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Music. Warm people. Good songs. Delight in female voice. YOU !!!

Bill Callahan: Live at Third Man Records (18. Jan., 2019)

Bill Callahan: Live at Third Man Records (18. Jan., 2019)     Bill Callahan: Live at Third Man Records (18. Jan., 2019)
Birth name: William Rahr Callahan
Born: June 3, 1966 in Silver Spring, Maryland
Location: Austin, TX
Album release: 18. Januar 2019
Recorded: Third Man Records
Record Label: Third Man Records/Indigo
Duration:     43:19
1. Spring   7:18
2. Jim Cain   5:09
3. Ride My Arrow   6:03
4. One Fine Morning   10:15
5. Drover   7:32
6. Riding For The Feeling   7:02
Δ→  Bill Callahan, fka Smog, is simultaneously a staple of strange American country, lo~fi, folk and independent music. His lyricism comes across as challenging and deeply autobiographical, equal parts “poetry leaning on true~to~life darkness” and “three chords and the truth.”
Δ→  So, it is fitting that Callahan’s live set would command the same sense of friendliness with~difficulty that the recorded songs do. With brief, candid, and charming interludes between older and newer material, an outsider can hear that this performance was obviously a full~bodied (and multi~era) engagement, no space left for distraction.
Δ→  “Jim Cain” is a phenomenal song in any iteration, no doubt about it, but this live recording is unabashedly disrobed, tender, and saved for a sympathetic ear. The full album is an experience; make it one you look after.
Δ→  “Spal v ovocné bedně na zádech jako medvěd.”  A v průběhu našeho rozhovoru řekl: “Já opravdu nevím, co se děje, když skládám písně! Jsem slepý námořník, co poslouchá křídla racků, aby zjistil, odkud vítr vane.”  Solo billing for the leader of Smog to continue his reflective songwriting, but with gospel, soul, and pop elements.
Δ→  Back in the ’90s I saw Mr. Callahan as part of a larger group of singer~songwriters who were creating a weird new affectlessness: Ms. Marshall, in her recordings as Cat Power; Will Oldham; Ms. Dall. Sometimes it seemed as if it wasn’t a musical endeavor as much as something else — literary, or philosophical, or attitudinal.
Δ→  Not surprisingly, Mr. Callahan doesn’t see it that way at all. He hardly finished reading a book until he was about 20, he said. He only writes songs as songs. (“Poetry is, like, foreign to me,” he said.) He also claims to have no interest in songwriting as craft. (“I just want to go to that place that music takes you. I don’t even know how you can study a good song.”) And he does not see his work as related to anyone else’s.
Δ→  “I’ve never felt that,” he declared. Not even now, now that he knows what he’s doing? “Less and less,” he said, and made a tight smile.

Bill Callahan: Live at Third Man Records (18. Jan., 2019)