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Chamberlin Look What I’ve Become [EP] (2012)

 Chamberlin ≈ Look What I’ve Become [EP] (2012)

Chamberlin — Look What I’ve Become [EP]
Location: Goshen, Vermont, USA
Album release: September 4, 2012
Record Label: Audiotree Records
Duration:     17:51
01. Thief     3:38
02. A Pleasant Converstaion Over Drinks     4:11
03. Jealousy     3:36
04. Maryland     3:37
05. Block It Out     2:49
Band Members:
Mark Daly
Ethan West
Jamie Heintz
Charles Whistler
Website: http://www.chamberlinband.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/chamberlinmusic
Press: Scott Pollack scott@goodcoppr.com  / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chamberlinband / Bandcamp: http://chamberlin.bandcamp.com/
¶   Co-Produced by Luke Reynolds (of Blue Merle and Guster) and featuring My Morning Jacket's Patrick Hallahan on drums, Look What I've Become is Chamberlin's most impressive release to date. Boasting five brand new songs that tip toe past the confines of any one specific genre, the band also saw a member quit during the recording process, and almost broke up completely. The reduced line-up consists of: Ethan West, Mark Daly, Jamie Heintz, & Chuck Whistler.
By Shawn Donohue, September 14, 2012 
¶   The folk-indie group Chamberlin received praise for their debut album Bitter Blood and after a cover disk to benefit Vermont flood victims, the group has returned with their next offering, the Look What I’ve Become EP. 
¶   The most engaging and interesting track here is the opening “Thief”.  Mark Daly’s falsetto lyrical twists are presented over layers of textured sound, a buzzing organ, creeping guitar and (most successfully) pulsating cymbal flourishes. You can hear hints of The National here and a real sense of sonic song construction.  The track seems dreamlike and building, cinematic and confusing; unfortunately the other tracks presented on Look What I’ve Become don’t live up to the promise contained in “Thief”.
¶   “A Pleasant Conversation Over Drinks” has a spacey light FM vibe, while the first single “Jealousy” seems to be mining a 60’s R&B vibe without any of the soul or rhythm.  “Maryland” is a successful pretty little ballad while “Block It Out” ends the EP on a sparse dance/disco note with out any real groove.       
¶   The band has now proven that they are comfortable working with textures sounds and layers.  On Look What I’ve Become, the results are mixed; the studio chops are there, yet the EP as a whole isn’t incredibly memorable when the short run time ends.Glide Magazine - Music :: Culture :: Life

Bitter Blood (Roll Call Records, 2011)
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Look What I've Become (Audiotree Records, 2012)

Chamberlin Look What I’ve Become [EP] (2012)