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Guerilla Toss — Guerilla Toss (2013)

 Guerilla Toss — Guerilla Toss (2013)

 Guerilla Toss — Guerilla Toss

≠   A fabulous ride to Bedlam on a new musical express train! Extreme and absolutely essential for anyone interested in the outer edges of creativity!
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Album release: May 21, 2013
Recorded by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, NJ on December 1st and 2nd, 2012.
Catalog ID: TZA–CD–7807
Record Label: Tzadik
Duration:     34:28
1. Cash Now      7:18
2. Scary Monster      4:32
3. Drip Decay      4:30
4. Judy Wants Sex In The News      5:30
5. Diluted Fetus Circuit Tycoon      7:29
6. Liz Tattoo      5:09
≠  Kassie Carlson  —  vocals
≠  Arian Shafiee  —  guitar
≠  Ian Kovac, Jr.  —  synthesizer
≠  Simon Sheldon Hanes  —  bass, guitar
≠  Peter Negroponte  —  drums, triggers, electronics
≠  Artwork by Harry Bogosian
≠  Debut album of a five–piece ensemble from the Boston underground rock scene that mixes noise, improv and composition into intense performances with punk influences.
≠  A brilliant band of lunatics out of Boston, Guerilla Toss is a five–piece ensemble that mixes noise, improvisation, complex composition and song forms with a punk rock aesthetic that verges on madness. Known for their intense live shows, they have garnered a cult following in the underground rock scene. Their first CD release captures all the intensity, control and insanity of their spectacular live performances.
≠  Blasting forth with the raging “Cash Now” the bands music brings to mind ensembles like Zorn’s Painkiller or Japanese noise bands. They develop a powerful collective improvisation, incorporating electronics and potent drumming. The title “Diluted Fetus Circuit Tycoon” kind of gives you an idea where the music is headed, with the amped–up guitar, bass and drums lay waste to the proceedings aided and abetted by synthesizer and wordless vocals.Guerilla Toss 2013 (credits)
Website: http://guerillatoss.com/home
Label: http://www.tzadik.com/
Bandcamp: http://guerillatoss.bandcamp.com/album/gorilla-toss
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guerilla-Toss/294357483907927
Agent: peter.negroponte@gmail.com 

Guerilla Toss — Guerilla Toss (2013)



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