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Bernardino Femminielli Plaisirs Américains

Bernardino Femminielli — Plaisirs Américains (16 May 2016)

 Bernardino Femminielli — Plaisirs Américains (16 May 2016)  Bernardino Femminielli — Plaisirs Américains (16 May 2016)■•■   Ne každý ví, že v Montréalu se dělají skvělé věci. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Jefre Cantu~Ledesma, NICOLAS BERNIER, MARTIN MESSIER, Greg Davis, Ben Vida nebo Charlatan. Tak to je pro ně dobré, protože je to dobré zároveň i pro místní lidi. A když jejich hudba dosáhne za Atlantik až do Evropy k tisícům dalších lidí na více než mezinárodní úrovni, teď už i mezi~kontinentální ..., a když jsme si vědomi toho, že s naší úrovní hudby ten dopad může, ale nutně zase nemusí být tak velký ..., už samotné rozšíření obzorů je úspěchem. Ale snad je to dobrý začátek. Surviving alone in these mean music business times is enough of a chore, but thriving takes someone operating on another plane of consciousness. Welcome to the world of Jean~Sébastien Truchy — you might know him from his days in Fly Pan Am — and his cohorts Bernardino Femminielli and Riccardo Lucchesi (Ghost Limbs, Red Mass). Vítejte ve světě tam za kopcem i velkou vodou. Fantastic sounds from the underground...  
■•■   Bernardino Femminielli est un artiste basé à Montréal dont le spectre sonore se compose d’un soupçon de mysticisme, d’un voile de new~wave et d’une pincée de voix italiennes. Il a composé la musique d’un certain nombre de films et sorti plusieurs productions sur les étiquettes Hobo Cult Records, Digitalis Limited et Los Discos Enfantasmes.Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada/Ósaka, Japan
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Synth~pop, Chanson, Techno, Leftfield, Lounge
Album release: 16 May 2016
Record Label: Mind Records
Duration:     44:11
A1 Gluantes Pornographies      4:59
A2 Plaisirs Américains     7:00
Ξ   Guitar — Philippe Roberge
A3 Touche~Pipi...     4:35
Ξ   Saxophone — Renaud Séguin
A4 Babylone Straße     6:46
Ξ   Bass — Dominic Vanchesteing
B1 My Baby Takes My Money     6:55
Ξ   Vocals — Mimi Benson
B2 Tatouage     5:08
Ξ   Drums — Dominic Vanchesteing
B3 Boys’ Trottoir      8:48
Ξ   Mastered at — Otic Sound
Ξ   Pressed by — MPOCredits:
Ξ   Artwork by — Thea Govorchin
Ξ   Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer — Jackson MacIntosh
Ξ   Drums — Guillaume Ethier
Ξ   Mastered by — Josh Stevenson
Ξ   Photography by — Bernardino Femminielli, Daphné Boxer
Ξ   Recorded by — Philippe Roberge
Ξ   Synthesizer, Guitar, Harmonica, Recorded by, Producer — Dominic Vanchesteing
Ξ   Synthesizer, Piano, Guitar — Asaël Robitaille
Ξ   Vocals, Synthesizer, Piano — Bernardino Femminielli
Ξ   Limited edition of 500 copies in varnished 350g premium quality paper sleeve with printed inner sleeve. 100 copies distributed through Bethlehem XXX in North America.
Ξ   Written in Los Angeles and Paris. Recorded in Montreal.
by Andy Beta, JUNE 22 2016
♠   This week, we say goodbye to New York’s Other Music record shop, closing its glass doors just short of its 20th birthday. The amount of under–the–radar musicians we will never get to encounter via their open–eared recommendations is still impossible to register, but it just got harder for artists and potential fans to connect.
♠   I bring it up in discussing Bernardino Femminielli’s “Plaisirs Américains” as it would have been a shoo–in for prominent placement in OM’s “La Decadanse” section. The record store equivalent of the low–lit, leather–cushioned back booth in the shop, it was where the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Mick Harvey, Air, and Momus CDs all had their own place.
♠   While he’s a collaborator with the likes of Dirty Beaches, Femminielli is firmly entrenched in this disheveled yet elegant lineage of the aforementioned gents. And on “Plaisirs Américains,” he weds his grody, croaked whisper to the most effervescent of musical backdrops. There’s the steady rising of the hi–hat and kick, the elegant grand piano chords and synth arpeggios entwining to create lift–off. Hoarsely whispering about “American pleasures,” it soundtracks both outer space and the darkest corner of the discotheque.   ♠   http://pitchfork.com/
Bandcamp:  https://mindrecordsjapan.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Femminielli
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/B.Femminielli♠♠♠ΞΞΞ•••■■■♠♠♠ΞΞΞ•••■■■♠♠♠ΞΞΞ•••■■■♠♠♠ΞΞΞ•••■■■♠♠♠ΞΞΞ•••■■■♠♠♠Ξ 

Bernardino Femminielli Plaisirs Américains


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