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Cape Snow — Cape Snow (31 July, 2015)

Cape Snow — Cape Snow (31 July, 2015)

           Cape Snow — Cape Snow (31 July, 2015)
Location: Los Angeles, CA / New England, USA
Album release: 31 July, 2015
Record Label: Haint/Burst & Bloom
Duration:     33:02
01. All Is Gold      3:58
02. One More Time      4:23
03. Flesh and Blood      3:08
04. I’m Over Love      1:49
05. Amazing      3:07
06. Sweet Dreams      3:33
07. Swoon      3:50
08. Cruel World      0:45
09. Never Let Go      5:45
10. Sweet Dreams (reprise)      2:44
Line up / Credits:
•   Bree Scanlon — vocals
•   Guy Capecelatro III — guitar, keyboard, bass, vibraphone, percussion, programming
•   Marc McElroy — keyboard, organ, bass, percussion, drums
•   Dylan Metrano — guitar, percussion, xylophone, backing vocals with Andy Abelow
•   Andy Abelow — saxophone
•   Brett Deschenes — trumpet
•   Mara Flynn — backing vocals
•   Jerusha Robinson — cello
•   Sean Scanlon — drums
•   Dan Sullivan — guitar
•   Written and recorded between 2012 and 2014.
•   Recorded at the Electric Cave, Portsmouth, NH by Marc McElroy and Guy Capecelatro III.
•   Additional recording done in several homes.
•   Words and melodies by Bree Scanlon, Dylan Metrano, and Guy Capecelatro III.
•   Photography and design by Michael Winters.
•   2015 release. Cape Snow is a cross–continental collaboration between LA based singer Bree Scanlon and members of the long running New England based band Tiger Saw. Over several years, Bree sang melodies into her iPhone while raising two daughters. Tiger Saw’s Dylan Metrano and Guy Capecelatro III wrote lyrics to Bree’s melodies and assembled a band complete with guitars, bass, keys, sax, trumpet, cello, xylophone, organ, vibraphone and more to record the sultry, moody album that would become their debut. Among those contributing to the album from various other parts of the country are Dan Sullivan (Songs: Ohia), Jerusha Robinson (Brown Bird), and Andy Abelow (Small Sur).
Audio premiere:
•   A collaboration between Los Angeles singer–songwriter Bree Scanlon and New England collective Tiger Saw, Cape Snow will be releasing their self–titled debut album this summer. We’re more than pleased to premiere the new track “One More Time”, a flat–out gorgeous rustic waltz that not only echoes the best traits of Americana, but also touches on the influences of such ‘90s stalwarts as Mazzy Star and Low. Country slowcore, if you will. It’s a beautiful song, and we strongly suggest you give it a listen.
•   “Bree came up with the opening lines, ‘I’d do most anything to say hello one more time, but not just in my mind’, and I really liked the simple idea of exploring this longing,” says band member Dylan Metrano. “The lyrics are never explicit about what happened, and why the person is gone, but it’s a universal feeling of wishing there could be a do–over, or wanting a second chance. ‘I’d ruin the rhyme’ is an odd little statement, one of my favorite lines, because it seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but in this context, it’s presented as if it is. Andy Abelow’s saxophone is understated and really beautiful here, too. A good example of what he’s best at. I was such a fan of his playing in Small Sur, and he fits in perfectly here. And Mara Flynn’s harmony on the choruses is also just a short, subtle thing, but pulls at my heartstrings every time I hear it. Musically, the song is pretty simple, but every part serves its purpose well, without being flashy. Everything supports the tender vocal.”  http://www.popmatters.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capesnowsongs
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/teamclermont/cape-snow-one-more-time-1

Cape Snow — Cape Snow (31 July, 2015)


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