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Blue House Suppose

Blue House — Suppose (Sept. 30, 2016)

                 Blue House — Suppose (Sept. 30, 2016)Blue House — Suppose (Sept. 30, 2016)♦»   ‘Suppose’ is rarely an obvious beast, the fragile balance of atmospherics and presence permeating the record with an understated and endearing numinousness throughout. Leaving no stone unturned, the duo wilfully explores the intricacies of pop, with an emphasis on deft poetics and quality songwriting. Whilst debut single ‘Hot Air Balloons’ brims with jangling 90’s chords, its follow up ‘Simple Song’ is a delicate affair — a 70’s folk~revival lullaby, radiating with simplistic charm.
♦»   ‘Literate, easygoing, romantic guitar pop.’ — Brooklyn Vegan
Location: London, UK
Album release: Sept. 30, 2016
Record Label: Whipped Cream Records
Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock
Duration:     43:23
01. I Found My Limit      4:12
02. John the Unready      4:23
03. Hot Air Balloons      4:45
04. Museum Workers      4:39
05. Ear to the Door      4:39
06. Simple Song      5:31
07. Albert Played the Euphonium      3:54
08. January the Tenth      4:30
09. Weatherman      3:37
10. Lay Down      3:14
℗ 2016 Whipped Cream Records
♦»   Subtle, elliptical and ambiguous, Suppose is the debut full~length from London based duo Blue House. The album presents us with a world of haunted pop ~ songs about people just departed, places just left, and events just witnessed. It is a world in which an under~the~surface quotidian terror might make strange all sorts of objects: Playstation games, postcards, grasshoppers, euphoniums all find their way on to the record. The band in earnest probably began with a drunken duet of Patsy Cline’s ‘Walking In The Moonlight’, sang on top of a rickety table at a house party in 2015. Something of that country sensibility remains in songs like ‘Ear To The Door’, that has Ursula and James harmonize a song about domesticity and wandering, a theme that resurfaces throughout the record (‘John the Unready/had a little baby girl last night/now he’s halfway across the countryside/saying something’s calling me.’)   Bandcamp: https://blue-house.bandcamp.com/
Track By Track: Blue House on their curious and charming debut album, Suppose
Words: The Line Of Best Fit / 29 SEPTEMBER 2016, 10:45 BST
♦»   Blue House talk euphoniums, pathetic fallacy, and drunken Patsy Cline sing~a~longs as they guide us through their beguiling brilliant debut album, Suppose.
♦»   James Howard and Ursula Russell (Blue House) were members of the bands Fiction and Drop Out Venus before they joined forces to pen songs on topics ranging from domesticity to outer space.
♦»   Over the past year the London duo have shared a handful of songs from their debut record ~ the brilliant ‘90s jangle~pop of “Hot Air Balloons” to name just one ~ but the full fruits of their labour are at last on display. Suppose, we’re told, invites listeners into a world of “under~the~surface quotidian terror”.
♦»   Read Howard’s explanations:
I Found My Limit
♦»   I suppose you couldn’t steal playstation games now, unless you’ve got hacking skills. Do they still make games on CDs? Don’t they just crawl into your TV now? Speaking of stealing, this bridge has klepto~fingers all over the Everly Brothers.
John The Unready
♦»   Hmm. Probably the best song you’ll hear today. If only there was an animation starring an anthropomorphised rabbit to go with it. ‘Unready’ used to mean ill-advised rather than badly prepared. Bring back epithets, we say. Just add ‘the’ between your first and last name if you can’t get your brain into gear.
Hot Air Balloons
♦»   A man goes to a party on his own and doesn’t talk to anybody. A travelling laughing gas salesman arrives to peddle his wares. The lonely man hands over a fiver and now has a balloon in each hand — but no hand free to take them. This song has nothing to do with that fable, but both have something do with love it seems.
Museum Workers
♦»   This is a sad song. Respect and love to museums and their workers. The zero hour/that’s when my love comes tumbling down/that’s when my love begins to shine.
Ear To The Door
♦»   Blue House once sang a duet of “Walking After Midnight” on top of a table at a house party. When the table didn’t break they had to instantly write this song. Received wisdom is that being in a ‘key’ is to have a sense of home, so when you hear the second and last chords in the verse it’s like you’ve woken up on the night bus as it pulls into the stop you’d left from.
Simple Song
♦»   Not so simple to make this one — we had no verses and almost threw it away until Ursula took on the responsibility for the first time on this record. This is a different mix from the one put out as a single which was a bit too hey~you~there~listen~to~me~!
Albert Played The Euphonium
♦»   When you play this on the vinyl an automated voice interrupts the flow and says BASED ON A TRUE STORY. The euphonium is suggested to be the closest instrument to the human voice, though we all know that is the jew’s harp. One reviewer, in saying how wonderful this song was, praised the trumpet solo…dilly ding dilly dong man, concentrate!
January The Tenth
♦»   Not much is known on Mars regarding the topic of songs and singing. But it’s thought that they originated on earth transported by the first settlers as a way of helping the flora grow. Though so much of what we know of that time is guesswork and conjecture these days. Singing is left to the wind and the trees. It’s agreed they are most suitable to the task. The wind and the trees are rarely criticised, and on those few occasions that they are they just keep on singing.
♦»   The pathetic fallacy is the arrogance of human beings thinking that the sun shines to celebrate their programmed continuation of the species or the rain falls to commiserate the loss of a polo tournament. If you really want to know how you feel, stay up for 4 days, press your face close to the telly and wait for the messages.
Lay Down
But if the sun does shine, let it.
♦»   https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/
Label: http://whippedcreamrecords.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ourbluehouse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourbluehouse/

Blue House Suppose


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