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Carrie Tree — The Kitchen Table [2009]

Carrie Tree — The Kitchen Table [October 10, 2009]

           Carrie Tree — The Kitchen Table
Θ→  Music to feed the heart..
Θ→  Self-funded and self-released in 2009, co produced with Matt Tweed and Phil Dale, this is Carrie’s debut album. Recorded in various kitchens and homes around the UK it is a patch work quilt of tender songs amidst colourful yet subtle instrumentation, written on travels across the world from UK to India, Australia, California, Ireland and Greece.
Θ→  I love Carrie Tree... Her voice, her music, her energy is so joyful, sweet, loving... I want her to sing for me in the morning when I wake up... In the afternoon on a rainy day and when I feel tiered or down. Her music brings me in touch with my feelings and what is really here, straight away.
Location: Brighton, UK
Album release: October 10, 2009
Record Label: Self-released
Duration:     59:01
01. Isabelle       4:16
02. Complete Faith       4:50
03. The Gin Song       4:44
04. Friend Of Mine       4:14
05. Misty Water       4:01
06. Hard To Leave       5:06
07. Maya       5:21
08. Can You Hear Me?       4:53
09. Inside Her Tears       3:52
10. Serenity       5:35
Θ→   Carrie: Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Piano & Koto.
Θ→   Matt Kelly: Violin, Auto Harp & Bass on Maya.
Θ→   Beth Perry: Cello.
Θ→   Jerome O’Connell: Cello on The gin song.
Θ→   Lucy Shaw: Double & Electric Bass.
Θ→   Matt Tweed: Electric 12 string, Bazouki, Bodhran, Bass on Inside her tears & Serenity.
Θ→   Matt Park: Electric, Acoustic & Spanish Guitars.
Θ→   Mark Woodward: Backing vocals on Friend of mine & Can you hear me, Bass on Complete faith.
Θ→   Mihaela Repina: Backing vocals on Maya & Misty water.
Θ→   Phil Dale: Bassoon, Low D whistle & Vocal beat box.
Θ→   James Watts: Oboe.
Θ→   Steve James: Piano on Maya.
Θ→   Greg Willow: Percussion on Misty water.
Θ→   Jamie Morrison: Percussion on Inside her tears & The gin song.
Θ→   Storme Watson: Udu.
Θ→   Sunny Davidson: Accordion.
Θ→   Miho: Ocarina.
Θ→   All songs written by Carrie Tree.
Θ→   Can you hear me co-written with Dave Meegan.
Θ→   String arrangements: Phil Dale & Matt Kelly.
Θ→   Jonathan Quarmby: Piano composition on Maya.
Θ→   Produced by Matt Tweed, Carrie Tree & Phil Dale.
Θ→   Recorded & Mixed by Matt Tweed @ Pondlife studios.
Θ→   Recorded at St Dunstans house, Blackbird studios, Claire’s kitchen, Thornhill Rd kitchen.
Θ→   Additional mixing Colin Bradley.
Θ→   Final Mixing, production & recording by Sam Welbourne & Carrie.
Θ→   Photography by Mark Mitchell, Carrie, Catherine Wixey & Dave Driftwood.
Θ→   Graphic design by Carrie & Sam.
Θ→   Recorded in various kitchens, hallways, churches, living rooms and studios around the UK, 'The Kitchen Table' is a travelling nomad much like myself.
Θ→   In the making of this album, I had the opportunity to gather some of my favourite musicians from around the country including players of strings, horns, guitars, piano and percussion. They have become dear friends through the years, and I feel honoured to have their touch and sound on these recordings.
Θ→   I am really grateful to be able to release this body of work into the world, and hope whoever he.
n french:
Θ→   Voici le premier album de Carrie Tree, plus intimiste et dépouillé que le second, proposé avec enthousiasme avant-hier, mais superbe également.
Website: http://carrietree.co.uk/
Bandcamp: http://carrietree.bandcamp.com/album/the-kitchen-table
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/carrietree
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/carrie-tree
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarrieTreeMusic

Carrie Tree — The Kitchen Table [2009]



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