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Cæcilie Norby — Silent Ways (2013)

 Cæcilie Norby — Silent Ways (2013)

Cæcilie Norby — Silent Ways
Født: 9. september 1964, Frederiksberg, Dansk
Location: Copenhagen Denmark
Album release: April 22nd, 2013
Record Label: ACT Music
Duration:     49:53
01 – Stepping Stone     3:30
02 – Winter Lady     3:50
03 – In My Secret Life     3:22
04 – Papa Was a Rolling Stone     4:36
05 – Diamonds and Gold     3:55
06 – Like a Rolling Stone     3:52
07 – Hurt     4:48
08 – Hearts and Bones     5:08
09 – Silent Ways     3:31
10 – Have You Ever Seen the Rain     4:03
11 – Black Hole Sun     5:09
12 – Hymnen     4:09
Recorded in Copenhagen Piano Studio, Copenhagen Denmark
By Freddy Albrektsen & Christian Alex Petersen
Assistant engineering by Julian Barfoed
Mixed in Copenhagen Piano Studio, Copenhagen Denmark by Freddy Albrektsen
Mastered in Tia Dia Studios, Mölnlycke Sweden by Bo Savik
Cæcilie Norby: All vocals
Lars Danielsson: Acoustic guitars, Cello, Bass, Tambourine
Leszek Możdżer: Piano
Nguyên Lê: Electric guitars, Electronics
Robert Mehmet Ikiz: Drums & Percussion
All arrangements by Lars Danielsson
All vocal arrangements by Cæcilie Norby
¦ no 1, 2 & 9 arr. The band,
¦ no 5 & 6 arr. L. Danielsson / C. Norby,
¦ no 7 arr. L. Możdżer / L. Danielsson,
¦ no 8 arr. L. Możdżer,
¦ no 11 arr. L. Możdżer / C. Norby,
¦ no 12 arr. C. Norby
Marius Neset: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones on no 5, 8, 10
Bo Savik, Lars Danielsson and Cæcilie Norby: Background vocals on no 5
Thanks to:
Copenhagen Piano, Claus Kiilpatrick, Lars Falck, Mikkel Schmidt, Brian Lensing, PDH, Micky Pramming, the ACT staff, Las Thomsen, Slagtøjscentret.
Special Thanks to:
Freddy Albrektsen; great spirit
Lars Danielsson uses Wilson pickups, Neumann Microphones and Roland Electronics.
Robert Mehmet Ikiz plays Gretsch drums & Bosphorus cymbals.
Nguyên Lê uses VoVox cables, Fractal Audio, Audeze headphones, DV Mark & DR Strings.
Leszek Możdżer gives his special thanks to Miroslaw Mastalerz Piano-Forte.
Website: http://caecilienorby.com/
ACT Music: http://www.actmusic.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4AJFHZO7UE
Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/en/artist/194103
01. STEPPING STONE (Duffy and S. Booker)
¦ We only had 10 minutes left of our recording session at the studio in downtown Copenhagen, and we were all keen to record the last track. With no rehearsal, no time to discuss or prepare what we wanted to do with this track, I simply counted us into the intro and a deep funky groove became our starting point and foundation for our jam on Duffy's hit from 2008. "Stepping Stone" is an ultra feminine song with subtle undertones of rebellious sub tonalities.
02. WINTER LADY (L. Cohen) + 03. IN MY SECRET LIFE (L. Cohen)
¦ "Winter Lady" and "In my secret life" are some of my all time favorite Leonard Cohen tunes. In those tunes there is an element of subtleness and the semi-reserved. One has to open ones ears to reach the song. Both songs are about unfulfilled love, where the desired one is remote. And it is in the capacity as the spectator/observer, Leonard is most comfortable - that is at least my take on it. Little everyday stories captured in simple and beautiful melodies.
04. PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE (The Temptations)
¦ "Papa ..." was one of the soundtracks that accompanied me in my psychedelic youth, where infinite bass lines and grooves kept me on a meditative journey. The American soul music transformed Montmartre in Nørregade, Copenhagen, to a palette of sweaty dancing post hippies - 2 x 6 hours each weekend in the early 1980s. On this track - we shifted our ears away from the American sound and "Papa .." was embodied with an Eastern European ethnic forward-looking pace with Polish Leszek Mozder on piano in a explosive arrangement by Lars Danielsson.
¦ Who would have thought that Tom Waits was inspired by Mary Poppins? A sailor's raw song about desire and ambition, where Disney phrases haunts beneath the surface.
¦ My grandmother and grandfather sang in tune, my mother and father sang in tune, my sister and nanny and all of my classmates at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium sang in tune. Bob Dylan however did not, so it would take my refined ears many years to truly understand and appreciate the pure genius that lies in Dylan's singing. To my disbelief - I discovered that vocal originality has nothing to do with vocal frequencies. I love singing this song. I love its irony and the deliciously selected wordplay that lies in the lyrics.
07. HURT (T. Reznor)
¦ A song about hitting rock bottom. "You can have it all: My empire of dirt..." Reznor has written about the ultimate surrender, where dismay becomes something beautiful and almost described as a work of art - life’s work of art. Once again this track was nailed on the very first take, where you clearly sense Leszek's and Lars' sheer joy and timing from working together for so many years. Nguyen set the most beautiful melodic scene, where Ikiz's percussion keeps the motor running and brings it to a boil. Each musician listening, contributing to the whole, forfeiting their egos... that is how I remember it.
¦ Paul Simons philosophical journey through New Mexico with his fiancé exudes a lightness
experienced throughout the great landscapes. The Norwegian heaven sent saxophonist Marius Neset commented on the bands journey en tour de force on this track, as Leszek was sitting on the floor cracking up in laughter minutes before this track was recorded. Since then, I too enjoy exploring all the small spontaneous melodies that are intertwined in this track. Everyone involved on the track embraces and makes room for one another musically.
09. SILENT WAYS (W. Haffner / C. Norby)
¦ The title number of this album is written by my German drummer friend - Wolfgang Haffner. It is a serenade to the iron faced man and the bottled up emotions, where love and passion is smoldering beneath the surface. Like lava in the volcano.
¦ My Credence Clearwater Revival eye-opener. I heard the original version the first time when I was 14 years old at my youth club. Back in the days where half a gram of hash was only 25 kroners, and there was hessian on the walls and fishnet in the ceilings. After a childhood filled with classical music, a little ABBA and some Beatles this sound touched my heart in a raw and unpretentious way.
11. BLACK HOLE SUN (C. Cornell)
¦ One of the greatest hits from the 90's is lyrically speaking Soundgardens take on ‘Come Together’, where the lyrics solely consists of incoherent phrases that just sound good. Unaware of this, I naturally have a clear idea in my head on what these lyrics are about. It is clearly about respiratory problems in a pink society of abundance, where the only salvation and possible route to shift the materialistic and immoral spiral is the great cosmic vacuum cleaner. Take that, Cornell :)
12. HYMNEN (L. Danielsson / C. Norby)
¦ The producer of this album, Lars Danielsson, takes the final word on the album. Lars is a Melody Man with a capital M, and the hymn is present in many of his compositions. It is a tribute to the powerful and merciless Mother Nature.
¦ Frontline (1985)
¦ Frontlife (1986)
One Two:
¦ One Two (1986)
¦ Hvide Løgne (1990)
¦ Getting Better (1993)
¦ Cæcilie Norby (1995)
¦ My Corner of the Sky (1996)
¦ Queen of Bad Excuses (1999)
¦ First Conversation (2002)
¦ London/Paris (2004 – liveplade)
¦ Slow Fruit (2005)
¦ I Had a Ball – Greatest & More (2007)
¦ Arabesque (2010)
¦ Cæcilie Norby er musikalsk meget alsidig, men efterhånden ved at placere sig primært som jazzsanger af international klasse. Hun er blevet sammenlignet med så store navne som Monica Zetterlund, Dinah Washington og Aretha Franklin, og hendes sang kan spænde fra det romantiske til det prosaiske, fra det sårbare til det kraftfulde, og hele tiden er hendes improvisatoriske evner fremragende.
¦ 1985: Ben Webster Prize
¦ 1986: Best Recording Album in Japan
¦ 1997: Simon Spies Soloist Prize
¦ 2000: Wilhelm Hansen Music Prize
¦ 2010: IFPI's Honorary Award
Danishcharts: http://danishcharts.com/showinterpret.asp?interpret=C%E6cilie+Norby
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::File:Leszek Możdżer.jpg © Leszek Możdżer; Date: 25 May 2011; Author: Agnieszka Walulik

Cæcilie Norby — Silent Ways (2013)



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