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Bess Atwell — Hold Your Mind (Jul 08, 2016)

Bess Atwell — Hold Your Mind (Jul 08, 2016)

          Bess Atwell — Hold Your Mind (Jul 08, 2016)Bess Atwell — Hold Your Mind (Jul 08, 2016)•   { “The only ritual I subscribe to pre–show is a glass of wine!” }
Location: Brighton/London
Album release: Jul 08, 2016
Record Label: Bull Nose Hoop
Duration:     49:43
01. A Thousand Lovers     3:54
02. Washed And Dried     4:06 
03. Jesse     5:07 
04. Candid     3:37
05. Help Me Believe     4:14 
06. Cobbled Streets     3:35 
07. Hold Your Mind     4:01
08. Resolution     4:11 
09. Out Of Stock     3:26
10. Salt     3:49
11. One Last Word     4:54 
12. Punish You     4:49
℗ 2016 Bullnose Hoop Records•   Bess Atwell’s songs are written far from city lights, in the South Downs communities where she’s lived for most of her 21 years. But in her debut album, “Hold Your Mind”, local folk and singer–songwriter traditions meet a pop sensibility. Produced by Michael Smith (12 Dirty Bullets), observations on identity, self–dismay and claustrophobic social media combine intimacy with rock hooks and gauzier, more expansive atmospheres.
•   Timeless in essence, her songs are solid with modern detail, and a sure sense of place: strong foundations for a subtly fresh new songwriter. Atwell has honed her live craft around London and Sussex, regularly appearing at Soho’s much missed musical hothouse the 12–Bar Club, and at annual appearances at Brighton’s Alternative Great Escape. An intimate, direct performer with access to deep wells of suppression and doubt, her album’s fuller sound is stripped to its essence in person. Atwell’s songs find her version of the universal in concrete, domestic moments: a light in the kitchen, a key in the door, catching the train, and the delicate, sensual nostalgia of recalling the pale, close bodies of an affair.
•   “Quiet, countryside places are where I see myself and my music,” she says. “Not the city, where it’s busy and things are happening right now. My songs need that moment of stepping away, and reflecting.”
•   I don’t know exactly what it is, but every time I listen to Bess Atwell sing, a calmness sweeps over me. Whether it’s her incredibly soothing and beautiful voice, her wonderful writing, or her innate ability to capture universal feelings and emotions in just a few lines of words, that calmness spreads and I can’t shake the feeling that I’m hearing something really, really great. And I’ve only heard three of her songs.
•   http://www.imposemagazine.com/features/bess-atwell-talks-debut-album-hold-your-mind
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bessatwell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bessatwellmusic/

Bess Atwell — Hold Your Mind (Jul 08, 2016)



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