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Black Swan Lane
Staring Down The Path of Sound

Black Swan Lane — Staring Down The Path of Sound (August 1, 2011)

  Black Swan Lane — Staring Down The Path of SoundBlack Swan Lane — Staring Down The Path of Sound (August 1, 2011)Ξ•   Vysoce oceňuji: soudržnost alba. Kvalita zachována od začátku do konce, i když některé skladby nemusí okamžitě odhalit všechno své kouzlo.
Ξ•   Později v roce 2014 kapela získala ocenění za album  A Moment Of Happiness: ALBUM OF THE YEAR REVIEW BY NMB US/UK by Kelvin Knight.
Ξ•   Pravdou je, že nikdo přesně nezná vzorec, který pohání dobrou kapelu směrem nahoru celosvětově. Jistě: promotion, štěstí, hity, to vše hraje svou roli, ale nejsou tam žádné záruky.Location: Augusta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Middleton, Greater Manchester, England
Genre: Dream Pop / Post–Punk / Indie Rock / Alternative Rock
Album release: August 1, 2011
Record Label: Eden Records/CD Baby
Duration:     63:46
01. Fall     3:21
02. Lives Lines Up     2:58
03. Low     3:50
04. Free     4:43
05. Blue Always     5:43
06. Alvea     3:11
07. Resurrect Me     4:27
08. Don’t Hold My Breath     3:09
09. Anyone But You     4:11
10. More Than Enough     4:12
11. Tell You (Acoustic Version)     3:33
12. Illuminate     5:10
13. Bang Your Hands     3:33
14. Everything You Want It Be     4:44
15. Thaynara     3:31
℗ 2011 Jack Sobel/John Kolbeck
© Jack Sobel/John Kolbeck / Eden Records/Wanderland Music Publishing, Inc. (884501568241)
Ξ•   Jack Sobel Guitar, voice
Ξ•   John Kolbeck
Past members:
Ξ•   Mark Burgess
Ξ•   Yves Altana
Ξ•   Kwasi Asante
Ξ•   Achim Faerber
Ξ•   Anna–Lynne Williams
Ξ•   Andy Clegg
Ξ•   Andy Whitaker
Ξ•   Jimmy Oakes
Ξ•   Lauren FayNotes
Interview (excerpt):
Spaceman: Does BSL have an amorphous membership (like Massive Attack)? Who is permanent?
John : Black Swan Lane has definitely been more of a ‘project’ than your typical band. The permanent members and songwriters are ourselves, Jack Sobel, John Kolbeck, and Mark Burgess. Jack : We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best musicians. They include Andy Whitaker and Andy Clegg of The Sun and The Moon, Kwasi Asante, Achim Faerber, Yves Altana, Anna–Lynne Williams of Trespassers William, Jimmy Oakes and many others who have contributed bits and pieces to our ongoing projects. *
By Steven Uhles, Columnist, Wednesday, Aug 3, 2011
Ξ•   Black Swan Lane has, for me, always seemed a bit like a band encased in amber. Ξ•   While I’ve largely admired and enjoyed its albums, which perfectly packaged the sound and style of the acts that emerged out of Manchester, England, in the mid–‘80s, I always felt like part of the reason I engaged with the music was because I had been a fan of its forebears.
Ξ•   If that particular British Invasion had not hit home with me during an important moment of my musical development, would I have as much patience for Black Swan Lane as I have?
Ξ•   After listening to Staring Down the Path of Sound, I have to say yes, probably I would.
Ξ•   As with previous incarnations, the core of the group remains Jack Sobel and Augusta’s own John Kolbeck. This time, the group has pulled Garden City chanteuse Lauren Fay out of retirement to provide back vocals and a small dose of drama. The result is a record that, while sharing the DNA of the English acts that came before — Joy Division and Jesus and Mary Chain, the Smiths and most notably, Chameleons UK — has an American muscularity that adds a welcome dimension to the songs.
Ξ•   What’s interesting about this act, which began slowly but now seems to be releasing material at an accelerated pace, is its focused evolution.
Ξ•   The last album, released one year ago, was a portrait of a band learning to retain its textural prowess while applying to more structured song arrangements. Path of Sound , in contrast, seems to be the record where Sobel and Kolbeck have attempted to hone a sound that not only works in the studio, but also on the stage. The guitars sound fuller and are pushed further toward the front. They are allowed to bark and squeal a little, to do the things that a guitar does when let off its leash.
Ξ•   It seems to be an intentional step away from the somewhat restrained sounds, the polish and intentionality, that often typified the Manchester sound. Rather than a careful re–creation, this sounds like an American act drawing on the same sort of emotional elements and aesthetic benchmarks of English indie. It’s a welcome shift.
Ξ•   There’s more good news. I spoke to Kolbeck last weekend, and after acknowledging that this project does seem to be accelerating, he mentioned that there could be a string of Black Swan Lane shows on offer. No dates seem to have been hammered down yet, but it seems likely that an act with such substantial Augusta ties would be willing to throw the hometown a musical bone.
Here’s hoping.  Ξ• http://chronicle.augusta.com/
Azelpds  terça–feira, agosto 16, 2011 • http://projecto–cellophane.blogspot.com/2011/08/black-swan-lane-staring-down-path-of.html                                                                           REVIEWS
Brilliant!, Score: *****
by Remindlessness
Ξ•   “Just saw them the other night in Oakland. More than impressed...this is probably the best album I’ve bought this year. I now own all their albums and can’t say enough good things about this band. Check out the song “Fall”‚ and you will be hooked. If your a fan of The Church, The Chameleons, etc. you won't be disappointed.” — iTunes
Ξ•   “This is Black Swan lane...The perfect safe refuge for the world–weary...” —  Brett Spaceman, [sic] magazine
Ξ•   “Indie rock at it’s best...” — Scunthorpe Telegraph (U.K.)
Ξ•   “Album Of The Year 2013 and 2014.” — NMB US/UK
Ξ•   “Impressive!” — The Big Takeover Magazine 2014
Ξ•   “Black Swan Lane’s textured sound is adrenalin–drenched and takes fans on a roller coaster ride.” —  Shropshire Star (U.K.) 2014
Ξ•   “Towards the stars, it’s a privilege to be able to hear music like this on earth.” —  Nuno Almeda (Azelpds)
Ξ•   “Black Swan Lane’s Compositions are quite melancholy and touch the listener's soul.” —  djinnsphere
Ξ•   “A perfect communion of feelings, a creative symbiosis achieved in full.” —  Projecto Cellophane
Ξ•   “If you like the Chameleons UK, you should by it!” —  Discogs
Ξ•   “Fantastic recommendation from Picadilly Records.” —  Further Ahead of Warped
Ξ•   “Sounds like Steve Kilbey of The Church singing over a cool cascade of dueling guitars.” —  EvilspongeAlbums:
2007 A Long Way from Home  (Eden Records)
2009 The Sun and the Moon Sessions  (Eden Records)
2010 Things You Know and Love  (Eden Records)
2011 Staring Down the Path of Sound  (Eden Records)
2013 The Last Time in Your Light  (Eden Records)
2014 A Moment of Happiness  (Eden Records)
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/blackswanlane2
Website: http://blackswanlane.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/blackswanlane1/videos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackswanlane
INTERVIEW*: http://www.sicmagazine.net/557/interview-black-swan-lane/
Agent: Tara Rosie
JACK RICHARD SOBEL: https://www.facebook.com/jacksobel

Black Swan Lane
Staring Down The Path of Sound



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