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Candlebox — Disappearing in Airports (Apr 22, 2016)

Candlebox — Disappearing in Airports (Apr 22, 2016)

  Candlebox — Disappearing in Airports (Apr 22, 2016)
≡°   Musically, Disappearing in Airports is as heady as it is lyrically. And visually: the album cover is by an artist–friend of Martin’s, Scott Fisher, who passed away during the album process. “I had asked him paint the artwork for the album, and the painting he did for us is titled “Disappearing In Airports,” hence the album title. The painting represented the songs that he’d hear from our album, so it’s really about what his emotions were how the songs had affected him, so that’s how it represents the record.”
≡°   Martin found the creative process very therapeutic this go–round; without two original members, he says, “there was more freedom for me to express myself.” That said, it wasn’t always easy, but that’s what gives Disappearing in Airports so much of its power. “I’m saying a lot of things that I’ve never said before, and that’s little bit of a challenge for me. I remember telling Carson that I wasn’t comfortable singing some things, but he said, ‘That’s good, be uncomfortable.’”
≡°   Ultimately, while Disappearing In Airports is clearly Candlebox, Martin observes that the record, compared to its predecessor is “banked right turn; I don’t think it’s 90 degrees but we are taking chances. You’ve got to push yourself outside of that comfort zone. You have to do that as a musician, or in any creative element of your life,” Martin believes. “That’s what we did with this record, and I knew these guys would go with me and would take me where I wanted to go musically. We can reach as far as we want.”Location: Seattle, WA
Album release: Apr 22, 2016
Record Label: Eternal Sound Records
Duration:     46:57
01. Only Because of You      3:54
02. Vexatious      3:47
03. Supernova      3:42
04. Alive at Last      5:33
05. I’ve Got a Gun      4:21
06. I Want It Back      4:08
07. The Bridge      5:08
08. Spotlights      5:10
09. Crazy      3:24
10. Gods Gift      3:14
11. Keep on Waiting      4:36
℗ 2016 Pavement Entertainment, Inc
•   Kevin Martin — vocals
•   Dave Krusen — drums
•   Mike Leslie — lead/rhythm guitar
•   Brian Quinn — lead/rhythm guitar
•   Adam Kury — bass≡°   Candlebox is one of the most influential multi–platinum rock bands to come out of the Alternative Rock music movement. Known for introspective, poetically candid songs that stood out among the music scene, the band’s ‘Far Behind’ and ‘You’ singles are still two of the most played recurrent songs on Rock and Alternative Radio. Their new single ‘Vexatious’ proves to be next in line with its infectious and “true to its roots” Candlebox signature sound. Their five previous full length releases remain favourites amonst the band’s rabid fanbase with their brand new album, ‘Disappearing in Airports’ being eagerly anticipated. With frontman Kevin Martin at the helm, they continue to be one of the most consistent live bands, with shows ranging from the Carolina Rebellion festival, Lollapalooza Chile, and an entire U.S. and international tour set throughout 2016. Candlebox continues to write and redefine Alternative/Rock music with an identity, intellect and honesty that has led to over 5 million albums sold in the US alone since 1993.Review
By Bram Teitelman, 4/21/2016
≡°   It has been four years since Candlebox released an album, and with its sixth project, Disappearing in Airports, out April 22 on Pavement Records, it went about things differently this time. Since it was announced in July 2015 that longtime guitarist Peter Klett and drummer Scott Mercado were amicably departing Candlebox, the Seattle quintet hit the studio with two new guitarists: Mike Leslie and Brian Quinn (formerly of Octone). And it purposely limited its time in the studio.
≡°   “We knew that if we limited ourselves, it would force the creative nature of the band,” singer Kevin Martin tells Billboard. “[Former Pearl Jam drummer] Dave [Krusen], [bassist] Adam [Kury] and myself have played together for years and written umpteen songs together, so we knew what we were capable of.” (Krusen was previously in Candlebox from 1997 to 1999, and recorded on other band projects before rejoining in 2015.)
≡°   It turns out the new guys were an inspired fit, as the revamped lineup knocked out four songs in the first day and recorded the whole album in just 13 days.
≡°   “I discussed it with Adam and Dave that if we just forced ourselves to be creative and allow the songs to open themselves up to us, I think we’d have a great shot at getting the songs we need to get done done, and then we could spend some time working on maybe writing some stuff in the studio,” continues Martin. “That was the process going in: ‘Let’s not overthink things, let’s not overcomplicate the songs. We know what we’re capable of. Let’s see what Brian and Mike can bring to the mix.’ And they brought greatness, in my opinion.”
≡°   Candlebox, whose 1993 self–titled debut went quadruple–platinum and 1996 follow–up Lucy hit gold, has been playing songs from Disappearing in Airports since a tour of South America in December 2015. It also got a chance to fine–tune some of the songs when it performed a few of them acoustically during a February tour. “Playing them acoustically allows me to work on the vocal melodies and make sure everything’s fitting,” says Martin.
≡°   Although the album was completed in November 2015, Martin says he still listens to it every day. “It’s a record that’s urgent and relentless and excited and visceral and all those things I look for in great rock’n’roll music,” he says. ≡°   “Keith Richards said years ago the songs are open to you if you’re looking for them, and we just happened to grab every single one that was right in front of us.” When asked to name his favorite song, he says it changes from day to day. Most recently, he had been listening to “Spotlights,” a song inspired by Detroit and the last 60 years of music from the city, which is Leslie’s hometown. He also mentions “Crazy” and album opener “Only Because of You,” which is about his mother.
≡°   “What she had to go through to raise us four kids, and my father constantly working and being away as a salesman, and the years we were on government cheese,” he says. “Through all these kinds of things, she was able to keep us all as a tight family. That’s a very personal song for me.” °≡   http://www.billboard.com/
Review by Ace Sims,
Rating: 4 skulls
≡°   On April 22, 2016, Candlebox will be releasing their 6th full length studio album Disappearing In Airports via Pavement music.  This 11 track album will be the first release for the Seattle based band since 2012.  Four years may seem like a long time between albums, but as Kevin Martin told me when we spoke about this album and upcoming tour, they like to write and put out a record when it feels right to them and not be rushed into a project as they were with their second album, Lucy.
≡°   I was fortunate enough to get a preview of their upcoming album Disappearing in Airports and I have to say it was definitely worth the wait.   Funny enough,  I had the opportunity to give this album several good listens while sitting in an airport while traveling to and from a recent vacation.  The first track “Only Because Of you” opens with some subtle guitar work that catches the ear just right and is followed by Kevin Martin’s calming intro in to the song.  The song proceeds to not only tell a story, but also sets the tone for the entire album.  The second track “Vexatious” is the band’s first single from the album, and again does something that has been lost in music recently: tell a fantastic story of first hand experiences.
≡°   I could go on and tell you track for track about every song on this album, but I will not. You need to buy this album and hear for yourself.  Yes, I said buy this album!  From start to finish Disappearing in Airports is a solid and complete piece of music.  I would definitely call this a rock album, but don’t expect any ear splitting guitar riffs or even slightly rough lyrics; expect perfectly laid out and timed tracks that are going to speak to you and just make you disappear in to this album.  Trust me, if you are anything like I am, you will be tapping your foot, playing some air drums or something along to the songs, you will not be able to not move to this album. http://rockrevoltmagazine.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candlebox/
Label: http://www.pavementmusic.com/artists/candlebox/

Candlebox — Disappearing in Airports (Apr 22, 2016)


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