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Rykarda Parasol — Against The Sun [2013]

 Rykarda Parasol — Against The Sun [2013]

Rykarda Parasol — Against The Sun

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Ξ   Rykarda Parasol is one of the highlights of the local San Francisco music scene. A self described progenitor of rock noir, she has been building a following here in San Francisco for the last couple years, putting out two albums and playing many shows in local clubs. Ms. Parasol has quite a unique style, mixing smoky, gravelly vocals, with dark themed lyrics, and sparse, atmospheric band arrangements.
Ξ   “When live Rykarda Parasol employs only as much enthusiasm as it would take to roust a crew of zombies at a cemetery set — gravely gothic and extremely good.” — The Portland Mercury
Born: 1970
Location: San Francisco, CA ~ Paris, France
Genres: Alternative, Music, Singer/Songwriter
Album release: May 1, 2013
Record Label: Chaos Menagement ‎
Duration:     37:42
01. Cloak Of Comedy      (4:12)
02. Atheists Have Songs Too      (3:19)
03. My Horses Run Free      (3:52)
04. Your Arrondissement Or Mine?      (3:31)
05. Island Of The Dead (O Mi, O My)      (4:30)
06. How Ever Measured Or Far      (0:51)
07. Withdrawal, Feathers And All      (3:01)
08. Greetings From Kiev, Xxoo      (3:45)
09. I Vahnt Tou Beh Alohne      (3:43)
10. Take Only What You Can Carry      (3:14)
11. I Know Where My Journey Will End      (3:44)
2013 Rykarda Parasol
Ξ   "Rykarda has self-released another accomplished rock-noir album, this time in an acoustic format that showcases her striking vocals and perceptive lyrics even more than before.  Rykarda's albums have always been a reflection of her personal journey through life and Against The Sun is no exception.  Travel — of body, mind, and soul — is a prevalent theme that runs through the album.   Rykarda focuses specifically on departure — from a place, a person, and even from life itself — as well as the inevitable destination.  While these themes and her lyrics may sound bleak, there's a spirit of vitality and hope, and a survival instinct, which informs Rykarda's emotions and vocal delivery.
Ξ   Light, spare beds of acoustic guitar lines, drums, rich layers of Rykarda's vocals, and sometimes piano notes support her stark lyrics.  She gravely stalks through "Atheists Have Songs Too", dolefully sing-talking "Suffering is life's common thread."  The song title "Island of the Dead (O mi, O my)" speaks for itself, although a sly, albeit macabre, humor does run through the lyrics.  A few songs, like "The Cloak of Comedy" and "Your Arrondissement or Mine?", leaven the gravitas with a dreamier mode that harks back to a 1960s singer-songwriter style."
In french:
Ξ   Une artiste dont les textes, comme la voix, ne laissent pas indifférent et qui mérite d'être mieux connue et reconnue. Découverte conseillée!
Website: http://www.rykardaparasol.com/
Interview; April 15, 2013 by Jen Stratosphere Fanzine:
:: http://www.adequacy.net/2013/04/interview-with-rykarda-parasol-2/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/rykardaparasol
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/rykardaparasol
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ryskaparasol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rykardaMusic
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/rykardaparasol
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RykardaMusic
Agent: Booking info Euprope: Paweł Bulski +48660332365; pablo@chaos.com.pl
Ξ   Rykarda Parasol hails from San Francisco, but has seen the world. Like any traveling bard, she has stories to tell, using her dangerous, gender-bending vocals to weave tales of identity, experience and adventure.
Ξ   For a decade, Rykarda has been the captain of her own musical path, writing and producing three strong full-length albums; from lyrics to voice and instrumentation to creating her album art. Autonomy defines her work, which is an alchemy of; literature, culture, psychology, existentialism and human interaction. The songs leap out fully formed, controlled and knowing.
Ξ   Though born in America, her worldview is eclectic. The daughter of Israeli and Swedish immigrants, she grew up in a mixed-culture household. In recent years, when she's not in San Francisco, she's usually in Paris, France, studying and writing or performing throughout Poland and beyond. It is this continental experience which colors so many of her narratives. Equipped with a writer's sensibilities and a voice like a seasoned instrument, she often performs using an intimate sing-talk delivery. Rykarda describes her own dusky sound as "Rock Noir", which much like Film Noir, is stylishly dramatic, steeped in cynicism and sexual motivation with unpredictable shadows lurking around every corner.
Ξ   In May 2011, Parasol was in need of a change of scenery. For most of 2011 and 2012, Parasol called the French capital her second home. The sojourn proved to be creatively fruitful. With jaunts home to San Francisco, Parasol began to piece together her third album.
Ξ   Initially a private pursuit, Parasol played most of the instruments and layered the vocals with an acoustic album in mind. While further production followed, the tone had been stated. There are no electric guitars and bass makes few appearances. What is present however, is the scope of Parasol's vocal palette where her talent for her own rich harmonies and backing vocals act as Greek chorus to her drama.
Ξ   Thematically, the songs touch upon isolation, independence, and autonomous travel both physically and intellectually in various forms.
Ξ   "Parasol" loosely translated from Latin means "Against the sun". An amusing irony for Parasol herself, who seems at times find herself much like the parasol object itself: Moving about in the world while concealing the body from worldly burn.
Ξ  Here She Comes...  (2005)
Ξ  Our Hearts First Meet  (July 11, 2006)
Ξ  For Blood And Wine  (2009, 2010, 2011)
Ξ  Against The Sun  (May 1, 2013)
Polska recenzija:
Ξ  Rykarda Parasol debiutowała w 2003 roku ciekawą, chociaż nie do końca udaną epką “Here She Comes…”. Do tej pory sprezentowała fanom dwa długogrające albumy, dając poznać się jako artystka konsekwentnie dążąca do pewnego muzycznego wzorca. Polskę, chyba ze względu na korzenie, upodobała sobie szczególnie. Chętnie współpracując z nadwiślańskimi muzykami, oddając dwie piosenki z myślą o ścieżce dźwiękowej filmu “Sala samobójców”, czy w końcu dość często odwiedzając nasz kraj, zaskarbiła sobie sympatię tutejszych słuchaczy. Nic więc dziwnego, że Polacy tak niecierpliwie wypatrywali trzeciego solowego albumu amerykańskiej wokalistki.
Ξ   “Against the Sun”, zgodnie z przesłaniem tytułu płyty, to zestaw mrocznych piosenek. Chcesz słońca i ciepła — posłuchaj reggae. Tutaj rządzi surowy klimat. Głównym budulcem aury bijącej z każdego z utworów jest głos artystki. To on nadaje ton, wysuwając się na pierwszy plan. Muzyczne tło (minimalistyczne, oparte głównie na gitarze akustycznej, dopieszczone dodatkowo m.in. przez smyczki i klawisze) wspaniale dopełnia wokal Rykardy, dając w rezultacie interesującą płytę, pełną smaczków, psychodelicznych uniesień i folkowych brzmień.
Ξ   Tegoroczny materiał, podobnie jak wcześniejsze płyty Rykardy Parasol, to dzieło w całości stworzone przez samą Amerykankę. Zawartość CD to jedna sprawa, jednak nie można zapomnieć, że urodzona w San Francisco artystka to także autorka oprawy graficznej albumu. Motyw kobiecego ciała i florystycznych elementów kolejny raz zdobią okładkę krążka, kontynuując tym samym pewną wizję artystki zapoczątkowaną już dekadę temu, podczas stawiania pierwszych kroków w profesjonalnej, solowej przygodzie z muzyką. Jedna z ciekawszych kobiecych płyt 2013 roku. (MAK)

Rykarda Parasol — Against The Sun [2013]