Bison Bone — Find Your Way Out (Sept. 25, 2020)USA FLAG                                                                            Bison Bone — Find Your Way Out (Sept. 25, 2020)  Bison Bone — Find Your Way Out (Sept. 25, 2020)⊕  Hned první song „Alright“ obsahuje robustní hnací kytarové riffy, poutavé bicí a texty, které se spojí s každým, kdo sleduje své vlastní touhy, přičemž hlavním tématem jsou příznaky stesku po domově. Je to celkově chytlavé, ne na rozdíl od pozitivnější verze hitu Futurebirds „Rodeo“.
♦  Následující „Drinking To Do“ se prosazuje jako třídní klaun a ocitne se doma v jakémkoli venkovském prostředí s tématem pozdních nočních večírků, zatímco „I KNow“ je místem, kde se Bison Bone začíná odlišovat. S pomalým basovým fundamentem si „I Know“ staví základy v měkkém, opojném rockovém kousku ze saténu, který vede posluchače do prozíravějšího prostoru mysli. Po opětovném vytlačení mainstreamové Americany ze svého systému ve čtvrté  „Pack It Up“ přináší „Bad Luck“ pomalejší tempo a drží nostalgičtější soubor textů. Jak uvádí obálka tohoto čísla, kosti Bizónů jsou trendy. Courtney Whitehead struggled through Lyme disease for about a decade. ©Luke Askelson
Location: Denver, Colorado
Album release: Sept. 25, 2020
Record Label:
Duration:     30:40
1. Alright   3:25
2. Drinking To Do   4:35
3. I Know   3:24
4. Pack It Up   2:58
5. Bad Luck   3:15
6. What Do You Know About Me   3:10
7. All Your Love   2:44
8. Downtown   3:13
9. Sad Machine   3:56
♦  Ben Wysocki (The Fray) co~producer, Mark Anderson (Paper Bird) co~producer/engineer, and Dave Welsh (The Fray) mixing. All songs written by Courtney Whitehead.
It was recorded mostly live with a lineup that includes: 
♦  Adam Blake (drums), 
♦  Adam Stern (pedal steel/electric guitars), 
♦  Ben Wysocki (percussion), 
♦  Brianna Straut (backing vocals), 
♦  Courtney Whitehead (guitars/vocals), 
♦  Jess Parsons (keys), 
♦  Mark Anderson (backing vocals), 
♦  Tony Piscotti (bass), 
♦  Wolf Van Elfmand (electric guitars) 
by Cole Peterson ⌊23 Sept., 2020⌋ 
♦  Bison Bone is a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll, and fully led by the boisterous singer/songwriter Courtney Whitehead. The veneer of their “Americana Rock & Roll band” description doesn’t seem to phase the group, as is apparent in their newest album, Find Your Way Out. Whitehead has unabashedly embraced the spirit of the aforementioned term, almost to the point of mockery. The Denver~based band seems fully aware of the connotations surrounding surface level labels and uses it to their advantage by tricking listeners into thinking they are listening to something they are not. It would be easy to think Bison Bone is just another simplistic Americana band, but this is not the case. Set to release on September 25, Find Your Way Out boasts a heavy hitting production team featuring Mark Anderson of Paper Bird, and Ben Wysocki of The Fray. In addition to the album’s production, a quick look at the already released single “Alright,” and accompanying expertly~shot video, further reveals the band’s ability to take their stuff seriously.
♦  “Alright” features chunky driving guitar riffs, punchy drum kicks, and lyrics that connect with anyone who follows their own wanderlust, with symptoms of homesickness carrying through the track as a main theme. It’s overall catchy, not unlike a more upbeat version of Futurebirds’ hit, “Rodeo.”
♦  “Drinking To Do” stakes its claim as the class clown, finding itself at home in any country~themed late~night party~spot, while “I know” is where Bison Bone begins to set themselves apart. Setting off with a slow bass funk, “I know” builds into a mellow, heady rock piece, guiding the listener through to a smarter mind space. After getting that mainstream Americana out of their system again in “Pack It Up,” “Bad Luck” brings back a slower pace, keeping with a more nostalgic set of lyrics. 
♦  “What Do You Know About Me” clicks along in a traditional sense until we’re blindsided by a Hendrix type guitar solo; reminding us of the band’s true priorities. “All Your Love” showcases a modern take on a traditional southern country jig, with intertwining elements of blues. The album’s final track, “Sad Machine” hits hard with a John Bonham type drum kit intro, and unfolds as a classic “sad song,” but with a deeper sense of musicality, and a bit of odd~ball humor to lighten the mood, with lyrics implying the gorging of an absurd amount of tacos.
♦  Where heady, heavy, post~hippie Americana is what many find themselves drawn to these days, Find Your Way Out is an overall accessible release which gets there enough times to tickle the fancy of most fans of the style. But the deeper side of the genre is what Whitehead and crew truly feel in their bones.
♦  “Mama, I’m doing alright,” bellows Courtney Whitehead on the first single and opening track from Find Your Way Out his second full length album as the frontman of Denver~based southern rock band Bison Bone. It’s the kind of answer I’ve half~heartedly given over and over this year, where things haven’t been particularly good, but there’s no real use talking on why. And they could sure be worse. So, yeah, “I’m doing alright.” But when Whitehead says it in that twang of his, in those wide~open, free~ringing notes, it hits a little different.
♦  From him, it gives off an air of hard~earned positivity. Whitehead wrote the songs for this album in the midst of recovering from a bout with Lyme disease, and he dedicates them to listeners’ own struggles, whether with physical or mental health. “I’ve gotten my fair share of trying times in the last decade, but I continue to work beyond it and build on defining who I am,” he says in a press release for the record. “In my process of healing, I establish being more present, supportive, humble, and vulnerable.”
♦  Somehow, it’s all there in that first chorus and its friendly glow, and the next verse, as Whitehead goes on promising a visit to the old family home come springtime~with a significant other in tow (“Long brown hair and a golden soul / when you know, you know”). He doesn’t need to name the struggle behind that contentment; it’s there in the semisweet melody and the band’s fine~sandpaper roots~rock grit, a package that recalls Tom Petty or The Wallflowers in its pedal steel pads and electric licks.
♦  And while “Alright” may be the record’s stickiest track, that approachable gravel carries Bison Bone through a slew of other worthy rock jams. “Drinking to Do” is a rollicking barroom belter with some of Whitehead’s best country~isms (“how the words don’t even rhyme / how we used to could stop on a dime”) and some of the band’s best guitar soloing. “Pack It Up” is a kiss off track packed wall to wall with harmonies and hooks. The tunes are there, if sometimes a little repetitious from track to track, and the edges are overall more polished than the band’s 2017 debut full~length History of Falling.
♦  “Sad Machine,” with its pounding drum intro, offers Whitehead’s most specific encouragement: come out from behind the screen, get some fresh air, and spend time with your friends, he urges. “Go all around this town / eat tacos by the pound / and drink a Bloody Mary.” Seven months into pandemic~mandated isolation, that imagery has maybe never been so potent. These days it’s a kind of escapist fantasy, even, but it rings true~it really is the simple things that make life bearable day to day, like a friend to help you let off some steam. Find Your Way Out is an album that works by the same principle, and where it succeeds, it does so on Bison Bone’s humble charm and infectious good humor.
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