Forum Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Nomination: Extraordinary Show. Forum Karlín, Prague, Czech RepublicForum Karlín, Prague, Czech RepublicBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals
with support: The Jack Moves
Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 8:00pm CEST
•••  Ben Harper
•••  Jason Mozersky
•••  Jason Yates
•••  Juan Nelson
•••  Leon Mobley
•••  Oliver Charles
♦   His idiosyncratic mix of blues, folk, rock, funk, and reggae have garnered him a steady following.
♣   Forum Karlín Prague, Sept. 28th, 2016, duration: 130:20 min. 
01 Oppression (Ben Harper song)
02 Diamonds on the Inside (Ben Harper song)
03 In the Colors
04 Don’t Take That Attitude to Your Grave (Ben Harper song)
05 Finding Our Way
06 Shine
07 Morning Yearning (Ben Harper song)
08 Roses From My Friends (Ben Harper song)
09 Fight For Your Mind (Ben Harper song)
10 Them Changes (Buddy Miles cover)
11 Call It What It Is
12 Excuse Me Mr. (Ben Harper song)
13 Faded
14 How Dark Is Gone
15 Walk Away
16 Burn One Down (Ben Harper song)
17 Where Could I Go
18 Steal My Kisses
19 With My Own Two Hands (Ben Harper song)     /                               Notes: 15 Walk Away. Tuto píseň zahrál Ben už na slavném koncertě “Live From Mars, v rámci turné 2000”, které vyšlo v rozsahu dvojalba, přičemž první disk byl elektrický, druhý akustický v neuvěřitelném timingu 136 minut. To už se moc neliší od timingu pražské show v trvání 131 minut.
“Walk Away”
1. Oh no
Here comes that sun again
That means another day
Without you my friend
2. And it hurts me
To look into the mirror at myself
And it hurts even more
To have to be with somebody else
And it’s so hard to do
And so easy to say
But sometimes
Sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away
3.  With so many people
To love in my life
Why do I worry
About one
4. But you put the happy
In my ness
You put the good times
Into my fun
And it’s so hard to do
And so easy to say
But sometimes
Sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away
And head for the door
5. We’ve tried the goodbye
So many days
We walk in the same direction
So that we could never stray
They say if you love somebody
Then you have got to set them free
But I would rather be locked to you
Than live in this pain and misery
6. They say time will
Make all this go away
But it’s time that has taken my tomorrows
And turned them into yesterdays
And once again that rising sun
Is droppin’ on down
And once again you my friend
Are nowhere to be found
And it’s so hard to do
And so easy to say
But sometimes
Sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away
And head for the door
You just walk away
Walk away

In details:
Ben Harper
Instruments: Slide Guitars, Vocals
°   Weissenborn Teardrop (circa 1930s)
°   Two Style 4 (1925 and 1927) Weissenborns
°   Martin Model M38 Acoustic
°   Martin 00~18 Acoustic
°   2004 and Custom 2005 National Reso~Phonic Model D Western squareneck
°   2005 Martin HD~28VE
°   Vintage Gibson J~50
°   Asher Ben Harper lap–steel
°   1956 Gibson Les Paul Special
°   Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Birthplace: Claremont, CA
Jason Mozersky
Instruments: Lead Guitars
°   1969 Park 75
°   1970 Highwatt Custom 100
°   Bogner 4x12 Speaker Head
°   1966 Fender 12~string
°   2000 Fender Nocaster with Charlie Christian neck pickup
°   2008 Gold Telecaster Custom
°   2000 Les Paul 1959 Sunburst Reissue
°   2009 Frost Blue Firebird V
°   2000 SG 61 Reissue
°   Klon Centaur
°   TS~9 Ibinez Turbo Tube Screamer
°   Fulltone Ultimate Octave
°   Dunlop Hendrix Fuzzface
°   Budda Wah Pedeal
°   Electro Harmonix Memory Man
First Show: 2008~10~29 @ Chevrolet Centre
Other Projects:
°   Wan Santo Condo, Pudge Zeppelin
Jason Yates
Instruments: Hammond B3, Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Congas and Percussion, Vocals
First Show: 2003~02~14 @ Temple Bar
Other Projects:
°   Solo Career, Citizen Cope, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Acetone, G. Love & Special Sauce, Natalie Merchant, Macy Gray, Mazzy Star, The 2 PC, Momma Stud
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Juan Nelson
Instruments: Bass
First Show: 1994~04~30 @ Nick’s Caffé Trevi (Early Show)
Other Projects:
°   Big Advice, Eric McFadden, Charles Wright, Yanni, Piers Faccini
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
Leon Mobley
°   Leon Mobley, percussionist for BHIC, has made his mark in the music and performance industry for many years.
°   At the tender age of seven, Leon studied under the tutelage of Babatunde Olatunji, world renowned Nigerian master drummer. By age ten, Leon was a cast member on the Emmy award winning PBS t.v. program entitled ZOOM. He got the opportunity to perform with Duke Ellington and for Coretta Scott King at this age as well. He also performed with Boston’s Dancing in the Street for many years growing up in Boston.
°   Leon went on to study music and education at UMass Boston before moving to California where he started his dance company Djembe West African Drummers and Dancers, which has been featured on the t.v. shows Northern Exposure, A Different World, and the movie Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. He also began his own musical group Leon Mobley and Da Lion which went on to produce six cds and has had countless performances throughout the United States.
°   Leon was selected to be “Art Envoy” by the U.S. State department, under President Barack Obama, which sponsored the Innovative MIMA programs, where he traveled abroad doing workshops, recordings, and performances throughout Africa and South America.
°   He has had his own REMO signature series Djembe drum for over twenty years, selling millions around the world.
°   Throughout his career, he has recorded and performed with many notable artists, to include Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Mick Jaggar, Madonna, Damian and Stephen Marley, the Temptations, Dave Matthews, Joss Stone, and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.
Instruments: Percussion
First Show: 1993~02~23 @ Cafe Largo
Other Projects:
°   Da Lion, Piers Faccini, Watts Prophets, The Last Poets’ Umar Bin Hassan, Robey Theatre Co., Zoom, Peter Wolf, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson
Birthplace: Roxbury, MA
Oliver Charles
Instruments: Drums
First Show: 1994~09~04 @ Washington Park Rose Garden Amphitheatre
Other Projects:
°   Gogol Bordello, Lonnie Jordan (War), Rakim, De La Soul, Talib Kwali, Mos Def, Common, Ghostface Killah, Piers Faccini, Rhythm Roots All~Stars, The L.A. Allstar Revue, daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Project 1836, Bingewood, After Hours, Ocean 11, Cree Summer, The Soul of John Black, Weapon of Choice, Action Figure Party, Groovin High
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
Ben Harper:
Leon Mobley:
Oliver Charles:
Jason Yates:
Juan Nelson:
The Jack Moves:
Berlin, Sept. 26th, 2016:
05 When Sex Was Dirty
18 Forever (Ben Harper song)
19 Goodbye to You
16 Steal My Kisses                                            

Forum Karlín, Prague, Czech Republic Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals