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Brooke Sharkey — Wandering Heart (28th October 2016)

Brooke Sharkey — Wandering Heart (28th October 2016)

  Brooke Sharkey — Wandering Heart (28th October 2016)
>>   Atmospheric and haunting; but brush up on your French!
>>   ´Wandering heart´ is an achingly intimate conversation between a couple about allowing each other to explore open love, it ends in a musical chaos which reflects inner turmoil or the release of self trying the deal with such matters.
Location: London, UK
Album release: 28th October 2016
Record Label: self~released
Duration:     49:44
01 Your Tomorrow     4:32 
02 Offida     3:23
03 Faces     4:28
04 Bottletop Blues     5:01
05 White Chalk     5:39
06 Come Be Me     4:40
07 Where To Go    4:22
08 Wandering Heart     6:16
09 Sailor’s Wife     4:23
10 Coastline     6:00
>>   Double Bass — Adam Beattie (tracks: 1, 7, 9)
>>   Drums, Percussion — Sam Pert
>>   Electric Bass, Effects — Harry Deacon (tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8)
>>   Electric Guitar — Brooke Sharkey (tracks: 5, 10)
>>   Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Effects — Adam Beattie
>>   French Horn, Effects — Jez Houghton
>>   Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar — Brooke Sharkey
>>   Synthesizer — Brooke Sharkey (tracks: 4)
Written by Phil Vanderyken 17 October, 2016
>>   Brooke Sharkey is a London~based singer~songwriter who was raised in France and the UK. Wandering Heart is her second full~length, telling tales of London~life and summers spent traveling the coasts of France and Italy with long~term collaborator guitarist Adam Beattie. A travelogue of sorts perhaps.
>>   Wandering Heart is a sonically ambitious record, painting a broad sound canvas in muted colors over which Brooke’s voice soars and shines. Brooke’s backup band includes a French horn, an unusual addition used to full effect, and on this record her band’s sound is expanded by strings, utilized sparingly but very effectively to enhance the cinematic quality of her music. Brooke’s vocals are delicate and powerful, in the tradition of like~minded indie folk chanteuses, with the occasional Kate Bush~like quiver and a touch of Bjork’s quirkiness.
>>   ‘Your Tomorrow’ starts off with a lone guitar over which Brooke’s voice intones, quickly joined by a mournful French horn. The song crawls along at a snail’s pace, guitar and French horn laying down contrapuntal lines over which her plaintive vocals soar. A somber and restrained beginning for any record, and it sets the tone for a record full of medium and slow tempo songs, heavy on sonic texture and dramatic shifts, with great attention to detail both musically and sonically.
>>   ‘White Chalk’ is a minimalist petit opus built on a simple guitar figure with whisper quiet vocals that occasionally slips into darker territory, hinting at some deeper well of sonic mayhem lying just beneath the deceptively calm surface.
>>   A more lushly orchestrated piece of chamber folk is offered on ‘Come be Me’, a mini~masterpiece with breathy French vocals that ebbs and flows beautifully over tribal drums and chunky guitar.
>>   ‘Where to Go’ is a breezy tune that gently floats along, bringing to mind a slightly more polished version of Tom Waits, complete with Marc Ribot~esque tremolo guitar.
>>   ‘Sailor’s Wife’ could be considered an experimental sea shanty. Over a wavering drone Brooke sings what sounds like a modern day Celtic chant, the story of a woman who gave her heart to a man of the seas.
>>   Wandering Heart is an understated affair that occasionally leaps for the stars, perhaps an apt metaphor for Brooke’s vocals. It’s an intricate, lovingly crafted album that showcases a singer/songwriter on top of her game.  >>   http://www.folkradio.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brookesharkey
>>   ‘Brooke has an incredible voice, amazing control and Grace’ — The Observer
>>   “It’s an aural treat!” — Time out London
>>   ‘Irresistible music’ with ‘..a vocal performance that seems to switch effortlessly between lithely melodic and fiery’ — Folk Radio UK.
>>   Patrick Derloin — Fip Radio France — ‘Un ressenti qui traverse le corps et l´âme et on ne se pose pas d´avantage de question, le disque reste dans la tête et dans le cœur, il est au dessus des autres…’
>>   English translation: ´ An unquestionable sensation that runs through the body and soul, the music stays in the head and in the heart, it is above all others..´
>>   Fresh beats~An introspective sound adorned with emotional vocals and sliding string sections that create a tense air of melancholy that few others can master so simply and so elegantly, Brooke Sharkey oozes a creativity that radiates emotion. She is a woman who bleeds artistry´

Brooke Sharkey — Wandering Heart (28th October 2016)


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