Brooke Annibale Silence Worth Breaking (2011)

Brooke Annibale ◊ Silence Worth Breaking (2011)

Brooke Annibale ◊ Silence Worth Breaking (2011)

Brooke Annibale — Silence Worth Breaking
Location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ~ Nashville, TN, USA
Album release: March 15, 2011
Record Label: Self-released
Duration:       41:02
01. Under Streetlights     3:44
02. Empathy     4:45
03. The Way It Was     3:39
04. Feels Like Home     4:15
05. I Believe     5:27
06. Yours and Mine     4:18
07. Bullseye     3:28
08. Fright     3:56
09. Tryin’     4:16
10.  Don’t Let Them Tell You     3:14   // Producer: Paul Moak
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Pittsburgh native and singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale combines earthy vocals, insightful lyrics and acoustic pop folk sounds to create dynamic and engaging performances. Vocally, she has a smoky quality similar to John Mayer, and employs a pleasing thickness and pitch that are reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Her lyrics bleed with an uncommon wisdom for a twenty-four-year-old, as the tales she tells about love, loss, faith and finding yourself are simultaneously deeply personal and wholly universal in their application. Brooke’s third album, Silence Worth Breaking, is her most well-rounded effort yet, featuring dreamy folk-pop, radio-ready pop-rock, edgy groove rock and even some stripped down numbers where it’s largely her and her acoustic guitar. Brooke’s music is loaded with life and gravitas, and her confidence and thought-provoking lyrics will leave you wanting to hear more when she’s done.
“Silence Worth Breaking” was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Paul Moak.  After working with Brooke in the studio Moak said, “Brooke Annibale is an artist of true depth both as a writer and a performer.  Her ability to draw you in with that voice is equally matched by what she has to say once you are there.”  Moak has worked with national artists Third Day, Jennifer Knapp, Matthew Mayfield, Mat Kearney.  The new album was funded by Brooke’s fans through a campaign on the crowd-funding website, Since it’s release, her music has been featured on the TV shows One Tree Hill, Hart of Dixie, and Jane By Design.
Brooke’s third album follows “Memories in Melody” and “The In Between,” released in 2005 and 2008, respectively. Over the course of that time period, Brooke attended Belmont University in Nashville where she earned a degree in Music Business.  Upon graduation, she returned home to Pittsburgh to pursue her career in music both locally and nationally and has been invited to open for musicians Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, Tony Lucca, Julian Velard, Charlie Mars, Kim Taylor, Julie Lee and Steven Delopoulos and the bands Hanson and Rooney.  Most recently she had the honor of performing at the 2011 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and the 2012 30A Songwriters Festival.
Her new record Silence Worth Breaking was released on March 15, 2011. (For more in depth information about Brooke please visit her Electronic Press Kit (EPK) )/ 
 Under Streetlights
i can’t help but wonder why
you can’t help but cross my mind
and i’m thinking of you (thinking of you)

hope one day it all be clear
i’ll be there or you’ll be here
i’ll be talking with you (long talks with you)

under streetlights
on long car rides
i can’t forget your eyes
through the dark nights
two hours till sunrise
i can’t forget your eyes

through the years and through the miles
i just want to see you smile
and be happy with you (happy with you)

i think somehow we could always see
it’d end up being you and me
me and you (just me and you)

Produced by Paul Moak (Third Day, Jennifer Knapp) and funded by her fans, "Silence Worth Breaking" is a lush, polished, major-label-sounding neo-folk record in the spirit of a Sarah McLachlan or Beth Orton. Ms. Annibale has written tenderly about love (mostly) and delivers the songs with hushed bedroom intimacy and gorgeous vocal range. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“The album is full of gravitas, passion, joy, sorrow, humility and boldness, and it’s all done in a stunning, hypnotic fashion that is as authentic as anything you’ve heard so far in 2011.And the fact that this latest release (her fourth) is coming from someone who isn’t even 25-years-old yet is all the more astounding given the wisdom that bleeds from every corner of this record. It is clear that Brooke tries to absorb as much as she can wherever she is — be it on stage opening for Hanson in Pittsburgh, or when she was a student at Belmont University in Nashville — and her music is richer because of this.
She’s an overanalyzer — a fact which is further cemented by the frequent pauses that took place during this interview — and while she admits that can be frustrating for some people when they converse with her, the painstaking attention she pays to her words is a large part of what makes Silence Worth Breaking resonate so deeply with the listener, and why this young woman is a talent worth watching.” - Stereo Subversion (Interview By Brian Palmer, Wednesday, March 16th, 2011)

Stereo Subversion - Advancing The Movement of Meaningful Culture
“The fact that this is all coming from a 23-year-old is even more astounding given the wisdom that bleeds from every corner of this record.” - Relevant Magazine
“Pittsburgh-based Brooke Annibale’s fourth project, Silence Worth Breaking, is the best independent recording I have ever listened to. Bar none. From the varied and creative arrangements, to the amazing lyrical imagery, to Annibale’s impressive vocal delivery and range, this album is extraordinary from start to finish.” -
“While her whispered vocals are familiar to that of Priscilla Ahn and Meiko on tracks like “Feels Like Home,” Brooke offers something fresh with her personal and relatable lyrics... Annibale’s emotion fueled vocals captivate the listener, begging him to hit that repeat button.” - You Sing I Write
"Yours & Mine" jumps out as the album's highlight right from the start, but gems like "Under Streetlights" and "Bullseye" are scattered across the entire record giving 'Silence Worth Breaking' the potential to be Brooke's breakout release. -
“Creative arrangements and stunning lyrical imagery combine with her impressive vocal delivery and range to create one of 2011’s best albums (so far). This is the kind of record that some artists wait their whole lives to make. ... Annibale’s potent vocals combine chilling longing, combustible passion and a wizened foresight that many people will never have. Sounding like a hybrid of Colbie Caillat’s and John Mayer’s voices (close your eyes and imagine their vocals on ”Realize” fusing together), Annibale’s honest, no-frills singing disarms and mystifies you simultaneously, and once you listen to the tales she is telling you, you can’t help but smile in shock because of the unbelievable beauty of what you are hearing. ... Silence Worth Breaking is so stunning because the album’s title is extraordinarily appropriate. Annibale has a lot to say because she has listened much and learned a lot about life, and whatever wisdom she has to impart is made even more incredible because she shares it as a story instead of giving a sermon. Her vocal restraint is amazing at times, startlingly confident in others and all the while she infuses her performances with unadulterated joy.
If there is a worthy candidate for Breakout Artist of the Year, it’s Brooke Annibale, and if there’s one album you have to listen to it’s Silence Worth Breaking.” ****½ - Brian Palmer, Glide MagazineGlide Magazine - Music :: Culture :: Life

“Brooke Annibale is a gifted singer-songwriter, who has great prose with words and a static impression of the rhythmic sounds that envelope her music.” - Talent In Borders
“Brooke Annibale is an artist of true depth both as a writer and a performer.  Her ability to draw you in with that voice is equally matched by what she has to say once you are there.” - Paul Moak (Producer of “Silence Worth Breaking”)
“It's sincere, warm and the best kind of radio-ready” - Pittsburgh City Paper

Brooke Annibale © Greensboro, NC

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Brooke Annibale Silence Worth Breaking (2011)