Blaine L. Reininger — The Blue Sleep (22 March 2018)   Blaine L. Reininger — The Blue Sleep (22 March 2018) Pamela MÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019)Born: 1953 in Pueblo, CO
Location: Athens, Greence
Album release: 22 March 2018
Record Label: Les Disques du Crépuscule
Duration:      43:33
01 Public Transformation   4:46
02 The Blue Sleep   3:17
03 Lost Ballroom   5:52
04 We’re Tearing Out   4:46
05 Dry Food   4:29
06 Camminado Qui   2:45
07 Jacob’s Ladder   4:46
08 The Dull Sea   4:58
09 Molecular Landscape   4:43
10 Odi et Amo   3:11
Boomkat Product Review:
•ƒ•    The Blue Sleep is a brand new studio album by Blaine L. Reininger, the Colorado~born composer and founder member of avant~garde music group Tuxedomoon. Written and recorded by Blaine in 2017, the album was mixed in his adopted hometown of Athens by noted electronic music producer Coti K. Like most of his previous solo projects, The Blue Sleep combines vocal songs with atmospheric instrumental tracks, three of which (‘Lost Ballroom’, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and ‘Odi et Amo’) were written for Caligula, a theatre production.
•ƒ•    “These days the music plays me,” explains Blaine. “The unifying principle behind the songs on Blue Sleep is the method of composition. I apply fine old aleatory techniques — John Cage, William Burroughs, Tristan Tzara — and filter these through my instinctive knowledge of melody and harmony. Lyrics are generated algorithmically (I work with programs which assemble phrases according to mathematical rules) and then edited by me, with phrases suggested by the random output. That’s pretty much my modus operandi in the 21st century.”
Description: Score: 8/10
•ƒ•    …Opener ‘Public Transformation’ has appeared elsewhere before and musically reflects his work with Cult with No Name on the Lynchian Blue Velvet Revisited collab issued by Crammed in 2016 — sensitive, resonating and iridescent, searching for another film to soundtrack and a heart to swell. The title~track takes a more familiar path with a verse~chorus template of sorts while the intense and almost dervish or Arabic Lost Ballroom recalls his earlier solo workings like Greasy Gigolo, Voice of The Hive and the live take of Volo Vivace.
••     Other highlights include ‘Dry Food’, his not~so~corny homage to Tzitziki his cat, the moving poetic and swirling ‘Dull Sea’ and the ambient soundscape ‘Molecular Landscape’, a piece to rival Steve Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Musik or Jean Michel Jarre’s Waiting for Cousteau — and that’s a good thing. ‘Closer Odi et Amo’, written for a theatre production of Caligula, closes proceedings with a love and hate reference all too relevant in these testing times.
•ƒ•    A couple of tracks get lost in the thud and bluster of drums and hollerin’ — ‘We’re Tearing Out’ doesn’t translate digitally and ‘Camminando Qui’ might frighten the neighbours with its crazed vocals and maelstrom of guitars and drums but overall, Reininger has once again delivered an album that transcends genres and expectations far beyond your average independent maverick living the family dream in Athens. — flipsideflipsidereviews.