric video for their focus track, “Dissolve.”
∩  “Dissolve” is “about creating a life together, through the beautiful and the bitter,” according to a release. “It is about looking into your partner’s eyes, and feeling fully known. It is about falling more and more in love each and every day even though it feels impossible to love someone more. It is about doing life together.”
In addition to “Dissolve,” Embody features previously released singles “Transatlantic” and “Skin.”
∩  “Skin” is a particularly poignant tune that sees guitarist and vocalist Chrisy Hurn~Morrison singing of the struggles she feels with her body. The track helped Hurn~Morrison learn to love the parts of herself that she’s often scrutinized.
∩  “Desperate to feel like her body was okay or good enough, Chrisy was perched on the edge of the dock when this song began tumbling out,” a press release explains. “[It’s] the first time she has explicitly written about the struggles she feels with her body.”
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