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Bert Jansch — Heartbreak (30th Anniversary Edition) (2012)

 Bert Jansch — Heartbreak (30th Anniversary Edition) (2012)

Bert Jansch — Heartbreak (30th Anniversary Edition)
Jansch received two Lifetime Achievement Awards at the BBC Folk Awards: one, in 2001, for his solo achievements and the other, in 2007, as a member of Pentangle.
Birth name: Herbert Jansch
Born: 3 November 1943, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Died: 5 October 2011, Hampstead, London, England, UK
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, banjo
Album release: April 1982/2012
Recorded: June 1981 at Silverlake Studio, Los Angeles
Record Label: Logo
Duration:     86:01 (38:46 + 47:15)
01. Blackwater Side     3:38 
02. Sit Down Beside Me     3:06 
03. Up To The Stars     3:01 
04. Is It Real?     3:59 
05. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad.)     4:53 
06. Heartbreak Hotel (Axton*, Durden, Presley)     2:37 
07. No Rhyme Nor Reason     2:36 
08. If I Were A Carpenter (Hardin)     2:53 
09. Give Me The Time     3:29 
10. And Not A Word Was Said     8:34 
CD 2:
Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop
01. Curragh of Kildare     4:41 
02. Poor Mouth     3:37 
03. Blackwater Slide     4:35 
04. One For Jo     3:15 
05. Let Me Sing     2:58 
06. If I Were a Carpenter     2:26 
07. Blues Run the Game     3:19 
08. It Is Real?     4:03 
09. Ask Your Daddy     3:03 
10. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face     3:04 
11. Kingfisher     3:20 
12. Wild Mountain Thyme     3:37 
13. Come Back Baby     3:16 
14. I Am Lonely     3:01 
Bert Jansch — guitar, vocals
Albert Lee — guitar, mandolin
Randy Tico — bass
Matt Betton — drums
Jack Kelly — drums
Jennifer Warnes — backing vocals on 5
Greg Allen  Art Direction, Design
Mae Axton  Composer
Matt Betton  Drums
Audrey Bilger  Project Assistant
Paul Chave  Sleeve Design
John Chelew  Liner Notes, Photography, Producer
Richard Chelew  Producer
Reuben Cohen  Mastering
Nancy Covey  Producer
Dutch Cramblitt  Project Assistant
Walter Davis  Composer
Tommy Durden  Composer
Jackson C. Frank  Composer
Bryan George  Licensing
Tim Hardin  Composer
Dan Haverty  Assistant
Bert Jansch  Arranger, Composer, Guitar (Ac.), Vocals
Jack Kelly  Drums
Claudia Kunin  Photography
Albert Lee  Guest Artist, Guitars (Ac+El.), Mandolin
Lee Lodyga  Project Assistant
Eileen Lucero  Editorial
Gavin Lurssen  Mastering
Ewan MacColl  Composer
Ralph McTell  Liner Notes
Benjamin Meltzer  Project Assistant
Hale Milgrim  Project Assistant
Steve Millang  Engineer
Patrick Milligan  Project Assistant
Nikki Nieves  Project Assistant
Cheryl Pawelski  Project Assistant
Elvis Presley  Composer
Rick Chelew  Editing, Engineer, Liner Notes, Photography
Brad Rosenberger  Project Assistant
Traditional  Composer
Jennifer Warnes  Guest Artist, Vocals

Review by Steve Leggett   (Rating: ***½)
Bert Jansch was a wonderfully maverick musician, as much a gypsy as he was anything, but he was also remarkably consistent to his own vision as a guitarist and songwriter throughout his career, which began when he borrowed a guitar and played a riveting set into a reel-to-reel recorder in his kitchen in the early '60s, which resulted in his first album, simply called Bert Jansch, released on the tiny Transatlantic label in 1965. Mixing jazz, American blues, and British folk into an intense and brilliant acoustic guitar style, he wrote sparse and ruggedly romantic songs while artfully reimagining traditional fare to fit his template, and with his smoky, hard-traveled vocals, he was as consistent a studio artist as we've had in the past 40 years, and every one of his 23 studio albums, even if some of them seem like curious missteps, was unmistakably Bert Jansch. He wasn't built for the commercial mainstream, though, and by the late '70s he was drinking heavily, and while he was too much a talent to not bring something special to everything he played, he seemed to be creatively spent and just barely afloat. In the spring of 1981, two young fans, brothers Rick Chelew and John Chelew, borrowed money from their mother to bring Jansch to California and record an album at Silverlake Studio, hiring in musicians (including Albert Lee and Jennifer Warnes) to support, and lining up gigs for Jansch in the area between sessions to get him some extra money. The album that resulted, Heartbreak, was released in 1982 (on Logo Records in the U.K. and on Joe Boyd's Hannibal Records in the U.S.) and was somewhat of a mixed bag, with Jansch doing yet another version of his signature "Blackwater Side" (this time with Albert Lee on mandolin), delivering fine takes of the traditional "Wild Mountain Thyme" and Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter," and stumbling through a misguided attempt at "Heartbreak Hotel." It wasn't a bad album, but it was clearly Jansch treading water and trying not to creatively drown, and it quickly went out of print.
* Notes:
√  Known for Co-writing "Heartbreak Hotel".
√  Mae Boren Axton (September 14, 1914 in Bardwell, Texas – April 9, 1997 in Hendersonville, Tennessee) was known in the music industry as the 'Queen Mother of Nashville'. She co-wrote, with Tommy Durden, the Elvis Presley hit single "Heartbreak Hotel" She worked with Mel Tillis, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Eddy Arnold, Tanya Tucker, Johnny Tillotson, and Blake Shelton.
√  Boren is credited with writing approximately 200 songs.
√  Boren was the link between Elvis Presley and RCA Records. She introduced a 19-year-old Presley to Colonel Tom Parker after a performance in Jacksonville, FL. She worked on behalf of Bob Neal to promote Presley and pressured RCA Nashville division head Stephen H. Sholes to sign Presley. In 1955 Boren co-wrote the Elvis Presley hit-song "Heartbreak Hotel" with Tommy Durden. Durden presented the idea to Mae Axton, from a newspaper article he had read about a man who had killed himself, leaving behind only the message "I walk a lonely street." It was Mae who suggested there be a Heartbreak Hotel at the end of the man's lonely street thus creating Elvis' first #1 record and one of rock n rolls greatest hits.
√  Recorded in June 1981 (and released in 1982), Heartbreak was produced by two enthusiastic fans, Rick and John Chelew. This was the first time in the studio for Rick and his brother John (producer of the pivotal John Hiatt album Bring the Family, three Grammy award-winning albums for The Blind Boys of Alabama, and many others). They borrowed money from their mother to finance the sessions and to pay enlisted musicians like renowned guitarist Albert Lee (Eric Clapton, Emmylou Harris, The Everly Brothers, Bill Wyman) and noted singer/songwriter Jennifer Warnes to accompany Bert in the small Silverlake Studio where the album was recorded. During the sessions, Bert played a few live solo shows around California, including the legendary folk club McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. Fortunately, Rick and John had the foresight to document these concerts, and now the 30th Anniversary Edition of Heartbreak has been further enhanced by a previously unreleased, complete live show from McCabe's Guitar Shop.  Website: http://www.bertjansch.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bertjansch

 © Photo credit: Claudia Kunin
1964 – Bert Jansch
1965 – It Don't Bother Me
1966 – Jack Orion (with John Renbourn)
1966 – Bert and John (with John Renbourn)
1967 – Nicola
1969 – Birthday Blues
1971 – Rosemary Lane
1973 – Moonshine
1974 – L.A. Turnaround
1975 – Santa Barbara Honeymoon
1977 – A Rare Conundrum (released 1976 in Denmark and 1977 in UK)
1979 – Avocet (released 1978 in Denmark and 1979 in UK)
1980 – Thirteen Down (credited as "The Bert Jansch Conundrum")
1982 – Heartbreak
1985 – From the Outside (only released officially in Belgium)
1989 – Leather Launderette (with Rod Clements)
1990 – Sketches
1990 – The Ornament Tree
1995 – When the Circus Comes to Town
1998 – Toy Balloon
2000 – Crimson Moon
2002 – Edge of a Dream
2006 – The Black Swan
2012 - Heartbreak 30th Anniversary Edition - 2 CD set, the first CD containing the classic 1982 album Heartbreak (tracks reordered), the second containing a contemporaneous solo live performance at McCabe's Guitar Shop, including some of the same tracks
1980 – Bert Jansch Live at La Foret (released in Japan only)
1993 – BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
1996 – Live at the 12 Bar: An Authorised Bootleg
1998 – Young Man Blues
2001 – Downunder: Live in Australia
2004 – The River Sessions
2007 – Fresh As a Sweet Sunday Morning (live concert 2006 CD/DVD)
2012 - Sweet Sweet Music
Singles and EPs:
1966 – Needle of Death (EP)
1967 – "Life Depends on Love"/"A Little Sweet Sunshine"
1973 – "Oh My Father"/"The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face"
1974 – "In the Bleak Midwinter"/"One For Jo" (non-album A-side)
1975 – "Dance Lady Dance"/"Build Another Band"
1978 – "Black Birds of Brittany"/"The Mariner's Farewell"
1980 – "Time and Time"/"Una Linea Di Dolcezza"
1982 – "Heartbreak Hotel"/"Up To The Stars"
1985 – "Playing the Game"/"After the Long Night"
2003 – "On the Edge of a Dream"/"Walking This Road"/"Crimson Moon"
1966 – Lucky Thirteen (U.S. release containing tracks from Jansch's two UK LP's.)
1969 – Bert Jansch: The Bert Jansch Sampler
1972 – Box Of Love: The Bert Jansch Sampler Volume 2
1986 – Strolling Down The Highway
1992 – The Gardener: Essential Bert Jansch
1993 – Three Chord Trick
1997 – Blackwater Side
2000 – Dazzling Stranger: The Bert Jansch Anthology
2011 - Angie : The Collection
2007 – Fresh As a Sweet Sunday Morning (live concert 2006)
Albert William Lee (born 21 December 1943 in Lingen, Herefordshire, England) is an English guitarist known for his fingerstyle and hybrid picking technique. Lee has worked, both in the studio and on tour, with many famous musicians from a wide range of genres. He has also maintained a solo career and is a noted composer and musical director.
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin
Notable instruments:
1952, 1953, 1960 Fender Telecaster
Ernie Ball Music Man custom
Albert Lee Signature Model
1958 Gibson J-200
1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Everly Brothers model
1958 Fender Stratocaster
Website: http://www.albertlee.co.uk/
Jennifer Jean Warnes (born March 3, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, arranger, and record producer. She is known for her interpretations of compositions written by herself and many others as well as an extensive playlist as a vocalist on movie soundtracks. She is a close friend of and collaborator with Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Leonard Cohen.
Between 1979 and 1987, Warnes surpassed Frank Sinatra as the vocalist performing the most songs to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song (four times) and to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song (three times). Her biggest hits include "Up Where We Belong" (a duet with Joe Cocker from the 1982 film, An Officer and a Gentleman) and "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" (a duet with Bill Medley from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing).
Website: http://www.jenniferwarnes.com/

Bert Jansch — Heartbreak (30th Anniversary Edition) (2012)