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Ben Sollee — The Hollow Sessions

 Ben Sollee — The Hollow Sessions

Ben Sollee — The Hollow Sessions
Θ  Including songs by Arthur Russell, Otis Redding, Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte, The Zombies, Howard Finster, Bill Monroe, Fiona Apple, Tom Waits, and Gillian Welch.
For Fans Of: Paul Simon, Andrew Bird, Otis Redding, Arthur Russell, Fiona Apple
Location: Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Album release: 2013
Record Label: Tin Ear Records
Duration:     33:34
01 I Couldn't Say It To Your Face      (3:49)
02 Extraordinary Machine      (3:15)
03 Dolly Dawn      (3:08)
04 Everything Is Free      (5:39)
05 Just A Little Tack      (1:31)
06 Obvious Child      (3:53)
07 You Don't Miss Your Water      (3:36)
08 This Will Be Our Year      (1:45)
09 Chocolate Jesus      (4:05)
10 Blue Moon Of Kentucky      (2:54)
Θ  Ben Sollee spent a few days this past summer trying to capture the songs and sounds that have influenced his life and music. The makeshift recording studio, a small house nestled in a hollow near Prospect, Kentucky, provided the backdrop for the project, a covers record, including songs by Arthur Russell, Otis Redding, Paul Simon, Harry Belafonte, The Zombies, Howard Finster, Bill Monroe, Fiona Apple, Tom Waits and Gillian Welch. Screened porches, hallways, decks, and living rooms lend their own particular character to the recordings, and the hollow’s voice can be heard throughout: bugs chirp, birds whistle, water flows, and the wind blows. More collaborator than background, the house and hollow provide the listener with a rich audial scenery and shape Sollee’s voice and cello as he seeks to capture his own versions of the songs that have shaped his development as a musician and songwriter. Fortaken:http://bensollee.com/press/twangville.com/
Order The Hollow Sessions Vinyl from Institute 193 — Available December 1st : http://bit.ly/18IrEpV
Website: http://bensollee.com/
MySpace: http://myspace.com/bensollee
Bandcamp: http://bensollee.bandcamp.com
Press: PUBLICITY: Carla Parisi — Kid Logic Media — kidlogicmedia@gmail.com Licensing: Carter Smith / Rollo & Grady Productions / carterb.smith@gmail.com
Agent: Worldwide — Todd Walker — The Windish Agency — todd@windishagency.com
Shop: http://bensollee.portmerch.com/stores/home.php
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bensollee
Vinyl Pre-order: http://institute193.bigcartel.com/product/ben-sollee-the-hollow-session-limited-edition-vinyl-pre-order
ALABAMA Chanin: http://alabamachanin.com/journal/2013/10/ben-sollee-the-hollow-sessions/
In french:
Θ  Pour amateurs de chasse aux papillons avec violoncelle..., l'instrument de Ben Sollee. Très sympa. © Ben Sollee recording in the Mosquito Hut. Prospect, Kentucky. 2013. Photo: PMJ
By Craig Hlavaty; Wednesday, Jul 20 2011
Θ  When you think of the cello, you normally don't think of it as a foot-tapping kind of instrument. But for the past decade, Kentucky cellist Ben Sollee has been changing minds all over the word with his brand of soulful, indie-tinged folk, with his voice and said stringed implement up front. His debut, 2008's Learning to Bend, was a Randy Newman-esque jaunt with Sollee throwing out songs about materialism ("Bury Me with My Car") and even a cover of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come," which became a hot item during that election year. His recent disc, Inclusions, shows off some stirring rock chops ("Captivity") and Peter Gabriel-style soar ("The Globe," "Electrified"). Things get pretty liberal and dear here and there, with Sollee's social awareness ever-present, but that bent can only get more interesting as the years go by and the political climate continues to get more divisive. If that's not your bag, just watch the man rock out on his cello and shut yer mouth.
Fortaken: http://www.houstonpress.com/2011-07-21/music/ben-sollee/
Cellist Ben Sollee Ditches the Van and Pedals by Patagonia
Θ  Our lives seem to move in fast forward. We run from our homes to our jobs and back barely noticing the scenery, or the people around us. For touring musicians the pace is even faster—they drive 300 miles to a city that they’ve never seen during the day, load their gear into the venue for the night, and drive off when the show ends to the nearest motel to the highway. Then wake up and do it all again.
Θ  For cellist Ben Sollee things were moving too fast. Or he was. The solution? Jump on a bicycle and ride from gig to gig, feeling the asphalt beneath him and the pull of his cello in tow. Sollee has teamed up with drummer Jordon Ellis for the Ditch The Van Tour and the duo stopped by the Patagonia headquarters last week to talk bicycles and share their vision, and music, with all the employees at the Ventura office. Is there a better reason to stay at work past five o’clock than a beer and some live music?
Θ  Sollee and Ellis began the tour in San Diego, followed by shows in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and arrived at the office after a 60-mile ride up Highway One (past a rapidly filling in South Swell).
Θ  “This isn’t about going green,” Sollee said between songs, “it’s about slowing down and connecting more with the communities that we’re in.”
Θ  The Ditch the Van Tour is comprised of four regional tours—one from San Diego to San Francisco, a loop of Colorado, an East Coast loop and culminating in Sollee and Ellis’ home state of Kentucky. Over 1,500 miles of cycling in all.
Θ  Sollee’s music has been described as “genre bending,” and “folk R&B.” Whatever it is you might call it, it clearly is hard to categorize or fit within the standard musical confines of one genre or the other. It only seems fitting that someone who blazes his own musical trail would also find a new way to get his music to the masses. — Matt Skenazy
Fortaken: http://www.thecleanestline.com/ — Weblog for the employees, friends and customers of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia.
Θ  Learning to Bend (CD); SonaBlast Records (2008)
Θ  Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore — Dear Companion (CD), Sub Pop (2010)
Θ  Inclusions; Tin Ear Records (2011) — Available on CD or LP
Θ  Live at The Grocery on Home; sonaBLAST! Records (2012) — Download only.
Θ  Half-Made Man; Tin Ear Records (2012) — Available on CD, LP, or download.
Θ  The Hollow Sessions; Tin Ear Records (2013)

Ben Sollee — The Hollow Sessions



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