Bonnie “Prince” Billy — I Have Made A Place (Nov. 15th, 2019)   Bonnie “Prince” Billy — I Have Made A Place (Nov. 15th, 2019)  Pamela MÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019)
•⊆⊇•     Starší, moudřejší a šťastnější. První sbírka nových písní Willa Oldhama jako Bonnie „Prince“ Billyho za několik posledních let od originálů z roku 2011 „Wolfroy Goes To Town“ se zaměřuje na jednoduchá potěšení a vytrvalost.
•⊆⊇•     Featuring contributions from guitarist Nathan Salsburg, drummer Mike Hyman, and singer~songwriter Joan Shelley. I Have Made a Place is Billy’s first LP of original songs officially released since his 2011 record ‘Wolfroy Goes to Town’. Since, he’s self~released a 2013 self~titled album, re~workings of older material, a collaborative record with Bitchin Bajas, a double album tribute to Merle Haggard, and most recently, a collaborative LP with the National’s Bryce Dessner and Eighth Blackbird. In 2019 he released an album called ‘Songs of Love and Horror’ under his Will Oldham moniker.
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Album release: November 15th, 2019
Record Label: Drag City/Domino/Palace
01. New Memory Box 
02. Dream Awhile 
03. The Devil’s Throat 
04. Look Backward On Your Future, Look Forward To Your Past 
05. I Have Made A Place 
06. Squid Eye 
07. You Know the One 
08. This Is Far From Over 
09. Nothing Is Busted 
10. Mama Mama 
11. The Glow Pt. 3 
12. Thick Air 
13. Building A Fire 
+ New, solo,  Bonnie “Prince” Billy album, for the first time in years.
+ Transparent Red vinyl Indie Edition
♣      I Have Made a Place is Bonnie Billy’s first LP of original songs since 2011, out on Domino. Bitchin’ Bajas & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy at Cafe OTO. Author: Dawid Laskowski
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Score: ★★★★
•⊆⊇•     Looking for a recommendation for an artist residency that takes small families with two working artist parents?” tweeted Will Oldham recently. The Americana outrider with the shining pate is now coupled up, with small fry on board. His newest album sings mellifluously of true love (“complete transfiguration”, according to You Know the One) and memory boxes, of building something lasting. “My cookie jar is here,” he sings on Dream Awhile, an adult lullaby extolling the succour of a good night’s sleep. A peak~Billy melody and Joan Shelley backing vocals compound the loveliness.
•⊆⊇•     Naturally, Oldham sees things differently to others — he has an “eye for the squid”, as the song of the same name puts it. The darkening sky looms. Harm is “swarming round”. On This Is Far From Over, a simple folk tune, Oldham envisions “shorelines gone and maps destroyed” and advises teaching your children to swim. But these 13 tracks tell, musically, of the years of collaboration, covers and self~examination since 2011’s Wolfroy Goes to Town. It’s a process that has re~seeded a jolly solidarity in Oldham. These tunes relish their flutes and organs, horns and strings. Crucially, hope plays off against the bleakness. “Fill me up, pour me another,” he sings on The Glow, Part 3, “I can still see the light of day.”
by Sam Sodomsky, NOVEMBER 15 2019. Score: 7.1