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Charlie Haden Helium Tears (1988)

Charlie Haden — Helium Tears (2005)

Charlie Haden — Helium Tears
Birth name: Charles Edward Haden
Born: August 6, 1937, Shenandoah, Iowa, United States
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: August 8, 2006
Record Label: New Edition Records / NE8707
Duration:      52:03
1. In The Moment     9:28
2. Koputai     6:54
3. I Could See Forever     6:25
4. Julia's Child     4:40
5. One Day At A Time     8:31
6. Helium Tears     10:00
7. 23rd & Cherry     6:05
•  Jay Clayton  Vocals (2, 4)
•  Robben Ford  Guitar
•  Don Gilmore  Assistant Engineer
•  Jerry Granelli  Drums, Synthesizer
•  Charlie Haden  Bass, Primary Artist
•  Rick Parashar  Engineer
•  Julian Priester  Trombone (1-6)
•  Klaus Untiet  Cover Art
•  Ralph Towner - synth (1-5)
•  Denny Goodhew - alto sax (1-4, 6)
≡  Recorded at the London Bridge Studios, Seattle, Nov., 21-25, 1988.
Website: http://www.charliehadenmusic.com/
As leader:
•  As Long as There's Music with Hampton Hawes (Artists House, 1976 [1978])
•  Closeness (Horizon, 1976)
•  The Golden Number (Horizon, 1977)
•  Gitane with Christian Escoude (All Life, 1978)
•  Magico with Jan Garbarek and Egberto Gismonti (ECM, 1979)
•  Folk Songs with Jan Garbarek and Egberto Gismonti (ECM, 1979)
•  Time Remembers One Time Once with Denny Zeitlin (ECM, 1981)
•  Etudes with Geri Allen and Paul Motian (Soul Note, 1987)
•  Silence with Chet Baker, Enrico Pieranunzi and Billy Higgins (Soul Note, 1987)
•  First Song with Enrico Pieranunzi and Billy Higgins (Soul Note, 1990 [1992])
•  In Montreal with Egberto Gismonti (ECM, 1989 [2001])
•  Dialogues with Carlos Paredes (Antilles, 1990)
•  Steal Away with Hank Jones (Verve, 1995)
•  Night and the City with Kenny Barron (Verve, 1996)
•  Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) with Pat Metheny (Verve, 1997)
•  None But the Lonely Heart with Chris Anderson (Naim, 1997)
•  Nocturne with Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Verve, 2001)
•  American Dreams with Michael Brecker (Verve, 2002)
•  Land of the Sun with Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Verve, 2004)
•  Nightfall with John Taylor (Naim, 2004)
•  Heartplay with Antonio Forcione (Naim, 2006)
•  Rambling Boy (Decca, 2008)
CHARLIE HADEN: "Jazz will always continue. It’s an art form that’s very, very powerful, very, very powerful, and has a powerful message of improvisation and spontaneity. And there’s a lot of young people dedicated to it, and they’re being born every day, you know. And it’s not just in jazz. It’s in all different kinds of music that young people want to express themselves in the language of whatever art form they’re in. And that’s the most important thing. I started the Jazz Studies out at California Institute of the Arts in 1982, and that’s a campus that has all of the arts, you know, and I tell my students — I mean, there’s young people from all over the world that come to study with me about the spirituality of improvisation.!"
•  More in great interview between Amy Goodman & Charlie Haden: Jazz Legend Charlie Haden on His Life, His Music and His Politics  •  (http://www.democracynow.org/2006/9/1/jazz_legend_charlie_haden_on_his)



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Charlie Haden Helium Tears (1988)




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