Anji Bee — Chillcast #283: Sad Pianos (2011)

♣ Anji Bee is a vocalist/lyricist, podcaster, former college radio DJ, and music journalist from Los Angeles. Bee is best known as the vocalist and front person of the band, Lovespirals, and the hostess and producer of music show, The Chillcast with Anji Bee.

Download Chillcast #283: Sad Pianos (mp3)
• Karmacoda  “I Am Just Not Listening Any Longer” 
• Lynda Arnold and Daniel Berkman  “Welcome to Colfax” 
01. Thomas Lemmer  (feat. Lena Belgart) “Is It Too Late (Classical Piano Mix)”
02. Sambox “Plaisir d’ete”
03. Stefan Oberthaler aka Keyminator “Mother (feat. Bella Wagner” 
04. Vince Benedetti meets Diana Krall “My Love” 
05. Blue In Green “Last Night’s Dream” Buy on Amazon
06. Velvet Lounge Project “In Harmony (Lay Back Remix)” 
07. Triangle Sun “White Song” 
08. Lovers and Poets “Keep On Movin’” 
09. Active Child “Playing House (Chad Valley Remix)” 
10. Essáy “Distance & Lights” Download Free Album
11. DJ Cam “Swim Feat. Chris James (Album Version)” 
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